Saturday 30 March 2013

The one where I sulk a little bit!

I know parts of this year have been a little bit patchy - there's two notable periods this year where, for personal reasons, my blog has been a bit lacking and almost nearly stopped but overall I still enjoy blogging (I like it so much, I started an additional one!) and feel I've been offering a lot to my readers - especially competitions! There's been more competitions on my blog lately than ever before because that's what you told me you liked!

I don't have as much time to commit to writing as I'd love to - my children are 1 and 3 so "me time" doesn't really exit! On top of that, we're in the middle of a few major projects - such as selling up our home and buying a new one!

I'm always proud of the readers I have and the positiveness I receive for my blog - and I'm proud to carry the badges on my blog for being nominated for MAD (mum and dad) blogger awards - I have these for 2010, 2011 and 2012 but what happened?
I didn't receive any nominations at all for 2013 which means I can't have a 2013 badge and its a bit upsetting to think that the people who've nominated me in the past no longer enjoyed my blog enough to nominate again, nor any of my new followers.

So I took a long hard look at my posts - and all I can say is that perhaps it's my decrease in personal posts that's caused it! I haven't been sharing as much of my personal life as I have on previous years so, although people have said they enjoy my competitions most, perhaps really it's my personal posts that you want!

I'll stop sulking now for not being MAD nominated... And get writing a few more "me" posts!

Emma in Bromley x

Friday 29 March 2013

Nick Jr Easter 2013 guide and printables

We're very lucky to have received an Easter fun pack from Nick Jr and I'd like to share with you all the special Easter episodes Nick Jr are showing for the weekend which are also supported with some fantastic printables online.

The fun continues on Nick Jr this Easter with a bumper pack of Easter programming and a whole host of activities online to help keep kids entertained over the long weekend. Here's a quick guide to what's on offer so you don't miss out !

Every day Nick Jr.’s beloved characters will head off on seasonal adventures with Easter and spring-themed episodes scheduled between 12:00-2:00pm, supported online with crafts and games for children to make and play.

Dora the Explorer: Good Friday sees Dora’s Easter Adventure on air at 12:00pm. Dora and Boots are waiting for their friend, the Hip-Hop-Bunny, to bring his basket filled with eggs and treats for their big Egg Hunt. But just as the Bunny arrives at the forest, Swiper swipes the basket and throws it far, far away into the Rainbow Garden - where it’s headed for a waterfall! It’s Dora and Boots to the rescue as they join the Bunny on an Easter Day Adventure.

Online, Dora fans can find plenty of Easter-themed pictures that can be coloured in online or printed off to colour-in at home. If the weather keeps everyone stuck inside try Dora’s Little Cooks to bake up some delicious treats that are easy for little children to get involved. Or if you’re travelling Dora’s car bingo will help time fly during car journeys.

Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom: On Saturday at 12:45pm kids can watch The Lost Egg, where Ben, Holly and Gaston the Ladybird find a large egg in the meadow. A tiny chick hatches from the egg and the children must find the mummy bird. Following it at 1:00pm fans can catch Dolly Plum. Daisy and Poppy turn Nanny Plum into a doll, and the Wise Old Elf copies it and in a matter of seconds, it becomes very popular, much to Nanny Plum's dismay.

Fans of the Little Kingdom can create their own Easter cards featuring their favourite fairy and elf with the Nick Jr. card-o-matic. Upload pictures, choose the design and create a bespoke Easter card that can be emailed to friends and family or printed off and given in person.

Team Umizoomi: On Easter Sunday at 12:45pm is the Umi Egg Hunt. In it the rainbow egg is the most special egg at the Umi City Egg Hunt and it's fallen down a rabbit hole. The Team chases after the egg and discovers an underground rabbit city where they must hurry to save the egg from getting scrambled.

For anyone conducting their own hunt, there is a Team Umizoomi Egg Hunt certificate to reward little eggsplorers.

Peppa Pig: On Easter Sunday at 1:15pm everyone’s favourite pig is going on her own adventure in Mummy Rabbit’s Bump. Everyone is excited when Mummy Rabbit arrives with a big tummy and they learn that there is a baby bunny inside. Spring follows at 12.35pm where Grandpa Pig organises a chocolate egg hunt for Peppa and her friends but will the piglets track down the treats?

