Thursday 26 December 2013

Woolly and Tig app

My two little people absolutely love Woolly and Tig, did you know? A Woolly and Tig game app has just been launched and I bought it for my iPad mini (which I kindly unfortunately share with my children).
The game is all about Woolly and features the character as he appears in the TV show - he looks, sounds and moves the same.

You can chose free play where you can just simply play with woolly, make him tumble over and count etc

And there's structured play which is a lovely selection of activities to do, brushing teeth, building a snowman, applying sun cream, dressing woolly, puddle jumping and washing his face.
There's also a parental control area where you can schedule woolly for an activity and time eg set it to alert at bedtime for teeth brushing.

My children enjoy all the games and free play, with the exception of 1 part, the sun cream one - you need to pinch the screen to squeeze the cream out of a tube and both my two year old and four year old find this difficult to do and frustrating so I help out with this bit and they take over to rub in the sun cream.

Woolly and Tig App

My four year old just loves the building a snowman activity - it's really good fun, starting off with a snowball to roll and selecting features to drag and drop such as hats, eyes and arms to name a few.

My two year old really likes to make Woolly jump in rain puddles - this makes her giggle a lot and we love the details that have gone into this such as an umbrella for Woolly.

Woolly and Tig App

As the children play the game and complete activities, they earn an award certificate which I think is a lovely touch.

Recently launched for Apple devices at £2.99 in the App Store.


Emma in Bromley xx

Saturday 21 December 2013

The accident

It's the Saturday before Christmas and my lovely hubby is out and about. There's roadworks on a busy junction, Plaistow lane, Orchard road, Upper Park and Homefield are all at a gridlock causing ridiculous traffic jams and impatient drivers, it's cold and raining heavily.

We're part of the telephone preference service so we don't get telesales calls and with the use of mobile phones our house phone doesn't ring that often.

So when the house phone rang and I expected it to be hubby. It wasn't, it was a lady who said words I never want to hear "I'm calling from accident helpline, someone in your household has been in a car accident" I ran cold.

I tried to remain calm when I asked "is my husband ok?" 

It soon transpired that this was some sort of awful telesales call fishing for info.
I'm pleased to say there was no accident and everyone is ok but I'm deeply disgusted by accident helpline, not only for ignoring the TPS but for the horrible panic they caused, especially this close to Christmas.

Merry Christmas to you too, Accident Helpline.

Emma in Bromley xx

Friday 20 December 2013

Poundland Santa

I was sent a £20 poundland voucher to spend on Christmas goodies and blog about them! #poundlandsanta

When I told my hubby - his response was basically "twenty toblerones please!" 

As tempting as that was, I actually went with a little mission in mind!

You see, I'm planning to finish all my Christmas shopping before my little man's primary school finishes today - I do not at all want to be panicking, pressure shopping and taking two small people around over crowded shops! Instead I want to fill the very short bit of time from Friday to Christmas Day doing Christmassy things such as watching films, reading books, eating food and making our own decorations!

With this in mind, I headed to poundland - I thought it'd be hard to find what I wanted and spend the whole of the £20 but actually it was very easy and I could have spent that twice over!

So what did I buy?!

Toblerones! - only just 2 of them!

• Lovely Scandinavian style printed paper chains - there are 120 self adhesive strips in the pack.

• A Hello Kitty bathroom playset - this comes with a hello kitty figure, a bath, toilet and sink.

• A paint your own Christmas canvas - this comes with paint and a brush and has a printed picture.

• Two chalk boards with chalk to keep both my little people busy at the table while I'm baking Christmas goodies.

• A Pom Pom penguin to make - even comes with card circles so you can start making it straight away.

Little Miss Tiny story book. Both my little people love Mr Men and Little Miss stories and I was surprised by the wonderful choice of books.

• A Smurf activity book full of colouring in pictures and puzzles such as mazes.

Candy Canes - a box of 12 minty ones to go on our tree - except one is already missing as I just needed a taster one ;)

• A snowman wicker wreath to hang on our door.

