Sunday 29 June 2014

Woolly and Tig Songs for Wobbly Moments CD

We all love Woolly and Tig - and there's a new music cd (Songs for Wobbly Moments) out next week full of songs from the show - my personal fave is the Elves and the Shoemaker! 

Woolly and Tig Songs for Wobbly Moments CD

My two little ones - Blake and Maegan really enjoyed bopping along and a bit of a sing song - and a dance with Woolly!

Maegan Clement with Woolly

Woolly and Tig - Songs for Wobbly Moments will be released on the 7th July 2014. You can hear a sample through the itunes store

There are 20 fun filled songs from the TV show:

Big Stomps
If There wasn’t a “No”
The Thunder Bang Song
Funky Dunky
Rubba Dubba Rock
I Like Monsters
Counting Kisses
I Love Woolly
Elves & Shoemaker
Give a Smile
Weenie Worries
I Love Mummy
Mairi’s Wedding
Cheeky Wee Echo
One More Step
Agree to Disagree
Auld Lang Syne
Counting Kisses Woolly’s Solo

All the songs are based on or from episodes of the TV show and are nursery rhyme style, simple and entertaining for little people who will soon pick up the words and join in!

Emma in Bromley xx

* I received a copy of the CD and a cuddly Woolly for the sole purpose of being able to review it. 

My Kitchen Story

This post is an entry for the “My Kitchen Story” Linky Challenge, sponsored by Fairy Platinum.

Lets start at the beginning ... in the beginning our first kitchen was certainly not to our taste, featuring turn of the 70's/80's decade original kitchen of beige and brown peeling laminate unites with silver grove bar "handles", a pine effect scruffed surface, what could only have been a (only part working) 50's original oven and what looked more like 70's bathroom tiles I was keen to update this kitchen pronto!

These are from moving in day for our first house - which we will be in until we move in 2 weeks time eeek! 

70's 80's kitchen

Emma Preston Clement Modern Day 1950's Housewife

Tea and Cakes Sign, Babycham poster
My Tea and Cakes sign and Babycham Advert - trying to brighten up the place!

It would be five whole years before we would have the time and the money to update completely and utterly redo the entire kitchen including a boiler replacement and the removal of a wall!

Emma's Kitchen Project

Emma's Kitchen Project
And TADA ... Looks great in "gooseberry fool2" with walnut finish units and a wooden floor with wine bottle labels, black shiny tiles, chunky handles and modern appliances - including a slimline dishwasher (aka my best friend) to use Fairy Platinum dish washer tablets in! I couldn't live without my coffee machine, candelabra (I know it swamps the table! ha ha) and magnetic notice board!
Olive, Walnut and Black Kitchen

Olive, Walnut and Black Kitchen
All four of us absolutely love this kitchen and it's my favourite room!

But alas, now we've finally got a wonderful kitchen, we've decided to move on to a bigger home (this one only has 2 bedrooms) and right now? With moving day less than 2 weeks away, that lovely kitchen is now full of boxes! Minus the toaster which met with an accident and now only one slot works!
kitchen full of boxes

Below is the kitchen in the house we are buying! It's alrighty, it's certainly liveable but it's not at all to my taste and one of my pet hates is kitchen cupboard doors with grooves! There's a little utility annex but no washing machine or tumble dryer in our new house - which is going to be tough with 2 small children! (good job my in-laws are in walking distance hee hee)  I can't wait to get started on making this kitchen the heart of the new house but I just hope it won't be another 5 years down the line! And I'd really really really like to find a way to fit a sofa and bookcase in here!

This post is an entry for the "My Kitchen Story” Linky Challenge, sponsored by Fairy Platinum 

Emma in Bromley x

* I received a pack of Fairy Platinum Dishwasher tablets for taking part in this linky challenge and I'm hoping my blog post will be one of ten winners in the challenge!

Silent Sunday - 5 and 3

spiderman chocolate cake
Blake Clement Wolverine Mask Captain America Frisbee
Maegan Clement build a bear unicorn, duplo icecreams
Maegan Clement Doc Mcstuffins Playscape, costume and stuffy

I know the Silent Sunday rule is one photo but ... we've had a 5th birthday and a 3rd birthday so there is absolutely loads to share! I'm on instagram as @beachpebble_uk

Emma in Bromley xx

Sunday 22 June 2014

Blindfolds and Massage Oil - Silent Night Sleep Campaign

tempur eye mask and magnesium oil spray
My children are still very young - 2 and 5 and sleep is a luxury in our house - an undisturbed night simply does not happen - between two children, night time toilet training, the local scooter boys and the massive fox problem (anyone else with urban foxes will know that they make a sound at about 3am which would make your imagination assume something awful and violent was happening!) I can expect to be woken at the very least 3 times a night - some nights this is far far higher! For example, the night before my five year old's first sports day, he was so excited that he woke no less than 9  times between 11pm and 1am, add to that my daughter waking twice and the foxes replicating the sound track to a hammer horror murder scene and of course the almightyly annoying desperately needing a wee scenario - I was definitely out of bed more than I was in it!