If kids wish to head outside download the Peppa Pig Patio Puddles game guide - Peppa Pig’s version of snakes and ladders which helps children with their counting skills whilst jumping in pretend muddy puddles!

Bubble Guppies: On Easter Monday at 12:00pm youngsters can tune into The Spring Chicken is Coming, the Spring Chicken wants to announce the arrival of spring but first she needs a flower to make it official. To help the Bubble Guppies put their green thumbs to the test.

If you’re travelling download the free Bubble Guppies games to keep children entertained. The Choose the Right Ball activity pack asks children to match objects to scenarios and the Bubble Guppies Spot the Difference asks children to find five differences between two images of the underwater friends.

Guess How Much I Love You: On Easter Monday, The Scents of Spring can help wind down children with its relaxing pace at 1:00pm. One morning Little Nutbrown Hare wakes to find the air filled with a delightful smell. He and Little Field Mouse search all over the meadow, the woods and by the riverside to find the source of the wonderful smell. They discover all kinds of new and unexpected Spring scents sweet, pretty and fresh but will they find the one they are searching for?

Anyone wanting to create their own Spring scene can colour-in Little Nutbrown Hare in the meadow online or print it off to create a physical piece of art.

Emma in Bromley x

Monchhichi Chicaboo review and competition

Monchhichi chicaboo mother care pink You know we all have those favourite childhood toys that we wish we'd hung on to for our kids to play with? Well I had that thought with my little Chicaboo!

Remember the little monkeys that sucked their thumbs?

I was really surprised to find they've been relaunched - under their original Japanese name, Monchhichi and they live at Monchhichiland!

I was very lucky to be sent a new Monchhichi to review ... And the lovely people at Monchhichiland have allocated me one to give away to my great readers!

We received a pink mother care one!
Monchhichi chicaboo mother care pink babyWe love that there's a teeny baby monchhichi in a baby sling attached to the pink dress (the baby was held on by a stitch and I took the decision to carefully unpick it myself).
Monchhichi chicaboo mother care pink being played with by Blake Preston ClementThe mother care Monchhichi has cute little bunches tied with ribbons which match her removable pink dress.
She has the classic thumb sucking hand which I think is actually a small milk bottle or dummy! And she has those cute freckles, soft fur and a long tail.
She's just as I remember my 80's Chic a boo to be!
The baby has a fixed dummy, and the same cute feature freckles, soft fur and a tail too!
Mothercare monchhichi is available with either a pink or blue dress.

My 3 year old boy actually really loves playing with Monchhichi and I think I will be buying him one for his birthday! He's got his eye on the one that comes with a dog!
There are both boy and girl Monchhichi and there's a very large collection to choose from, as Monchhichi is a unisex toy, both my son and daughter have enjoyed playing with Monchhichi equally.

My sister in law still has her original 80's one which one of my niece's likes to cuddle up to at bed time and there isn't much that's changed at all - they're even the same size! My hubby also commented that he'd had a boy one too when he was little! I think perhaps everyone I know had one of these back in the 80's!

Monchhich Chicaboo keyring
We were also sent a keychain Monchhichi which has a fabric loop ontop of his head so you can easily slide him off the keychain if you wish - ours currently lives on the nappy bag and has already come in handy for child distraction!

Monchhichi chicaboo mother care pink being played with by Maegan Darcie Clement
Monchhichiland, besides the current extensive collection of characters and sizes (look out for the giant one!) will also be introducing the Bebichhichi collection in April, which are baby Monchhichi and September will see the launch of Monchhichi clothing collections and accessories such as a Monchhichi doll playhouse!

Monchhichiland is based in the UK and posts to the rest of Europe and Worldwide too.

There's a Monchhichi Club sign up on the about us page along with one of the original 80's TV ads!

Monchhichiland have kindly offered a 20cm Pink Mothercare Monchhichi for one of my readers.

To enter the competition, please leave a comment below telling me the name of another Monchhichi from - don't forget to include a way for me to contact you if you are the winner, such as twitter id or email please.

The prize will be sent directly to the winner from Monchhichiland who are supplying the prize.

Open to the UK only please.

Competition will close on Monday 15th April 2013 at 12noon.

