Friday 29 January 2021

What happened to January

 You know me, for years now my January tends to revolve around the London toy fair so with it being cancelled it seemed to leave a bit of a massive gap - It seems such a shame to have not been able to see or share with you all some of the wonderful toys to look forward to - after all I think it would be a welcome boost right now. Last year I remember how crazy you all went when I shared the video footage I took of Playmobil's Back To The Future range!

I feel like most of all though, this January I have just kinda stumbled through it. 

Theres been a roller coaster of emotions, there's been moments where I feel literally broken and moments where I feel so extremely lucky. 

Most of you are parents so I know you will all appreciate just how exhausting it is to Home School/ Distance Learn our children - like many others, I'm constantly darting from helping my primary age child and my first year secondary - neither are quite yet at the stage where they can sit unassisted and simply get on - both need my help/advice/assistance whether it be from teaching quadrilaterals to helping visualise the life cycle of a rock to the impromptu science experiments the year 5 teacher likes to hand over. Like you, I have a daily chart so I know which child needs to be doing what and when. My eldest has 6 classes a day - some are live, some not - its hard going trying to fit them all in and even if he stuck to the time table he would be sat at a desk in front of a screen from 9am to 3pm but he always has work left over to go back to so it usually takes a few more hours on top. It's such a long time for a child to be in front of a screen. My 9 year old has 4 live video calls and 3 independent learning sessions after the calls each day.

It's exhausting but I feel lucky that it is my only major complaint.

I had planned 4 posts fo this month and I just haven't been able to write them. I'm sorry. Please check in soon, I will have more to share in February.

Emma x

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