• A pack of two colouring books with big goggly eyes - this just made me laugh and I knew my little people would find it funny too!

• I bought two make your own snow globes, my little ones can make one each and the pack comes with a choice of background pictures so they don't need to be the same.

• AA batteries! Lots of them because we all know how many new toys will come without batteries!

• AAA batteries because we all know that if I just bought AA's all the new toys will need AAA's - also a backup for the TV remote controller ha ha.

• A make your own Christmas tree - it's a foam kit that will be fun for the little people to make, lots of glitter glue fun to be had!

• A pack of Christmas Stickers - kids love stickers don't they!

One Snowy Night by Nick Butterworth - an absolute adorable little hardback book about Percy the Park Keeper.

Poundland has now become my favourite little bargain book haven! I cannot believe the wonderful choice available for children's books, lots of popular titles and authours. I was also surprised by the huge choice of chocolates in Poundland, including boxes of thorntons chocolates and snowman and snowdog goodies.

There was a second part to the poundland challenge - a special blogger secret Santa! I received a lovely shopping list notebook :) a big thank you to my secret Santa - I'm a listaholic so a fab choice!

Merry Christmas
Emma in Bromley xx

The 2013 Christmas Movie - Angels Sing

Harry Connick, Jr. Leads An All-Star Cast In This Heartwarming Christmas Tale Arriving on Digital and On Demand 30th November
Starring Harry Connick, Jr., Connie Britton, Chandler Canterbury, Lyle Lovett, Kris Krisofferson & Willie Nelson
LONDON, UNITED KINGDON, 18 November 2013 – A charming and uplifting film destined to become a holiday classic, Angels Sing arrives Digital and On Demand from Paramount Home Media Distribution. Starring Harry Connick, Jr. (Dolphin Tale, New In Town, TV’s“American  Idol”) Connie Britton (TV’s “Nashville,” TV’s “Friday Night Lights”), Chandler Canterbury (The Host), Fionnula Flanagan (The Guard, TV’s “Lost”) and GRAMMY®-winning recording artist Lyle Lovett, along with country music legend Willie Nelson and Oscar® nominee Kris Kristofferson (Best Music, Original Song Score, Songwriter, 1984) Angels Sing reminds us that a little Christmas cheer can go a long way.
Harry Connick, Jr. stars as Michael Walker, who, as a child, wished every day was Christmas, until a tragic accident crushed his holiday spirit. Thirty years later Michael still can't muster any joy for Christmas despite encouragement from his playful wife (Britton) and well intentioned parents (Kristofferson and Flanagan). But when his young son (Canterbury) faces a tragedy, Michael needs to make amends with his past. A mysterious man named Nick (Nelson) gives Michael a gift that instills in him the courage to find the Christmas joy that he lost.
An official selection at SXSW, the film is based on the popular novel by Turk Pipkin. Angels Sing is perfect for the whole family and will be available on On Demand and on digital from 30th November.
About Paramount Home Media Distribution
Paramount Home Media Distribution (PHMD) is part of Paramount Pictures Corporation (PPC), a global producer and distributor of filmed entertainment. PPC is a unit of Viacom (NASDAQ: VIAB, VIA), a leading content company with prominent and respected film, television and digital entertainment brands. The PHMD division oversees PPC’s home entertainment, digital and television distribution activities worldwide. The division is responsible for the sales, marketing and distribution of home entertainment content on behalf of Paramount Pictures, Paramount Animation, Paramount Vantage, Paramount Classics, Insurge Pictures, MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and CBS and for providing home entertainment fulfillment services for certain DreamWorks Animation Home Entertainment titles. PHMD additionally manages global licensing of studio content and distribution across worldwide digital and television distribution platforms including online, mobile and portable devices and emerging technologies.
Feature Run Time:
87 Minutes
Certificate: PG for Mild Thematic Elements and Brief

Available to download now via iTunes £7.99 in SD and £.9.99 in HD 

Thursday 19 December 2013

Parragon The Night Before Christmas

Parragon The Night Before Christmas Maegan Darcie ClementAs part of the Parragon Book Buddies, I was sent a beautiful copy of  "The Night Before Christmas", the cover is extra special because it features sparkly snow - both my little ones love the glitter detail. Little characters such as the family cat and the snowman pop up throughout the   lovely illustrations. My children (age 2 and 4) really enjoy this version of the classic poem. Maegan likes to name all the reindeer and is very curious about the cat drinking father Christmas' milk with a straw!