One winner will be selected using to win a 20cm pink mothercare Monchhichi. please reply with your details within 7days of winning or another winner will be selected.

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Wednesday 27 March 2013

Take a box of eggs cookbook review and competition

Take a box of eggs is the latest in the Dairy Cookbook series and supported by a collection of recipe videos created by ex-Atomic Kitten and Celebrity Masterchef winner Liz McClarnon and Claridges' Mark Sargeant, Liz and Mark are not directly linked to the book itself other than British Lion's eggs have provided the books as prizes. This is a great recipe cook book - it's ring binding make it easy to flip through and there are little QR barcodes on each to scan with your smartphone for a shopping list! - really handy! Especially for Meal Planning!
The book made me think of new simple meal ideas - such as adding a poached egg to potato cakes and bacon, quiche and omelette ideas to introducing me to completely new foods I haven't heard of like Timbales. Not to mention oodles of cake and cookies and ice creams! Yum!
The introduction pages are really informative, they explain different ways of farming (in a paragraph) what the egg codes mean and what the British lion mark stands for and nutritional value of eggs - all condensed onto two pages.
This book is great from novice (how to boil an egg) to eggsperts (soufflés!).

My two small people like flicking through the pictures (great photos throughout!) and picking what they'd like!
Recipes are broken down into simple steps and some include a "cooks tip" at the bottom too.
Pizza Omelette Video

Press release:
New research shows time-strapped home cooks are more likely to cook a quick meal from scratch than pop a ready meal in the microwave, so it’s cracking news that two rising culinary stars are launching a new recipe collection of egg-based main meals in minutes! The speedy dishes will feature on a new website - alongside a series of step-by-step videos presented by Mark and Liz. The celebs give their best omelette-making tips and show just how easy it is to rustle up meals in minutes using eggs.
British Lions eggs have given us an egg based recipe book to give away.
The latest in the Dairy Cookbook series, Take a box of eggs features more than 100 recipes ranging from the basics of boiling, poaching and frying, through everyday staples such as Tortilla and Quiche Lorraine, to the more adventurous Goat’s Cheese Soufflés and Eggs Andalusia, as well as a range of classic desserts including ice creams, trifles and meringues.
by ex-Atomic Kitten and Celebrity Masterchef winner Liz McClarnon and Claridges' Mark Sargeant.

The competition.
To enter the competition, please leave a comment below telling me one of your favourite egg dishes, don't forget to include a way for me to contact you if you are the winner, such as twitter id or email please.

The prize will be sent directly to the winner from the company supplying the prize.

Open to the UK only please.

Competition will close on Monday 8th April 2013 at 12noon.

One winner will be selected using to win 1 copy of "take a box of eggs" from entries on Emma in Bromley, and one winner will be selected from entries on Meal Planning Mummy  also to win 1 copy of the book. please reply with your details within 7days of winning or another winner will be selected.

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*Review and competition also published on "Meal Planning Mummy"

Bugaboo Buffalo 2013 UK

bugaboo buffalo 2013
Don't we all love a new Bugaboo! I have the Cameleon and adore it :-)

I'm loving what the Bugaboo Buffalo is boasting - all- terrain! I bet that would come in handy for when I visit my family in the Lake district or Hubby's family in the South Wales coast! From cobbled city streets, smooth pavements, to forrest floors or sandy beaches, this Bugaboo is the ultimate "off roader" and comes with lots of handy little features such as a bag clip on the handle bar and one piece fold!

