Monday 22 November 2021

Christmas 2021 - Gifting

The point of this post is to inspire you. We've all been through enough following last year's lockdown Christmas and the challenges of spending time with family and friends so I know we are all studying the art of gifting, we want our gifts to be surrounded by an invisible ball of hugs and happy thoughst and most importantly of all they need to bring a smile, a moment of joy to our recipient. 

This year I have reached for gifts which I feel invoke joy and inspiration.

This is a rolling feature so remember to revisit for new additions - this gift guide is also best enjoyed with a hot chocolate.

Plantable Greetings Cards by Shroot - Such a refreshing take on traditional cards, the Christmas wildflower wishes are a set of plantable seed papers onto which you write your dreams, wishes or goals and then plant them to see your wildflowers grow whilst the Greens and Greetings are a postable plant pouch with a festive message one the front and postcard style design one the reverse so you can add your message. The pouch contains everything you need to grow some edible pea shoots.

Shroot plantable greetings card, wishes and gift pouch

The Gift of Joy by Big Pot Little Pot - I named this as the gift of joy because mine brings me a lot of joy! These are such a lovely gift, handmade cement plant pots available in lots of colours and designs, this one is Navy and will be home to a little christmas tree as part of my festive table scape but I have my eye on a neon one!

Big Pot Little Pot Handmade Cement Plant Pot
The Gift of a Starburst by Sweet Marie Jewellery - Designed in the UK with the perfect blend of vintage meets rock n roll Sweet Marie boutique offers precious gemstone pieces inspired by Victorian design and rock music icons. The stunning Ophelia stardust pendant featuring Diamond and Ruby gemstones is a unique gift.

Ophelia Starburst Necklace Diamond and Ruby by Sweet Marie Jewellery

The Gift of a Project by Craftiosity - You can choose between one off craft kits or subscription options with a fun project suitable for everyone! I'm enjoying the Marbled Candle Holder Project, I've never marble painted before and the instructions are simple. I love that the kit came with some marble pattern inspiration post cards in addition to everything you need including gloves and a plastic tray. 

Marbled Candle Kit by Craftiosity

The Gift of Dewy Skin by The Dead Sea Co - The mineral mask jar claims Purifying, Hydrating and Brightening and after the very first use, I can confirm this is the best face mask I have ever used. I applied the mineral mask with the brush and as mentioned on the jar, I did experience a slight tingle and after gently removing the mask my skin felt well hydrated and looked good enough to skip foundation. I have dry and reactive skin and I'd recommend The Dead Sea Mineral Mask to everyone!

The Dead Sea Co - Mineral Mask

The Gift of Strength by Licensed to Charm - The handcrafted detail on this Frida Kahlo sugar skull is absolutely exquisite with the strength and beauty of Frida's symbolism radiating from the beautiful design. This is such an amazing find, something truly special. When I first saw this, I was wowed by its delicate details. Licensed to Charm have wonderful collectable jewellery all hand crafted their UK studio.

Licensed to Charm - Frida Kahlo Sugar Skull Necklace

The Gift of Statement
by Licensed to Charm - The High Line Vertical Bar necklace is a statement piece  whilst retaining an elegant delicate look. Handcrafted in London, beautiful detailing makes it the perfect item for someone special.
Highline Vertical Bar Necklace by Licensed to Charm

The Gift of Sun by Lusso Tan - I love the story of Lusso Tan, created by three talented Irish sisters with a promise of a sunless tan using nourishing and healing ingredient via a gentle process. Simple to use with a beautiful scent and glowing results. The Love Your Skin gift boxes make a wonderful touch - Summer Meadows will transport you in an instant - with a moisturiser to prolong your sunless tan and a magical bath bomb to remove your tan when you are ready. 

Christmas Gift - The Gift of Sun - Lusso Sunless Tan

The Gift of Luscious Fur by Poochiful - My dog Rocket the miniature schnauzer loves this ethical and vegan luxury brand. He always smells amazing and is super fluffy after a bath in Itchy and Scratchy and we love a quick spritz refresh with Pawfume or Furfresh which is a great odour neutraliser.  We can't help but pamper our little fur buddies.

Poochiful Dog Shampoo

The Gift of Creation by Paraffle - A stunning embroidery kit, Paraffle have the most beautiful embroidery gift kits which come with everything you need, including stitch instructions and very clear step by step guides. The selection includes mini sets perfect for stockings and larger kits which make a truly thoughtful gift. Paraffle kits are all created by Sammy in Scotland.

Beautiful Embroidery Kit by Paraffle

The Gift of You by Myri at Engravers Guild - A beautiful heart shaped pendant engraved with your recipients name (or a meaningful word) select a Swarovski birthstone crystal to add an intimate touch. I've chosen aquamarine and the colour is stunning. Presented in a perfect box.

Personalised birthstone necklace - Engravers Guild

The Gift of Miffy by Licensed to Charm. These delicate handmade Miffy sterling silver stud earrings are simply perfect for Miffy fans. Licensed to Charm have a wonderful Miffy collection if you wanted to add a matching necklace or bracelet too.

Miffy handmade sterling silver stud earrings


The Gift of Love from LoveLox Lockets

Lockets are such a thoughtful gift and Lovelox have a beautiful collection, the website tool guides you through creating the perfect gift from selecting your locket design, choosing if you would like an engraving and one of my favourite steps - you can upload up to two photos and choose their position. Lovelox carefully handcut the photos and fit them for you so your locket is ready to gift. Your locket comes perfectly presented in a gift box along with care instructions and a cleaning cloth. 

Lovelox Gold Heart Locket

The gift of Sleep from The Ives  

Founded by a parent during the 2020 lockdown with the aim of supporting both physical and mental health. Using both scientific knowledge of magnesium's effect on sleep combined with ancient knowledge of essential oils The Ives Dreamer roll on for feet and calves will help your body relax and calm your mind from stress, whilst the Courage day dreamer pulse point roll on will help ease anxiety. Sustainable vegan handmade gifts beautifully presented. 

The Ives Dreamer Roll on

The Gift of Light by The Sustainable Candle Co - Beautifully scented hand poured in Yorkshire soy wax candles. A vegan friendly brand with a tree planning scheme creating perfectly scented candles from paraben and silicon free fragrance oils. The quartet of festive votives are arranged in black and white glass holders and each has a different festive scent.
Quartet of Festive Votives by the Sustainable Candle Co

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Emma x

* Disclaimer - Everything in this article has been selected and chosen by myself, it does contains some press gifted items for the sole purpose of describing or photographing them.

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