Thursday, 5 March 2015

Make a Mothers Day Card

I always think it's lovely to have a go at making your own cards - I think Mother's Day is a wonderful occasion to have a go at making a card, my mum still has some I made in the past and I have some my children have made for me, hand made cards tend to linger about rather than landing in the recycling box :)

Just look at this beauty I cross stitched back in 1994!
Cross stitch Mothers day card by Emma Clement - Emma in Bromley

Hobbycraft is a great resource for card making supplies and these are some suggestions that the lovely (and they really are lovely, I met them!) people at hobbycraft have whipped up for your inspiration! I'd love to either make or recieve any of them - wouldn't you? 

Handmade Mothers day card ideas - Hobbycraft - Emma in Bromley

Happy Mother's Day 

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Mothercare Spring Summer 2015 preview

I attended the Mothercare SS15 press event in November and wanted to share with you some of the wonderful gems I saw. I took Maegan with me (Age 3) and we both had a wonderful time. I've spotted some of the things we saw in our local Bromley store already!

I thought I'd just let the photos speak for themselves because we saw a lot of wonderful things - everything is Spring Summer 2015 Mothercare.

Mothercare SS15

Mothercare SS15

Mothercare SS15 Maegan Clement
Mothercare SS15 Maegan Clement
Mothercare SS15

Mothercare SS15
Mothercare SS15
Mothercare SS15 Maegan Clement

Mothercare SS15 Maegan Clement
Mothercare SS15 Maegan Clement
Mothercare SS15 Maegan Clement
Mothercare SS15 Maegan Clement
Mothercare SS15 Maegan Clement
Mothercare SS15 Maegan Clement
Mothercare SS15 Maegan Clement
Mothercare SS15 Maegan Clement
Mothercare SS15 Maegan Clement
Mothercare SS15 Maegan Clement
Mothercare SS15 Maegan Clement
Mothercare SS15 Maegan Clement
Mothercare SS15 Maegan Clement
Mothercare SS15 Maegan Clement

Mothercare SS15 Maegan Clement
Mothercare SS15 Maegan Clement

Mothercare SS15 Maegan Clement
Mothercare SS15 Maegan Clement
Mothercare SS15 Maegan Clement
Mothercare SS15 Maegan Clement
Mothercare SS15 Maegan Clement
Mothercare SS15 Maegan Clement
Mothercare SS15 Maegan Clement

Stelle Audio Go Go Speaker
Stelle Audio Go Go Speaker
Stelle Audio Go Go Speaker
Stelle Audio Go Go Speaker
Stelle Audio Go Go Speaker
Stelle Audio Go Go Speaker
We absolutely love the Stelle Audio Go Go bluetooth speaker - designed for mums, this sleek portable speaker comes with two different straps so you can hang it in the pram or on a handle bar. Its also extremely easy to use (and it talks to you - it'll say hello, goodbye and when you have paired your device) This speaker rather cleverly can also be used as a hands free kit for your phone and boast to be water resistant so you can relax if it starts to rain on your stroll!

Disclaimer - I was invited to the Mothercare press event, and given a Stelle Speaker. All words, thoughts and photos are my own. I wasn't paid or asked to write this, it was my choice to share with you.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Sophia La Girafe Bubble Bath and Hair and Body Wash

My little girlie, Maegan, absolutely loves giraffes - they are her favourite animal and she has built up a collection of giraffes because she developed an imaginary friend, well an imaginary giraffe named Gina! 
I'm also passionate about paraben-free skincare and look for the most natural products I can afford when shopping for my family. My children are 3 and 5 and (as with all children) have sensitive skin. 

Sophie La Girafe's natural collection includes products for mums to be, new mum, baby and children and is presented in clean packaging featuring the iconic Sophie giraffe.

We tried the Bubble Bath and the Hair and Body wash.
Sophie La Girafe Cosmetics Skincare Range Bubble Bath

Sophie La Girafe Cosmetics Skincare Range Bubble Bath
The bubble bath actually foamed up - this is rare because we live in a hard water area and natural products are difficult to get foamy! My kids loved all the bubbles and after they disperse you are left with a gently "baby" scented bath soak. 

Sophie La Girafe Cosmetics Skincare Range Hair and Body Wash
The Hair and Body Wash produced a great lather which meant we were able to come up with crazy bath hair do's - Maegan is sporting a Tinkerbell bun whilst Blake has gone for a (Deep Roy) Oompa Loompa spike.

Both products have a lovely gentle fragrance and were a pleasure to use, I'm impressed with their performance especially for natural products. 