Press Release:
The all-new, all-terrain Bugaboo Buffalo
Whether you’re roughing it in the urban jungle or blazing the trail cross-country style, the new travel buddy on board every grand discovery is the all-terrain Bugaboo Buffalo. As the sturdiest, toughest and smoothest ride hits the road in 2013, all you’ll want to do is.... Discover it all!
Versatile, robust and spacious, the one-piece fold Bugaboo Buffalo has a high wide seat (up to 23kg) and an extendable sun canopy for extra protection against the elements. Max Barenbrug, founder and Chief Design Officer of Bugaboo International and the driving force behind the Bugaboo Buffalo’s concept and design says, “The Bugaboo Buffalo is designed for all-terrain performance. Its smart geometry enables compactness when the stroller is folded and rugged stability when in use.”
Especially for those who love escaping the city’s bustle on the weekends, the Bugaboo Buffalo offers multiple luggage options, meaning more space than ever to take along anything you need. Stow up to 10kg in the underseat basket or use the dedicated bag hooks on the handlebar to hang your shopping. With this latest addition, the Bugaboo Buffalo is the world’s first stroller with an official safety certification to be able to hang up to 6kg on the handlebar.
Mobility brand Bugaboo designs strollers known for their high quality, smart design, innovative functionalities, smooth ride and their ease of use. The latest edition to the Bugaboo Family, the Bugaboo Buffalo, is an absolute essential for parents who love to discover nature’s beauty as well as lounging about town. So if you love to discover, get out there and enjoy the ride!
The all-new Bugaboo Buffalo retails at £859 and will be in stores from Spring 2013 in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Russia. In Summer 2013 the Bugaboo Buffalo will be introduced to the Australian market and in the Autumn 2013 the Bugaboo Buffalo will be introduced to the rest of the world, with the exception of the USA whereby introduction will considered at a later stage.
For a retailer near you, please visit

Emma in Bromley xx

Wednesday 20 March 2013

Bugaboo Cameleon 3 replaces carry handle

I'd like to share with you a notice from Bugaboo who are voluntarily reaching out to their Cameleon 3 customers - this is not a recall.

Media Alert
Amsterdam, March 2013
Important Safety Announcement - Bugaboo replaces carry handle for the Bugaboo Cameleon³

The safety and wellbeing of our customers and their families is paramount at Bugaboo. It’s our policy to act whenever we identify potential risks for injury, or are made aware of them - even if the likelihood of this occurrence is limited.
That’s why we’re sharing news about a replacement carry handle for Bugaboo Cameleon3 pushchairs with specific serial numbers S/N 190101115300001 to
S/N 190105124800215.

The Bugaboo Cameleon³ is compliant to all international regulatory safety standards. However, a small number of customer reports and our own follow-up testing confirm that in the case of these specific Bugaboo Cameleon3 pushchairs (serial numbers
S/N 190101115300001 to S/N 190105124800215) their current carry handle connectors may break, presenting a falling hazard. No injuries have been reported. Carry handle connectors connect the carry handle to the carrycot or seat.

Bugaboo is making replacement carry handles available to those affected Bugaboo Cameleon3 owners at no cost.

Our replacement carry handle has been proven to withstand stress at the carry handle connection point in extensive, practice-driven tests by Bugaboo and recognised international bodies, TüV and Intertek.
Customers who have registered for a replacement carry handle will receive a replacement handle, with instructions for installation, within three weeks after registration subject to availability.
Customers with affected Bugaboo Cameleon3 pushchairs should remove their current carry handle. With the carry handle removed, the Bugaboo Cameleon3 is safe to use and compliant to all international safety standards. We strongly recommend that our customers use the pushchairs’ harness at all times when going out and about with your child and to make sure the straps are properly secured.
Customers can check to see if their pushchair is affected and register for a replacement handle at or contact Bugaboo customer service at, 0800 587 8265. The serial numbers of the affected Bugaboo Cameleon3 pushchairs are: S/N 190101115300001 to S/N 190105124800215.

We sincerely apologise to our customers for this inconvenience. Bugaboo is determined to continue working in cooperation with our customers and safety authorities to improve our products, materials and testing methodologies.

Emma in Bromley xx

Oriflame - brand new paraben free baby skincare collection

Oriflame's baby skin care collection UK 2013I put my hand up when I saw the call for bloggers to review the new Oriflame baby skin care collection because I was intrigued!

I was instantly interested because of the no paraben thing - I don't buy anything with Parabens and other nasties - especially when it comes to the children.

I like that Oriflame's new baby collection boasts no nasty chemicals and contains organic cotton extracts. It's also affordable in comparison to other "no nasties" brands.

We were sent 3 of the 5 items to review.

Firstly, the Oriflame baby moisturising cream.
It's a light lotion and smooths on easily, it seems to be very soothing - I even tried it on myself too and it is fragranced with a lovely "baby" scent, clean and fresh. The tube is a handy flip top so it sits nicely in your nappy bag. I found this cream to be light enough to use for baby massage and very gentle, it doesn't sting or irritate dry patches.

