Thursday, 16 April 2015

Eye Doctor Doc Mcstuffins Doll

Eye Doctor Doc Mcstuffins Doll - Emma in Bromley

We were recently very lucky to review one of the new Doc Mcstuffins specialist dolls - the timing couldn't have been better for 3 year old Maegan as she was very, very poorly with Lymphadenitis which was awful! 

This set is so sweet and we had seen the episode that the playset is based on - actually I think we may have seen every episode!

We're in the middle of creating our play room at the moment and we will be having a Doc Mcstuffins corner!

Eye Doctor Doc Doll
  • 30cm hard bodied Doc eye doctor doll
  • Comes with a 12cm Hootsie character
  • Hootsie is cross-eyed: when you put on his glasses, his eyes will straighten up
  • Comes with everything you need to become an eye doctor
  • Includes an ophthalmoscope, removable eye glasses, an eye dropper and a comb

Eye Doctor Doc Mcstuffins Doll - Emma in Bromley
Eye Doctor Dottie comes in simple packaging - I managed to get her out without needing a screwdriver which is always a bonus!
Eye Doctor Doc Mcstuffins Doll - Emma in Bromley
Plenty of accessories to encourage roll play
Eye Doctor Doc Mcstuffins Doll - Emma in Bromley
Hootsie with poorly eyes
Eye Doctor Doc Mcstuffins Doll - Emma in Bromley
Slide the glasses on and ... 
Eye Doctor Doc Mcstuffins Doll - Emma in Bromley
Hoots can see clearly!
Eye Doctor Doc Mcstuffins Doll - Emma in Bromley
Dottie is pose-able so she can sit down
Eye Doctor Doc Mcstuffins Doll - Emma in Bromley
Doc Mcstuffins can also stand up unsupported.
Eye Doctor Doc Mcstuffins Doll - Emma in Bromley
Her doctors coat is pink and glittery!
Eye Doctor Doc Mcstuffins Doll - Emma in Bromley
Poorly peaky looking Maegan adores her new Doc Mcstuffins Dottie

Eye Doctor Doc Mcstuffins Doll - Emma in Bromley
Sliding the glasses on hootise is lots of fun.

Straightening up Doc's lab coat. 
Eye Doctor Doc Mcstuffins Doll - Emma in Bromley
The comb is being well used - I'm pleased to say that the plaits are still in place too!

You can also get a Dentist Doc Mcstuffins too!
Eye Doctor Doc Mcstuffins Doll - Emma in Bromley

disclaimer - I was sent Eye Doctor Dottie for the purpose of reviewing her. 

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Tea Break Tuesday - The Mean Sisters

I came across this old Agony Aunt question and response and I thought I'd share it with you for today's Tea Break Tuesday because I thought it was a great response by the agony aunt! 

Can't believe how mean some people can be to their own siblings! ... Although I did once pull all the ribbon out of my middle sister's Michael Jackson cassette tape in the 80's ... Sorry Kellie!

Grab a cuppa ... and your reading glasses for this one!

Trip Causes Hard Feelings

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Emma in Bromley xx

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Making Bunnies for Easter - Childrens Crafts

We've been busy making bunnies for Easter with various crafty loveliness from Hobbycraft! It was great to have a whole stash of crafts on hand because Maegan unexpectedly came down very poorly!

First we started with something easy for the children to make - we used this ready to make Bunny Bunting kit.

Hobbycraft Bunny Bunting

The children had great fun sticking on fluffy tails and bow ties.

Hobbycraft Bunny Bunting

Deciding which order they went in was very important.

Hobbycraft Bunny Bunting

And threading the string was a great "fine motor" challenge.

Hobbycraft Bunny Bunting

I also decorated a polystyrene bunny with decopatch papers , paints and my favourite - Glitter Glue! Bunny needs another coat of glitter :)

Polystyrene Bunny from Hobbycraft

And I got to experiment with fabric paint pens on a canvas bunny!

Canvas Bunny from Hobbycraft
Canvas Bunny from Hobbycraft

Canvas Bunny from Hobbycraft

Canvas Bunny from Hobbycraft
Canvas Bunny from Hobbycraft
I'm using the Clover pom pom maker to make a big fluffy tail! 
I have a set of 2 different large size clover pom pom makers and they are a doddle to use - Maegan (age 3) and Blake (age 5) both happily use them - I just do the cutting bit for them :) 

Clover Pom Pom Maker

Hoppy Easter xx
Emma in Bromley

Disclaimer - These crafts were created using supplies given to me from Hobbycraft. All thoughts, words and images are my own and I absolutely genuinely loved all the items from Hobbycraft!