Parragon The Night Before Christmas Maegan Darcie Clement
Parragon The Night Before Christmas Maegan Darcie Clement
Capture the thrill of a traditional Christmas with Clement C. Moore’s treasured seasonal rhyme. Brought to life with the warm and playful artwork of Henry Fisher, this magical story is full of character and humour, and will delight children new to the story as well as parents who know it from their own childhood.

Sunday 15 December 2013

Christmas shopping with Great Gizmos

Great Gizmos Tumblekins FirestationWith only 10 sleeps to Christmas Day, everyone is looking for a bargain as well as the perfect gift for the kids in their life. Great Gizmos is here to help you with all your shopping needs for the festive period with their brand new website 
If you’re looking for an art and craft project, baby’s first toy or a cool outdoor gadget, Great Gizmos has it all and offer free shipping with any order over £10. In addition, there is even a 10% off voucher for first time users (valid until 31st January 2014) so you can save money this Christmas – just enter CPR10 at the checkout for extra savings! This site is packed full of ideas and really easy to navigate. Order now and you’ll be well in time for Christmas!
A little more about what the site is all about…
Great Gizmos 4M Make Your Own BallerinaGreat Gizmos’ introduced the brand new site in early November  The aim is to encompass what gift givers, parents or friends need whilst online shopping. The animated pages help you find that perfect gift by categorising products to make them easier to find as well as being able to search by price, gender or age so you can specifically find the right product for you. Alternatively, if you know what you are looking for then you can search via Brand, which will show everything available in that collection. Plus, each product includes a detailed description so even if you are browsing you can see exactly what is on offer.
With you’ll find a fantastic range of toys and gifts suitable for children of all ages from great brands such as 4M, NICI, PlanToys and Zoob. Whether it is activity kits, science projects, soft toys and accessories, eco-friendly wooden toys or construction sets you are looking for they provide a wealth of products so you can find that perfect gift every occasion.
So what are you waiting for, this could be the Christmas elf you’re all in need of…
Emma in Bromley xx

Saturday 14 December 2013

Ban Pink!

pink doll store shop display 2013 maegan clementYou pop into any shop selling toys these days and you will see a plethora of toys available in a colour everyone can enjoy and then some sort of hideous bubble gum pink version. For example, we were looking at a toy keyboard, it was available in Red (targeted at boys with a photo of a boy on the box) and then the same thing in Pink (for girls).

Why on earth they couldn't demonstrate red for every child to enjoy and really if the product is really really needed in a second colour, does it have to be pink?

The girls toy section is also easy to spot because the majority of toys are either pink or packaged in pink - girls are definitely not given a variety of choice in colour at all.

My four year old boy often declares that girls are ONLY allowed pink, this is NOT something he gets from me, and often gets frustrated and confused if I point out that girls are allowed to like other colours. His confusion comes from the sheer amount of pink in the girls sections in stores. "But mummy, everything is pink in the girls bit"

I do not like pink, I feel the colour is forced on girls from a young age and I feel that the mass of pink (and only pink) toys targeted at girls is horrendous, there's not much opportunity for a girl to like other colours.