Secondly, the Oriflame baby talc, I have to confess, I was a little hesitant as the only talc I have used on my babies so far has been "talc free" baby powder for feet or helping get sand off! Given oriflame's no nasties ingredients and tendencies towards natural beauty, paraben free and organic ingredients, I'm rather surprised to see talc in the collection. I imagine this will either be removed from the collection or replaced with a talc free powder at some point - it doesn't sit well with the other products in the collection. I used it on my own feet for a gym session and it was silky smooth and everything expected from a traditional talc. As with any powder- if using on a baby, sprinkle it on your hands then put on baby - best not to apply powder directly on baby to reduce chance of inhalation.

And finally, Oriflame's Baby Hair and Body Wash - This comes in a very handy pump bottle and promises to be tear free! This has a delicate sent to it and produced lots of bubbles when we used it as a bubble bath. Its shampoo function held up to the challenge of my daughter's curly hair and was a gentle soap when used as a body wash. I put it to the test after both my little people had become extremely messy after a painting and sticking session! This cleaned everything off without having to scrub!

I'd recommend both the cream and the wash to friends and would buy again.

Safe and clean from delicate head to tiny toes - Oriflame re-launches
baby skin care line with Organic Cotton Extract

Oriflame Cosmetics has re-launched its baby range with five new products to offer better protection and care for babies’ skin at every phase of growth.
The new Oriflame Baby line is paediatrician approved and has been developed to cleanse, soothe and moisturise babies’ delicate skin with ingredients that are guaranteed mild and gentle.

The entire range has been infused with the caring and pampering Organic Cotton Extract; a naturally derived ingredient taken from cotton seeds.
Cotton Extract has been shown to help skin replenish its outer layer and to condition sensitive and delicate skin. It is rich in omega fatty acids, in particular palmitic, oleic and linoleic acids, which are crucial to healthy skin.

The Oriflame Baby skincare range has been developed by a team of Oriflame’s leading scientists to give gentle moisturising and conditioning benefits without causing irritation. The entire range has been clinically tested on sensitive adult skin and eyes, under the supervision of experienced dermatologists and ophthalmologists, in independent testing laboratories.

The result: Oriflame Baby formulations that contain very mild ingredients, are pH-balanced and free from parabens, respecting the natural skin physiology, safeguarding against irritation and helping to lock-in hydration. In addition the Hair and Body Wash has a tear-free formula guaranteed to be gentle on babies’ eyes and skin.

Finally, all aspects of the products have been carefully assessed and approved by a team of paediatricians to guarantee that they are safe for use on babies.

The range includes a Baby Talc RRP £2.95 (75g), a Baby Hair & Body Wash RRP £4.95 (300ml) and a Baby Moisturising Cream RRP £4.95 (150ml) which are launched in February.

A further two products will be added to the range in March; a Baby Soap Bar RRP £1.85 and a Baby Oil RRP £4.95.

Oriflame Baby can be purchased in the UK from via or through Oriflame’s nationwide network of Consultants. To find your nearest consultant visit

Emma in Bromley x

Tuesday 19 March 2013

Zappar and Asda 2013 Easter Egg Hunt

Zappar and Asda bring to life the classic Easter Egg Hunt
Zappar and Asda 2013 Easter Egg Hunt
Zappar, the leaders in Augmented Reality (AR) - enabled products and entertainment experiences, has teamed up with Asda supermarket for the UK’s first-ever augmented reality enabled Easter Egg Hunt. Asda shoppers will be delighted to set off on an in-store Easter Egg Hunt, guided by an augmented reality Easter Bunny powered by Zappar. The fun will be taking place from 10am – 4.30pm on Saturday 23rd March.

Specially designed Easter Egg point of sale will be hidden around almost 400 Asda stores across the UK for children and adults to discover. When zapped using the Asda app, each egg will transform into virtual 3D Easter Eggs revealing an Easter Bunny hidden inside that will display a secret letter. The letters will form a password that once completed, will entitle the successful treasure hunters to a free gift!
Zappar and Asda 2013 Easter Egg Hunt
Shoppers will only need to download the free Asda app onto a smartphone or tablet and then get zapping in Asda stores across the country. The fun starts when the Easter Bunny will leap out of his hole from a floor mat and tell kids and their parents all about this magical hunt. It will also be possible to pose with the AR Easter Bunny to take photos and video to share with friends!