The problem is, sometimes it can take a while to fall back to sleep - or just as you are drifting back to sleep, another disruption takes place. I don't think I have a problem with initially falling asleep - let's face it, by the time I'm able to clamber into bed, I'm in some sort of desperate sleep craving zombie haze. 
But after being wrenched from slumber for the 3rd time, I can often expect to wriggle about trying to get comfy with my excessively fidgety legs and over active mind for quite some time - I think I easily lose an hour just from trying to get back to sleep, or stopping my legs from fidgeting.

So I was intrigued when Silentnight's Sleep Clinic invited me to be included in the silentnight second part of research - investigating if sleep accessories can help! I answered a 5min questionnaire which included answering which sleep accessories I'd tried already and any i'd consider. I knew that as part of the research, I would be sent some sleep accessories to try and I was surprised when they arrived as they weren't ones that I'd tried before, nor were they the ones I'd said I'd consider trying! 
I received a sleep mask and an oil spray. - oh there's a big part of  me who giggled like a school girl at being sent a blindfold and oil!

The sleep mask -  this is a tempur pedic eye mask - I've obviously heard of tempur mattresses and pillows but I didn't know you could get sleep masks made from them - these are brilliant - you get complete black out and extreme comfort from them - with a very soft covering. The before kids me would have relished this mask but the current me sleeps in glasses! Seriously, I'm extremely short sighted and I have to spring out of bed so quickly and regularly that I'm in the habit of sleeping in my specs! I know, naughty right? Thing is I can't even see clearly as far as my elbow and I can't be clattering about trying to locate glasses while rushing to shush a child before the other one wakes up! Hubby had a go of the sleep mask too and loved it - it's one I think would be a godsend while traveling (or in hospital) or for when I have my eye lasered - something I desperately wish for!

The Magnesium Oil Spray -  I'd never even heard of this little beaut before! 
I tell ya, hubby has this on without even flinching but for me, every time, it makes my legs sting like crazy for about 10mins to the point where I think it's going to annoy me and just like that, it stops and my fidgety legs simply calm. It smells relaxing too and definitely solves the fidgets!

You should see the Silentnight sleep clinic!

Emma in Bromley xx

Silent Sunday - green pond, little ducklings

Saturday 21 June 2014

Leitmotiv Interiors, City Living and Jip What a Zoo

City living promotion - My top picks 
Leitmotiv Jolanda Van Goor Open Minded table £84.99
Leitmotiv Jolanda Van Goor Open Minded table £84.99
Open minded side table designed by Jolanda Van Goor and made in the UK using Maple and MDF. Normally £132 on offer at £84.99 until 23.06.14

Leitmotiv ceramic spool pendant lamp £26.99
Grey Spool Pendant Light - also made in the UK. Normally £54 on offer at £26.99 until 23.06.14

Leitmotiv ceramic grey pendant lamp £39.99

Ceramic Grey Pendant Light, Made in the UK. Normally £134 on offer at £39.99 until 23.06.14

Leitmotiv orange rope table £69.99
Orange Rope Table, made in the UK from steel and MDF. Normally £123 on offer at £69.99 until 23.06.14

What a Zoo promotion My favourite items
Jip Ellie The Elephant Clock £24.99
Jip Ellie the Elephant clock normally £40 on offer at £24.99 until 24.06.14

Jip Bobby The Bird photo frame £9.99
Jip bobby bird photo frame, usually £18 on offer at £9.99 until 24.06.14

Jip Bobby The Bird Coat Stand £39.99

Jip bobby the bird coat stand normally £57 on offer at £39.99 until 24.06.14

Emma in Bromley xx

Tuesday 17 June 2014

Mr Fox Bedding for Children

I'm excited to see Mr Fox bedding on offer today - I absolutely adore this brand for nursery and children's bedding - the prints are brilliant and I've got my eye on the Peter set for Blake and the dwarves set for Maegan - they'd be perfect for when we move! 

All the designs come in - 
  • crib sheet set, usuall £25 on offer at £9.99
  • crib duvet set usually £34 on offer at £12.99
  • single duvet set usually £75 on offer at £28
  • Pillow covers usually £14 on offer at £4.99
  • Character cushions usually £20 on offer at £7

Some also have crib bumpers usually £42 on offer at £18 and aprons usually £13 on offer at £6

I've only shown a small selection of what's available - there's a lot to pick from - including colourful fitted sheets!

On offer until 21st June 2014.

Mr Fox Alice Bedding - Alice in Wonderland
Mr Fox Alice Bedding - Alice in Wonderland - queen of hearts cushion
Mr Fox Alice Bedding - Alice in Wonderland bumper

Mr Fox Alice (Alice in Wonderland) bedding.