Same applies to clothes too - the majority are all various miss-match shades of pink, It's near impossible to find matching pinks even within the same shops!

pink barbie store shop display 2013 maegan clementWhich leads me on to Barbie ...(I was a Sindy fan as a kid) Barbie seems to be more and more "pink" even her caravan is pink (I'm sure it was yellow back in the 80's) - Heck, there was even a Barbie horse in white and pink! ... but its not just the pink overkill that puts me off letting my daughter have a Barbie - it's simply that this product is targeted at young girls and currently advertising on Nick Jr (a channel dedicated to PRESCHOOLERS, and also one I happen to love.) my 2 year old daughter gets to see adverts for tat like the Barbie nail bar - stick on nails, nail varnish and such all being advertised specifically at girls aged under 5 - really? false nails for toddlers? that seems like a really bright idea! Joining the club on the inappropriate make up front is that awful shoe brand full of adverts with swarky voices and always with free make up - since when has it been OK to give make up to preschoolers when they buy their shoes?! 
When I pointed out to my husband the inappropriate nature of the product considering that 1. This was being advertised on a channel dedicated to under 5's and 2. That Barbie is for young girls  - far far too young for make up!... Husband wondered how I'd missed the Barbie augmented reality make up counter that means that really young girls will be encouraged to apply make up and use iPads ... Aimed at girls age 3 plus - am I the only one who thinks we should NOT be objectifying our 3 year old daughters and that they are too young for make up Augmented or not!

I do joke about banning pink and I do try and discourage pink for my 2 year old little girl, I always politely request no pink in gifts (ALWAYS ignored!) but I don't mind the odd bit of pink here and there, what I do very much mind is the ridiculous current pink overkill and companies such as Barbie and targeting make-up at preschool girls. If Barbie and Lelli Kelly et al want to advertise it's products between episodes of Peppa Pig on channels especially for toddlers - perhaps they could make their product a little more responsibly and appropriate for the age they are targeting? Just a thought!

I'd like to think I'm not a minority here but given how popular things like Barbie are, perhaps it's a sad state of affairs where the majority of people are ok with make up for toddlers and preschoolers and girls ONLY being allowed pink!

#banpink the world is a very colourful place to be :-) 

Emma in Bromley xx

Thursday 12 December 2013

Christmas Gift Guide - Adults

Gift Guides for Adults

Naimakka paracord bracelets

1. Naimakka Paracord bracelet 
These are awesome handmade bracelets made from various parachute cords - my husband has a few of them! 
Paracord was originally used as suspension lines in the parachutes of US paratroopers during World War II. In fact, Paracord is so reliable and durable that astronauts have used it to make repairs to the Hubble Space Telescope.
Available in a choice of designs and many colours for men and women.

Camila Prada

2. Camila Prada 
Sweet Mommy sugar dispenser - I love everything by Camila Prada and how lovely is this! You should have a browse through at some of the adorable storage jars £30

Dolce Gusto Mini Me

3. The new Dolce Gusto Mini Me
Powerful space saving coffee machine available in a choice of colours. I love the cherry red one.
The NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® Mini Me is available nationwide priced at RRP £99.00. NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® Pods are available from supermarkets and, priced from RRP £3.68 for up to 16 cups. For stockist enquiries please call 0800 707 6066 or visit

The Exotic Teapot

4. The Exotic Teapot flowering tea
I reviewed this before and it's something I've gifted to my Nana - very pretty and unusual high quality tea, handmade flowering blossoms look fantastic opening out in glass teapots!

Joules Puck Onesie

5. The Joules Puck Onesie
If you're going to do a Onesie, it has to be in style! Love the attention to detail Joules have put into theirs - a shirred elastic back so that it fits your shape! 3 lovely prints to chose from £39.95

sony cybershot qx10

6. Sony Cybershot QX10
This little wireless clip on 18 megapixel camera lens fits onto your smartphone turning it into a 10x optical zoom super duper gadget zoned digital camera :) 

Red Ted Art Craft Book

7. Red Ted Art Craft Book
A must have for all parents with young children - plenty of rainy day ideas and simple crafty things you never thought of!