For those without a smartphone there will be Events staff on hand with iPads so everyone can enjoy the fun.
Zappar and Asda 2013 Easter Egg Hunt
And the magic of this augmented reality Easter Egg Hunt does not end in store! Participants will be able to take home a face mask from stores that when zapped, replaces the wearer’s head with that of the Easter Bunny.

This exclusive experience has been made all the more possible with the recent installation of Wi-Fi in all Asda stores.

Max Dawes, Head of Partner Relations at Zappar, said: “Our specialism at Zappar is in creating AR-enabled products and entertainment experiences! Everyone loves an Easter Egg Hunt; it is definitely one of the highlights of the holiday in many children’s minds. To be able to provide a sprinkle of Zappar magic dust to the in-store experience and create the first ever augmented reality Easer egg hunt in partnership with Asda on such a grand scale is just fantastic.”
Zappar and Asda 2013 Easter Egg Hunt
Steph Hughes, Head of Events Marketing at Asda added, “The AR Easter Egg Hunt is a great way to get across the Asda personality and another example of how Asda stores are a destination for mums and kids. We are really exciting to be embracing this new technology and incorporating it into the Asda app. Hopefully everyone enjoys meeting the Easter Bunny!”
Zappar and Asda 2013 Easter Egg Hunt
Kate Cuthbertson, Head of Mobile Innovation at Asda added, “More than two million Asda mums have already downloaded our mobile grocery app to do their online shopping with, saving them stacks of time which they can then spend with their families. We are now looking at how the app can come to life inside our stores so we can help make the shopping experience more fun and enjoyable for them and their families. Free WiFi in all our stores opens up all sorts of exciting opportunities, including the use of augmented reality (AR). Our Easter Egg hunt is a fun way to promote the Asda mobile app to even more of our customers, demonstrating how easy it is to use, while wowing them some amazing new AR technology.”

Zappar for iPhone, iPod and iPad:

For Android:

The Easter Egg Hunt is taking place in a selected number of Asda branches, including Bexleyheath and Swanley. 

Emma in Bromley xx



Families can immerse themselves in the world of Thomas and Friends as never before in 2013, at 20 heritage railways across the country, as HIT Entertainment’s ‘Day Out With Thomas’ (DOWT) events steam into the new year bigger and better than ever.

With a brand-new look, a host of exciting new activities and new Day Out With Thomas themed merchandise available, 2013's DOWT events are supported by Fisher-Price, the home of Thomas & Friends toys, and promise a fun-filled and fabulous day out for all the family at heritage railway locations around Britain. With interactive storytelling, sing-alongs, dressing up and more, together with a ride on a real steam engine, the packed programme on offer provides a perfect trip for all Thomas & Friends fans.

This year the events have been given a vibrant new look which brings the event in line with the CGI television series, while a new dedicated ticketing website makes finding and booking events easier than ever. For the first time the newly launched website ( provides a centralised ticketing system with the facility to search for events by region or by month, as well as offering a free gift per booking for ticket purchases made online. The DOWT events begin on 9th February and run throughout the year, ending on 22nd December. Also for the first time ever, 2013 will see the program supported by a national television advertising campaign to raise awareness and ticket sales.

HIT Entertainment’s Group Director of Live Events and Attractions, David King said: “These significant changes to our ‘Day Out With Thomas’ programme create a totally immersive experience for Thomas and Friends fans of all ages.”

The fun-filled day out itself sees a host of new activities for 2013. In addition to the opportunity for pre-schoolers and their families to meet and touch their favourite No. 1 blue engine, Thomas the Tank Engine, they can ride behind a real steam engine, meet The Fat Controller, and take part in a host of Thomas and Friends themed activities in the Imagination Station including interactive stories, drawing, games and much more. Plus there are new re-enactments for The Fat Controller to lead and more sing-along songs led by The Fat Controller and his staff on the station platform.

For more information on Fisher-Price’s Thomas & Friends products please go to

Closest locations to Bromley are,  Kent and East Sussex Railway and Spa Valley Railway.