I have actually been using the products on myself too :-)

Sophie La Girafe Cosmetics have a really great presence on social media so please check them out on your favourite network.


Sophie La Girafe Cosmetics Skincare Range

Disclaimer - I received the two Sophia La Giraffe products for the sole purpose of being able to review them, all words are my own. 

Monday, 2 March 2015

Mothers Day Gifts 2015

Mother's Day is soon - Sunday 15th March and I've popped together a little gift guide incase you are looking for inspiration.

This beautiful silver mock croc bound "Mums Notes" notebook would make a great gift. Hardback Mums Notes book with silver gilt edging and features Mums Office signature pink ruled page with a facing plain page. The Mums Notes book is available in a selection of colours. Available from Mums Office.

M&S have a delicious range of special chocolates for Mother's Day.
The Honey Collection is presented in an hexagon shaped box with an elegant assortment of chocolates made with specially selected honeys - chestnut honey, lavender honey, wildflower honey and orange blossom honey.
Whilst the Sweet Treats selection contains chocolate coated honeycomb, chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate discs.
Both collections are available in store, and there is a lovely selection of Mother's Day gifts available online too.

Bloom and Wild do the most amazing bouquets of fresh flowers which are delivered in a letterbox friendly box! Carefully packed - some flowers even have little mesh socks on to protect them, you will be surprised by just how beautiful and large these letterbox bouquets are! This bouquet is The Alice, there are a selection of letterbox and hand tied bouquets to choose from and a very flexible choice of subscriptions too as well as one off bouquets.

Happy Mothers Day everyone!

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Rare Disease Day - Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Next week is Rare Disease Day (28th Feb) and Action Medical Research have a new appeal focusing on 7 year old Tom who has Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

I wanted to share this appeal because when I was little, I had a friend called Steven Watson who had Muscular Dystrophy - I don't know if it was this same type as Tom or not. 

Steven Watson and I became friends at the age of 4 when we started Primary school and remained good friends through out primary - we were still friends, although not as close when we went on to the same secondary school. I can remember Steven running around in the infants just the same as everyone else, I can remember when he started needing crutches and then a wheelchair everyday and the way he laughed his socks off when he accidentally fell out of his wheelchair playing rounders with everyone else and I can remember when he had a shiny new electric wheelchair for secondary school, the one thing that never deteriorated was his smile and his kindness. 

I remember when he died, my first friend to pass away I think we were about 17 then. 

Steven Watson from Lancaster - my original home town - is on my mind a lot, he is remembered and that is why I wanted to help spread the word of Tom's story and the Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy appeal from Action Medical Research.

Spring has sprung for children like Tom as children’s charity launch an appeal around Rare Disease Day

Tom who has Duchenne muscular dystrophy,

More than 1.75 million children and young people in the UK have a rare disease – and thirty per cent will die before they reach the age of five. Children’s charity Action Medical Research, have launched a Spring appeal, tying in with the theme of Rare Disease Day (28 February), to highlight the need to fund vital research into devastating diseases for which there are often no cures.
The current appeal focuses on seven-year-old Tom who has Duchenne muscular dystrophy, but this is just one of the 20 studies tackling rare diseases that Action Medical Research is currently financing. These also include neuroblastoma (a type of cancer), ataxias, Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome, primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD), brittle cornea syndrome, mitochondrial disease, Sanfilippo IIIB, lysosomal storage diseases, X-linked lymphoproliferative disease and severe anaemia.

Duchenne muscular dystrophy is a devastating condition that’s diagnosed in around 100 boys every year in the UK – typically when they are just three to five years old. Boys with the condition experience a relentless deterioration of their physical abilities, eventually becoming heavily dependent on others for round-the-clock care. There is no cure and the condition is fatal.
Tom (seven) was diagnosed with Duchenne when he was four, but his parents were concerned about him from his earliest days. “The health visitor stressed the importance of ‘tummy time’ to help Tom lift his head, but he couldn’t do it. He just screamed,” mum Rebecca remembers. “He was slow to reach milestones like crawling and walking, too.”
When Tom started school, Rebecca insisted on a referral to a paediatrician who explained that several conditions might be causing Tom’s problems, including mild cerebral palsy and dyspraxia. He asked to do a blood test ‘to rule out a couple of rare conditions’ but phoned at 9.00am the next day with devastating news: Tom had muscular dystrophy.
New types of gene therapy may be able to treat some but, at present, not all boys with Duchenne.
Researchers, led by Professor Volker Straub, of Newcastle University, and funded by Action Medical Research, are in the laboratory stages of testing a much-needed new treatment – with the ultimate hope of improving boys’ lives.
“For Tom this research could mean he walks and keeps upper body skills such as feeding himself for longer, giving him a better quality of life. I know it’s not a cure, but these potential treatments still mean everything to us, they give us hope and they might give us time. They take us a step closer to finding out more about this rare disease” says Rebecca.