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Bromley Easter Half Term Holiday Activities and Things to Do

The Easter Break in Bromley is coming round fast and if you are looking for things to do, please enjoy my round up of Bromley Easter Break Activities.

Queens Garden Maze in Bromley

Dr Seuss Make and Do - Thursday 9th and Friday 10th April at 11am, the Churchill Theatre are running craft sessions aimed at ages 3 to 7 centred around the Cat in the Hat. At a cost of £5 per child (accompanying adults go free) - tickets purchased in advance.

Pottery Painting Session Lavender House Cafe is running a children's Pottery Painting sessions from £10 a child, book in advance.

Craft Sessions Intu Bromley (The Glades) will be having free children's Easter themed drop in craft sessions in the central atrium on weekdays.

Mim-mim (from Kate and Mim-mim) visit Intu Bromley 2nd April various times Free  

Paint a Bird box Ruxley Manor 30th March to 3rd April,  Paint a Birdbox £5 per child. Book in advance.

Plant a spring basket Ruxley Manor 6th to 10th April, Plant a spring basket £5 per child. Book in advance.

Cupcake Bake and Decorate at Coolings a choice of dates and times. suitable for children aged 5+ 2 hour session includes lunch at the cafe. £9.99 book in advance

Make a bug, bat or bee box at Coolings 8th April 11am to 1pm for ages 5-11. £9.99 book in advance

Shaun in the City - Gruffalo ShaunForest Fun Club in West Wickham has various daily sessions on through the easter break for children aged 4-11. Sessions run 10am to 1pm at  £20 per child per session - although there is a sibling discount available. 

Be a scientist for the day in the Hands On science centre at Natural History Museum Free (But please leave a donation in one of the museum collection boxes)

The Queens Garden Maze - next to Intu Bromley, there is a small maze tucked to one side that small children love! Free

Shaun in the City - a flock of 50 Shaun the Sheep's are in London until the 25th May - theres a website, app and printable map available to help you spot them all! Free

Emma in Bromley xx

Hobbycraft Easter Crafts Overview

I'll be doing quite a lot of fun Easter inspired crafts with the children now it's the Easter holidays and I'll be referring to Hobbycraft a lot because I went to their Easter press day and was amazed by what I saw and I love Hobbycraft (maybe a little too much because Hubby keeps banning me from the store... something about spending too much time and money!!!)

Maegan sat and decorated Easter biscuits while I chatted to the lovely hobbycraft team - I'd have happily sat there all day long drinking tea and chatting about crafty wonderfulnes with these lovely ladies!

Maegan Clement making Easter Cookies with Hobbycraft
Maegan Clement making Easter Cookies with Hobbycraft
Maegan Clement making Easter Cookies with Hobbycraft

I absolutely adore these rabbits and have taken inspiration to have a go at making my own! 

Hobbycraft Easter Rabbits Craft

How sweet are the bunny ear head bands and the pirate boat Easter hat? 
Bunny Ears and Pirate Easter Hat - Hobbycraft
 Pirate Easter Hat - Hobbycraft

These sheep Easter cards are adorable aren't they!
Hobbycraft - Sheep Easter Card

Yum! Slice of cake anyone?
Easter Cake from Hobbycraft
Make your own eggs
Hobbycraft - Make your own Easter Eggs

I was taken with these spring wreaths and will also be having a go at making one :)
Spring Easter Wreaths - Hobbycraft
What about you? Are you making any Easter crafts?

Make sure you are following my blog because I have a lot of Easter Crafts coming up xx

TeaBreak Tuesday - How Long Does It Take a 3 Year Old To Dismantle a Bed?

How Long Does It Take a 3 Year Old To Dismantle a Bed? Maegan Darcie Clement
My 3 year daughter - Maegan very much has an inquisitive mind, she likes to figure things out herself and is very independant - she has a natural talent for taking things apart - especially things she shouldn't! 

Maegan was playing nicely in her room so I took a moment to rush a laundry basket down and put a load on - I was out of the room for 3 minutes.

In this time, Maegan had decided to stop playing nicely with Nooonicorn (her favourite unicorn) and instead pull the mattress off the bed (and fold it in half??!!), remove all the bedslats and pretty much trash the whole room! 

In three minutes!

It takes a 3 year old less than 3 minutes to dismantle a bed!

I may or may not have laughed and cried at the same time!

I was greeted by the biggest proudest smile and "Look Mamma, I made a hidyhole den!"

The bed fortunately took only a few moments to put back together - the rest of the room will take a lot longer!