Emma in Bromley xx

Monday 18 March 2013

Geek Girl by Holly Smale book review and competition

Geek Girl by Holly Smale, review and competition on Emma in Bromley I was sent a copy of "Geek Girl" to review (I've got 2 copies to give away too!) and in a nutshell it's about a geeky girl who gets a chance to reinvent herself as one of the popular girls! At first I was a bit "oh! What's wrong with being geeky? I was geeky!) but obviously she soon realises the importance of being true to yourself and that there's nothing wrong with geek!

The book made me think of all the weird and wonderful phases I went trough as a teenager (my teen years were in the 90's) and I wonder what my little ones will go through as teenagers!
I was a bit "grunge" (nirvana was permanently on my cassette player) for a while, and hippie/nature child for ages and my fave was going goth for a full week! I had a long black PVC "the crow" trench coat and doc Martin cherry red boots and full on make up with black hair! Nobody seemed to notice my goth stage and when I was talking about it with my mum recently, she said she thought I'd still been a bit goth up until a few years ago!

Anyway, back to the book - a jolly good read and encouraging for any young ladies battling with geekdom, random phases and identity crisis!

I really enjoyed the main character, she's very likeable and funny - this book made me giggle :)

I thought it was a really good debut novel and would like to read more from Holly Smale.

“My name is Harriet Manners, and I am a geek.”

Harriet Manners knows that a cat has 32 muscles in each ear, a “jiffy” lasts 1/100th of a second, and the average person laughs 15 times per day. She knows that bats always turn left when exiting a cave and that peanuts are one of the ingredients of dynamite.

But she doesn’t know why nobody at school seems to like her.

So when Harriet is spotted by a top model agent, she grabs the chance to reinvent herself. Even if it means stealing her best friend's dream, incurring the wrath of her arch enemy Alexa, and repeatedly humiliating herself in front of impossibly handsome model Nick. Even if it means lying to the people she loves.

Veering from one couture disaster to the next with the help of her overly enthusiastic father and her uber-geeky stalker, Toby, Harriet begins to realise that the world of fashion doesn't seem to like her any more than the real world did.

As her old life starts to fall apart, will Harriet be able to transform herself before she ruins everything?

Lovely interviews with Holly Smale:


I'm lucky enough to have been offered "Geek Girl" by Holly Smale for 2 of my lovely readers to win a copy each.

To enter the competition, please leave a comment below telling me one of your teenage phases! don't forget to include a way for me to contact you if you are the winner, such as twitter id or email please.

The prize will be sent directly to the winner from the company supplying the prize.

Open to the UK only please.

Competition will close on Thursday 28th March 2013 at 12noon.

Two winners will be selected using to win 1 copy each, please reply with your details within 7days of winning or another winner will be selected.

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Zulily highlights for week beginning 16th march 2013

If you are not already a Zulily fan, you can join via my invite link

I am a regular shopper on Zulily - in my opinion it offers the best baby and children's deals and I have to say, most of my money goes on toy sales!

Events highlights for this week:
Hungry Caterpillar Photo Shoot for Zuliliy

Vilac: Wooden toys from this gorgeous French brand – Tuesday 19th March
The Very Hungary Caterpillar: A very well-known caterpillar! This will be clothing as well as toys – Wednesday 20th
Alex Toys: High quality toys for infants, designed to provide visual and tactile stimulation and encourage language development, motor skills and dexterity – Thursday 21st
Baghera: Wacky racers and vintage sit on cars for aspiring racing drivers – Friday 22nd
The Very Hungry Caterpillar wall stickers on Zulily

Children’s clothing, shoes and accessories:

Le Big: These fabulous pieces from Le Big are designed in Holland. In addition to hip European style, they're committed to sustainable fashion. Saturday 16th March
Vilac for ZuliliySolamigos: Young Spanish brand by Swedish designer, UV protective beachwear. Lots of bold prints and multi colours! – Monday 18th March
Serendipity Organics: Really sweet organic brand for kids and baby – Tuesday 19th March
Zip Zap Baby: There will be some really gorgeous little sailor suit outfits and floral/vintage dresses – Wednesday 20th
Lofff: Girlswear. Based in the Netherlands, every new collection from LoFff has its own theme that determines the styling of the clothes – Wednesday 20th
Moonkids: This is a super colourful Swedish kids and baby wear brand – Thursday 21st
French Connection: Kidswear from this season. It will be about 30% off a selection of what is currently in stores – Thursday 21st
Vilac for ZuliliyCoudemail: Founded in France in 1964, Coudémail began as a specialist knitwear brand, but are now known for their beautiful children’s clothing – Thursday 21st
Moccis: Handmade in Sweden, these moccasin socks are perfect shoes for toddlers and grown-ups alike – Thursday 21st
Bear Grylls: Kids' activewear from the bear himself! – Thursday 21st