Watch this short film about Tom’s story:

Action Medical Research also funds research tackling premature birth, treating sick and vulnerable babies, and helping children affected by disability, disabling conditions and infections.
If you’d like to donate to the Spring rare diseases appeal visit

Emma in Bromley xx

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Being Featured in Kent Life Magazine

I'm in the current (February 2015) issue of Kent Life magazine - page 48.

I was interviewed a little while ago by email and over the festive period a photographer snapped my pic.

I was really very excited about the whole thing, a very long time ago I used to work in the magazine industry for emap and I felt privileged to be asked to be featured under a spotlight on Bromley.

I didn't get sent a copy, apparently that's not something they do - I was quite surprised by that and so I popped into M&S to grab a copy as they have an independent stand for Kent Life.

But I didn't buy one, I was just so disappointed.

Firstly the Photo was unflattering and I just look so old and tired in it - perhaps I am just old and tired!

Secondly the "interview" wasn't quite right, there were bits missing - including a whole question, things had been rephrased or missed out - it just didn't feel like me.

And thirdly, they spelt my name wrong!

... But at least my mum was proud that I was in a magazine! 

It circulated twitter too!

Emma in Bromley x

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Catching the Sewing Bug!

It's no secret that I love crafts - I love getting creative and having a go at a new skill.

Hobbycraft Sewing Basket

One of the things on my list this year is to learn to use a sewing machine - it was on last years' list too but I didn't get the chance - however this year I really do think it'll be the year I conquer the sewing machine as my youngest child is due to start school in September so for the first time in 6 years I might actually find myself with some me time to do one of the things on my (rather large, mostly crafts) list! I tried to use a sewing machine in school but my sewing attempts on a simple cushion cover were rather wonky and full of over stretched patches and uneven stitches! I have a sewing machine hidden in my inlaws loft - it's from 1982 and used to be my mums - I last tried to use it about 10 years ago but I couldn't get it to work - I'm going to have another go but it's likely that my birthday hint will be swapping from a kitchenaid free standing mixer (this has been on my list for 8 years by the way!) to a sewing machine! I have to say all the current ones are smaller, lighter and can do far more than the one from the early 80's I've got waiting to try!

Hobbycraft Sewing Machine

It appears I'm not alone in the sewing machine challenge - Hobbycraft (my favourite craft haven) have revealed that sewing machine sales are up 75% year on year, along with sales increases in both fabric (38% increase) and thread (13% increase).

With the return of The Great British Sewing Bee (season 3 currently on the BBC) Hobbycraft are predicting they will sell a whopping 40,000 reels of cotton, 55,000 metres of fabric and 4000 sewing machines while the programme is on air!

Kirstie Allsopp and Hobbycraft Sewing Kits

I'm a fan of all the handy kits you can get from Hobbycraft and I'm in love with this adorable Kitty Purse kit from the Kirstie Allsopp collection - and the kits for young children are great! My little boy is in the sewing club at school - he's 5 - he wanted to do it because he's also creative and because it's his old reception teacher who takes the club, I was in support because sewing is excellent for fine motor skills which makes it a great activity for young children :)

I don't normally do celeb gossip - I'm the last person you'd see browsing the pages of Hello but I'm loving the number of celebrity sewing fans - just look at these snippets! ;)
• Cara Delevigne spotted knitting backstage at LFW
• Gwen Stefani and • Eva Longoria have both confessed to be dab hands with needles and thread.
• George Clooney is rumoured to have rescued a date after her zip broke by stitching up the back of her dress.
• Katie Holmes received a sewing machine for her birthday.
•Julia Roberts is reported to be taking sewing lessons.
• and Chris Martin enjoys sewing his own clothes stating "It gives us some control over our visual identity" 

Google also revealed that both Knitting and Crochet featured in the most searched for "how to" terms for 2014

Cross Stitch Monogram E- knitting or crochet is also on my list of skills I'd like to learn - I knitted in my tweenie/teens and I've attempted crochet - I have an impressive Craft Pinboard of ideas waiting to be attempted!

I recently picked up needle and threads and started cross stitching again - another skill I used to do in my Tweens/Teens - my mum still has some cross stitch cards I made when I was about 14 :) I'm currently making a cross stich monogram keyring ... for my mum!