Wednesday 18 July 2012

Mums Choice Awards 2012 Christmas in July

I've been blogging for just over 3 years and haven't made it to a single bloggers event yet! I was over the moon to have been selected as part of the mums choice award panel but unforeseen circumstances meant that I had to pull out a few days before.

I wanted to share the results with you and at the same time wallow in self pity at all the wonderful things I could have seen and been a part of!

Mums choose their top toys for Christmas 2012

The must-have toys for Christmas have already been chosen months early, as announces the results of the annual Mums Choice Awards.

Influential mummy bloggers from across the country gathered at toy press event Christmas in July to choose which new toys they believe their children will be asking Santa for come December, with new tech releases coming out on top.

Whilst traditional toys fared well, the latest breed of electronic and tech toys really wowed the toy testers, with three electronic toys from VTech, Leap Frog and Ravensburger scoring in the top ten most-wanted releases of 2012.

With over 20 exhibitors to choose from, including stands from Character Options, VTech, Golden Bear, Wow! Stuff and John Adams, the bloggers got up close and personal with the latest releases to hit toy stores later this year.

Carly Sumner, Editor of said: "The Mums Choice Awards are a fantastic way to find out what parents really think about the latest toy releases and what will be a must-have Christmas present.

"Unlike other awards, the Mums Choice Awards allow real mums to have their say on their and their children's favourite new products. Each winner can be proud that they have been given a mum's seal of approval!"

The overall winners of the event have been chosen, along with the winners of each category. The full results are below:

Overall Winners
1. Augmented Reality Puzzles, Ravensburger
2. InnoTab 2, VTech
3. Wheelybugs, Hippychick Ltd
4. Sylvanian Families Holiday, Flair
5. Leap Pad 2, Leap Frog

Top Boys' Toys
1. Subbuteo, Paul Lamond
2. Dinosaur figures, Schleich
3. Star Wars rc pump and play R2-D2, Bladez Toys
4. Topps Minis FA Wembley Stadium, Character Options
5. Trash Pack Street Sweeper, Flair

Top Girls' Toys
1. Wheelybugs, Hippychick Ltd
2. Sylvanian Families Holidays, Flair
3. myStyle Deluxe Charm Bracelet kits, Interplay
4. Love my street, World’s Apart
5. Bratzillas, MGA Entertainment

Top Creative Toys
1. Aquarelle, Ravensburger
2. Brain Noodles, Paul Lamond Games
3. Triqo Deluxe Box Mix
4. Paper FX, Flair
5. Make your own Go Kart, ARK DIY Toys
Top pre school
1. Peppa Pig jumping in muddy puddles, Character Options
2. Go MINI, Golden Bear
3. Large farm playset on the land, HABA
4. Mike the Knight Glendragon play set, Character Options
5. Polar World set, Tolo Toys

Top Gadgets
1. Augmented reality puzzles, Ravensburger
2. HEXBUG Scarab, Innovation First
3. Google Android RC robot, Bladez Toys
4. itikes map, MGA/Zapf
5. Water cannon, Bladez Toys

Top Electronic
1. InnoTab 2, VTech
2. LeapPad 2, Leap Frog
3. Kurio, Inspiration Works
4. Skylanders Giants, Activision
5. Singalongs, Wow! Stuff

Top Games and Puzzles
1. 3D puzzle, Ravensburger
2. It's a chicken, Paul Lamond Games
3. Christmas Puzzle, Ravensburger
4. Rubiks Cube, Drumond Park
5. Logo What Am I, Drumond Park

Lots of ideas and Hints for Christmas 2012, I'm planning to start my Christmas shopping from Mid - September - How about you?

Emma in Bromley xx

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  1. Wow that's quite a list. I can hardly believe its time to start thinking of Xmas, yikes.


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