Gifts and Home:

Nan and Nan: Baby accessory brand, which specialises in the perfect pieces to decorate your wee one's nursery – Saturday 16th March
Emma Bridgewater vehicle transport (Diggers, Cars, Tractors, Lorries, Trucks) plates on Zulily Emma Bridgewater: Stationery and accessories from this home-grown company – Saturday 16th March

Maternity and Women’s Wear

Dainty Damsel: Innovative costume jewellery, some nautical bits and pieces. – Monday 18th
Heritage Accessories: Floral print vintage inspired bags/ jewellery etc – Tuesday 19th
Annee Mathew Maternity: Can be worn during pregnancy and into nursing and features discreet nursing access for when baby is born – Thursday 21st
Uttam Boutique: Great prints and summer styles – Friday 22nd
Camilla Ridley: Silk scarves with unique prints – Friday 22nd

Emma in Bromley xx

Friday 15 March 2013

Go Go Thomas review and competition

Go Go Thomas DVD review and competition on Emma in Bromley.We love Thomas and Friends in our house so I'm excited to share with you the latest DVD special, "Go Go Thomas".

We loved this action packed DVD filled with 5 special episodes of Thomas & Friends.

You can select the "play all" option which comes with little comedy sketches staring Perkins and Archie between each episode!

We really liked the introduction of Stafford, the electric engine and of course, Flynn is a recent favourite already having seen him in a previous Thomas special.

The DVD extras are lovely, with a choice of two singalong tracks, a puzzle game, (which my two enjoy) and a short about what happens at the end of the line featuring a real steam train.

It's my 20month old Daughter, Meg who is the biggest Thomas fan in our house! We actually bought her a Thomas toy at christmas so she didn't have to keep taking her brother's one! Although my 3 year old boy also loves Thomas, it's Meg who keeps requesting Thomas to be on!


Pistons are popping, boilers are bubbling, and wheels are wobbling on the Island of Sodor as Thomas and the gang get ready to whoosh like the wind!

Speed really is the name of the game in this latest all-new action-packed Thomas & Friends™ CGI DVD special, ‘Go Go Thomas’, on sale from Monday 11th March RRP £12.99.

This must-see special introduces a new friend, Stafford, the electric engine, as well as returning favourites Gordon, Flynn, Spencer and Ol’ Wheezey.

So climb aboard with Thomas & Friends as it’s all systems a go go!

Thomas and his friends are charged up and ready to Go, Go! Thomas shows Gordon that being quick is as useful as being strong, while Flynn, the fire engine, learns to put his pride aside and race to the rescue. Thomas causes some trouble on the tracks trying to be a model engine for a new photographer, while Spencer’s on the move, ignoring warnings about electric engine Stafford’s battery. Thomas pumps his pistons to Misty Island to help fix Ol’ Wheezy. Will the number one blue engine be on track and on time? Ready, Set… Go, Go Thomas!

Title: Go Go Thomas

Release date: Monday 11th March 2013

Running time: 68 minutes

Format: DVD

Certificate: U

RRP: £12.99


I'm lucky enough to have been offered a copy of "Go Go Thomas" DVD for one of my lovely readers.

To enter the competition, please leave a comment below telling me your favourite Thomas & Friends character, don't forget to include a way for me to contact you if you are the winner, such as twitter id or email please.

The prize will be sent directly to the winner from the company supplying the prize.

Open to the UK only please.

Competition will close on Monday 25th March 2013 at 12noon.

One winner will be selected using, please reply with your details within 7days of winning or another winner will be selected.

Bonus entries:
•Leave a comment on another of my blog posts (not other comps)
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Emma in Bromley x

Thank you to everyone who entered. This competition has now closed.