Monday 7 December 2020

Outdoor Sparkles

 This winter season more than ever, we need extra sparkles and I know every single time we see a house with festive lights, it puts a miles on our faces. 

Koopower Solar Fairy Lights

I really wanted to add a little sparkle to our garden, I'm a keen advocate of solar energy and used it as an opportunity to wrap one of our trees in a set of fairy lights - 100 led solar fairy lights set on a copper wire gifted to me from Koopower to be exact. The ones I used have different settings for various flashing and twinkling or a solid light. 

Some solar lights come with a back up battery source so they can run off a standard AA battery if its been a dull day and the solar panel hasn't charged enough. 

Koopower Solar Fairy Lights
The first evening I had these set up, they were lit from dusk at about 4.30pm until 10pm and they were amazing but since then, we are lucky if the lights stay lit for 90 minutes - the solar panel is in the brightest part of my garden but I think this must be the realistic expectation for December in the UK.

They're very pretty and I'm keen to see them perform on sunnier days in warmer seasons - I might just add a reserve AA battery for December as festive lights really do make everyone feel happy!

Have you tried any solar garden lights this festive season?

Emma x

Disclaimer: This article contains gifted solar lights for the sole purpose of this piece.

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