Emma in Bromley xx


TeaBreak Tuesday 

Friday, 27 March 2015


Hop into springtime with the
PETER RABBIT – TALES OF THE START OF SPRING DVDfirst ever DVD release for the new Peter Rabbit animation series

Beatrix Potter’s wonderful stories have charmed and entertained children for generations. Now fans can enjoy the brand new adventures of her timeless children’s classic Peter Rabbit in the first ever DVD collection of episodes from the new animated series.   The Peter Rabbit – Tales Of The Start Of Spring DVD is released by Abbey Home Media on Monday, March 30th and is a perfect Easter gift idea.

Follow our hero Peter and his friends Benjamin Bunny and Lily Bobtail on their adventures as they encounter real dangers, overcome obstacles and outsmart predators, all the while finding fun and excitement in the most unexpected places.  

With a taste for radishes and a thirst for adventure Peter Rabbit is the lovable and extraordinary friend you longed to hang out with when you were a kid. But when the chips are down and danger lurks, there’s no better friend to have around than Peter and his boundless courage will always see him through. Peter has an infectious enthusiasm for life and is also an irrepressible optimist. He is cool under pressure and his quick-witted mind is as nimble as his super-fast legs.  

This enchanting collection features a free Hop Outside insert with outdoor activities for little ones and over one hundred minutes of adventure to treasure including the special 22 minute episode ‘The Tale of The Start of Spring’. The DVD also features The Tale of the Radish Robbers, The Tale of the Secret Treehouse, The Tale of the Dash in the Dark, The Tale of the Broken Bed, The Tale of Benjamin’s New Map, The Tale of the Terrible Trap, and the Tale of the Peekboo Rabbits.

For more information on the DVD visit

We've had quite a Peter Rabbit theme lately - did you see my Peter Rabbit cupcakes earlier this week?

Peter Rabbit Cupcakes #tastytales

My children, age 3 and 5 have enjoyed watching this dvd with me - Blake (age 5) loves The Tale of the Dash in the Dark whilst Maegan (age 3) enjoys The Tale of the Peekaboo Rabbits best. 

This animated series is entertaining and inspiring as the stories are new to us as well as being familiar as in the use of Beatrix Potter's characters and story telling format. We enjoyed watching all the tales featured on the DVD and the stories are perfect to get you into spring and easter mode - this would make a lovely easter gift or school holiday treat.

Emma in Bromley


Disclaimer - I received a check disk version of this dvd for the sole purpose of reviewing it. 

Thursday, 26 March 2015

In Search of the Hollywood Smile with Oligodontia and Invisible Braces

My teeth have always been a big, big issue for me because I have Oligodontia - a genetic condition which means I have a large number of missing teeth - many of my secondary teeth are simply missing, it's not anything I did or didn't do. Milk teeth fall out when a growing secondary tooth pushes it out, for me I have many gaps where a neighbouring secondary tooth pushed out a milk tooth where there wasn't a secondary tooth leaving a lot of gaps - I also still have a few milk teeth! 


I found growing up with the gappy teeth a problem as I got picked on for it, I found myself to be timid and often I'd talk behind my hand or hair, or at secondary school I just didn't say much at all.

I find I'm judged on my teeth - living in London with a Lancashire accent and awful teeth automatically give people assumptions over the sort of person I am.

Because of the gaps, other teeth overcompensate as such I have canine teeth which have rotated slightly, I have teeth that have crumbled a bit, I have missing molars which means I chew slowly because on one side I don't have two molars together and I worry that now I'm in my mid thirties, my remaining milk teeth could start to fall out at any time

I've always wanted that Hollywood Smile, more so on my wedding day - I cringe at the photos that show my gappy smile, I want to fill in the smile with a pen! ohhh I'd love to have my teeth sorted!

Because of Oligodontia, I take an active interest in cosmetic dentistry, I've had a few quotes before to have everything sorted in one go, involving long painful procedures such as drilling, tooth removal, veneers and implants and I've become very tempted before - the last quote I had to totally give me the Hollywood Smile I crave, somewhat exceeded my current affordability so its something I'd look to improve slowly, step by step - ideally before I reach 40!

Sensu Dental Studio Invisalign Braces - Invisible Braces

I was excited to see Sensu, One of London's leading dental studios set in the heart of the Harley Street District offering Invisalign Braces I wonder if these invisible braces would help me to rectify some of the gaps and twists I have. They sound impressive and don't have the traditional fixed look other braces have. The Invisalign Braces are a progressive set and as the name suggests, extremely discreet. with the added bonus of being removable so you don't need to worry about teeth cleaning and food issues as you would with a fixed brace. 

