Monday 16 July 2012

Science at home, how it rains! Shaving foam and food dye experiment

Science at home, rain experiment, what you need - water, shaving foam, food dyeI saw an experiment on pinterest using shaving foam and food dye to show how it rains and had to have a go!

Blake is 3 and Maegan is 1, both took part in this experiment.

We used a clear glass 2/3 full of water and made a cloud from shaving foam to sit on the top.

We talked about a cloud and what it does, taking up water on its travels and added a bit of blue liquid food colouring to represent the water the cloud was collecting.

Science at home, rain experiment, water, shaving foam, food dye, here's our cloudWhen the cloud gets full and heavy, it rains and you can see the blue food dye raining down inside the glass.

It's really easy and quick to do, Blake was fascinated and we repeated the experiment 5 times - Maegan just wanted to try and eat the shaving foam but I'm sure she enjoyed watching the blue rain too!

Emma in Bromley xx

Science at home, rain experiment, water, shaving foam, food dye - see our rain!

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  1. what a great idea - gonna give this a go today! thanks X


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