Mr Fox Dwarves Bedding - Snow White bedding
Mr Fox Dwarves Bedding - Snow White Cushion

Mr Fox Grandma Bedding - little red riding hood
Mr Fox Grandma Bedding - little red riding hood cushion

Mr Fox Grandma (little red riding hood) bedding

Mr Fox Pumpkin Bedding - Cinderella
Mr Fox Pumpkin Bedding - Cinderella cushion

Mr Fox Pumpkin (Cinderella) bedding 

Mr Fox Little Birds bedding
Mr Fox Little birds bedding, these pillow covers are on offer at £4.99

Mr Fox Sweet Monsters Bedding - Monster Cushion
Mr Fox Sweet Monsters bedding this character shaped cushion is only £7

Emma in Bromley xx

Mr Fox Bedding on Emma in Bromley

Saturday 14 June 2014

Push Along Wooden Camper Van Baby Walker

Oh I love these! Wooden push along campers by Plan Toys and on a special offer on Zulily until 17th June 2014 

Normally £54 on offer at £37.99

I'm inclined to get the yellow one for my daughter to use instead of a dolls pram! 

Suitable for ages 10 months plus and available as a pink campervan, blue campervan or a yellow camper van!

Pink Wooden push along Campervan Camper van baby walker by plan toys
yellow Wooden push along Campervan Camper van baby walker by plan toys

blue Wooden push along Campervan Camper van baby walker by plan toys

Emma in Bromley xx

Sunday 8 June 2014

Fathers Day 2014 Gift Ideas

I have a few gift ideas to share with you for Father's Day 2014.

Make something:
Fathers Day Gift Ideas Handprint Canvas Hand print giraffe hand print captain america

1. Hand Print Canvas - for this, we picked up some small canvases widely available - ours were £1 each in the Tiger shop in Bromley. 
We took our time to practice first on paper and decided to make pictures of things that are important to the children - a giraffe hand print from Maegan - she had an imaginary pet giraffe! And Captain America from superhero obsessed Blake. We used a brush to apply the paint to the hand and then did one quick and steady print which we added details to afterwards with sharpies and finger paint giraffe spots, and a metalic star sticker for Captain America!

Decoupage Letters. Decopatch from Hobbycraft Fathers Day Gift Ideas

2. Decoupage Letters. Decopatch from Hobbycraft.
We used mâché letters (currently on a 3 for 2 offer) from hobbycraft spelling out DAD and used decopatch papers and glue also from hobbycraft to decorate the letters. This was our first attempt and there's a useful tutorial on the hobbycraft blog Maegan (age 2) joined in, she really liked ripping the paper up into lots of small pieces but I was absolutely stunned at how quickly and easily Blake (age 4) took to it, he's a natural and really enjoyed this craft - I'm so pleased we tried it, I'd never have thought of doing this with Blake - it's something I'd thought of trying myself but now I'm seeing it in a new light as a craft kids can enjoy too - Blake can't wait to go and chose an animal and new paper in hobbycraft to create some more things for when we move house next month - I think we will have quite the menagerie! 
Hobbycraft have a really useful section on their website full of great Father's Day ideas.

Limited Edition Lab Label Hex Tshirt Tee Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Grab a limited edition tee
3. House of Fraser have a great choice of tees for Father's Day, I particularly like this limited edition Lab Label Hex tee, bold skull print on so soft good quality grey marl cotton, regular fit and numbered limited edition run. House of Fraser have a plethora of delivery options including collect from store and next day delivery for a reasonable fee making sure your gift arrives in plenty of time.

The Exotic Teapot Gourmet tea steeple Gunpowder Temple Fathers Day Gift Ideas
Time for Tea
5. The Expotic Teapot have just relaunched their new website and have a fantastic collection of gourmet tea steeples - silk pyramid shaped bags. With varieties such as Gunpowder Temple or Dragon Well - with 15 different teas I'm sure you will find one to suit Dad!

Dolce Gusto Mini Me Coffee Machine Fathers Day Gift Ideas

For the coffee connoisseur 
6. A Dolce Gusto Mini Me - easy to use, packs a punch with 15 bar pressure and comes in a variety of colours with an extensive range of drinks - many many different coffees as well as chilled coffee, iced tea, mint tea and a really great hot choc to name a few! We've had one of these in our house since Christmas and it's used daily!

Red Candy Balvi 7 Shake Multi Photo frame Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Say cheese!
7. A photo frame to showcase family snaps - the Shake 7 Multi frame from Red Candy is perfect - it holds 7 (4"x6") pictures and can be hung either portrait or landscape. It's made from wood with a white finish. Red Candy is a great website jam packed with gift ideas.
8. Dr.Oetker Chocolate Guinness cake. Easy to make, moist and yummy! We've also baked this recipe in a bundt tin

Fix It Dad

Sugru fathers day idea
Sugru! Like play clay for adults! Squish it, make it, leave it to set! Use it to fix or modify everything - it's addictive!
Available from, B&Q and Wilko's
Emma in Bromley xx