Sensu Dental Studio Invisalign Braces - Invisible Braces

I had a good browse through the Sensu website and spotted a few things that might be able to assist me in correcting my teeth - its something that I would love to be in the position to do, you wouldn't believe the amount of times having Oligodontia has reduced me to tears - something as simple as having a good smile can make all the difference to a person's confidence and wellbeing. 

Would you change anything about your smile? 

Emma in Bromley x

Disclaimer - This post is in collaboration with Sensu

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Happy Feaster Peter Rabbit Cupcakes

Happy Feaster Blog Tour, rabbit cupcakes #tastytales

I've been invited to take part in the Happy Feaster Blog Tour by Ladybird Books and The Happy Foodie.  We have been asked to take storytelling from the page to the kitchen by creating a Spring recipe inspired by the Tales of Peter Rabbit!  I've decided to create Rabbit Cupcakes with my little bunnies Blake (age 5) and Maegan (age 3) 

Happy Feaster Peter Rabbit Cupcakes #tastytales

This one is about the decorating because thats the part my children enjoy the most! .... well, besides the eating!

Firstly make up a batch of plain fairy/cupcakes, or buy a pack of ready made fairy cakes in the bakery section at most supermarkets but this time round I found that we've had a week of colds and a lack of ingredients so my mother-in-law made a batch for me!

Happy Feaster Peter Rabbit Cupcakes #tastytales

While the cakes were cooling, we made a start on the bunny rabbits to sit on the top of the cakes - we used Dr Oetker Ready to Roll Icing in white - its like edible play dough so you have to keep a close eye on the little people because you'll find they sneak a lot of nibbles when your not looking!

I did two basic style of rabbit - both are easy and based on a small ball for the head, a larger ball for the body and two ears.
on the rabbit with paws, I snipped the balls to form two paws and two ears.
I use a dab of water to stick the balls together.
Use a tooth pick/ cocktail stick to add details such as the paw markings, dots for eyes and nose.
I had some chocolate silver pearls I had in the cupboard from christmas to use as tails and everyone thought they worked well as a tail.

Happy Feaster Blog Tour, rabbit cupcakes #tastytales fondant rabbits and Fondant Bunnies
I found the fondant bunnies really easy to make and Blake (age 5) enjoyed making bunnies too - can you spot the ones he made? 

I had some edible ink pens that I bought from a local Bromley cake shop. that I used to finish off the eyes and nose details.
Happy Feaster Blog Tour, rabbit cupcakes #tastytales fondant rabbits and Fondant Bunnies
We topped the cakes with Blue designer icing from Dr Oetker that comes in a handy pouch with piping nozzles - Maegan (age 3) did all the blue icing herself! (Please note that the designer icing pouches actually create a much better finish when used by an adult!)  I'm pleased to say that the blue is a perfect match for Peter Rabbit blue :-)

We also experimented with green icing but struggled to get a grass green finish.
Happy Feaster Blog Tour, rabbit cupcakes #tastytales fondant rabbits and Fondant Bunnies

we used wafer daisies to top each cake and then sat one of the bunnies we made on the top - the cakes have a lovely spring, easter, peter rabbit feel so we were very happy with them!

For more Spring recipes, inspired by Peter Rabbit and friends, why not head over to The Happy Foodie and discover how celebrity chefs and their children are joining in!

Beatrix Potter Stories - especially Peter Rabbit are a large part of my own childhood having grown up in the North West about half an hour away from Lake Windermere so I visited Hilltop Farm and the places that inspired the stories! Peter Rabbit was one of three stories I started reading to my Bump when I was pregnant with my first baby!

As part of this campaign I received three new Peter Rabbit books to help inspire our cupcakes.
Happy Feaster Blog Tour, rabbit cupcakes #tastytales fondant rabbits and Fondant Bunnies

Peter Rabbit: A Big Box of Little Books which is a sweet collection of mini board books.

The World of Peter Rabbit: A Pull Out Pop Up Book We love this pull out scene with pop up details.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit: Penguin Edition I adore having these classic bound edition books on our bookshelf and Peter Rabbit is amongst both my, and my children's top favourites!

I received a gorgeous surprise "thank you" Peter Rabbit biscuit!

If you've enjoyed this then why not stop by tomorrow to check out what delicious Easter ideas she has for enjoying with your families.


Happy Feaster Blog Tour, rabbit cupcakes #tastytales fondant rabbits and Fondant Bunnies

Happy Feaster #tastytales Blog Tour Schedule:

Emma in Bromley xx

Disclaimer, I was invited to take part in this blog tour and received 3 new Peter Rabbit books.