Ruby and Ed Slippers

8. Gold Brocade Bow Slippers
This brocade ballerina is a statement slipper featuring a shimmering jacquard outer and oversized bow on the toe. Lined with stone faux fur and synthetic suede sole. £39

Superhero salt and pepper shakers batman robin wonder woman superman

9. Superhero Salt and Pepper Shakers!
Your meal just got a savory boost from this DC Comics superhero salt and pepper shaker set! Retro versions of each character arrive in two ceramic pairs - Superman beside Wonder Woman and Batman next to his sidekick Robin - ready to rescue you from a bland meal. A magnet upon each shaker's side keeps this fierce foursome posed in a row, empowering you to flavor your food to your taste buds’ preferences! $22.99

Matryoshka (Russian doll) Carafe

10. Matryoshka (Russian doll) Carafe
I absolutely adore this glass carafe with the lift off head for sipping water from! $22.99

Agent Provocateur Whip Me Stockings and hold ups

11. And for something naughty ;)
Agent Provocateur seamed hold ups and stockings available too - with a "whip me" seam!

Merry Christmas!

Emma in Bromley xx

Wednesday 11 December 2013

How to Look After Children on Holiday

Splash AboutHow to Look After Children on Holiday

For parents who take their children on holiday, preparing carefully beforehand and staying extra vigilant whilst away becomes more important than usual. Youngsters will obviously be excited about the trip but this may make them harder to control and keep entertained. Afterall, a holiday should help you relax rather than stress you out even further.To help you out, here are some considerations to think about:

Consider which Type of Holiday is Best
Before booking the holiday, think of which location will be most suitable for your children, their ages and interestsFor example, babies and infants may not cope well with theextensive travel involved with foreign holidays, especially long-haul flights. A domestic trip would perhaps be more appropriate in this sense. Also consider the conditions you will face whilst away; children may not relish extremely hot or freezing cold climates for instance.

Choose the Location Wisely
Holidaying with children will be made much easier if they have activities and entertainment awaiting them. Naturally, many cultural landmarks such as museums and art galleriesmay be impressive you but are likely to not interest youngerkids sufficiently. Research the more fun-filled activitiesbeforehand and find out if there are such attractions as theme parks, water parks or crazy golf centres in the surrounding vicinity to your accommodation.

Provide Entertainment for the Trip
Long journey’s to the airport, on the plane and to your holiday accommodation can be extremely boring and frustrating for youngsters. Babies and infants need constant attention which can add to the stress of the journey. As a way to reduce this, think about taking your child’s favourite toys, colouring books and card games as a way to occupy them. For older children, electronic devices as smartphones, mp3 players and tablets can provide all the entertainment they need for long trips.

Consider the Accommodation
Some hotels will accommodate children better than others so research into this before making a final booking. For example, hotels with large swimming pools, restaurants and in-house amusements can keep children occupied whilst you spend time relaxing. Alternatively, look into the potential of renting a villa for the holiday; they can make it easier to keep an eye on the kids whilst also provide you all with separate rooms.

Take the Appropriate Equipment
Remember that you will be responsible for packing your child’s suitcase as well as your own. Along with the crucial passport and tickets, remember such items as sun cream, sunglasses and any required medicines. As noted earlier, taking electronic devices is a smart way to keep them occupied along with books, magazines and cameras. For babies, it is important to pack swim nappieslike those available from Splash Aboutif you wish to take them into a swimming pool or the sea.

When it comes to taking children on holiday, remember to prepare carefully beforehand in terms of picking the right location and accommodation. This will make the holiday less stressful for you whilst out there. Provide entertainment for the trip and also ensure your children have enough food and drink to get them through long journeys.

Read more

Find further information on the following links:

* This is a guest post from Splash About 

Emma in Bromley xx

Sunday 8 December 2013

Christmas Gift Guides 2013 - Teenagers

Gift Guide for Teenagers
Christmas Gift Guides - Teenagers, veronica roth, will hill,  wrappz, poodle USB

1. Veronica Roth Divergent trilogy of books  
The story will be a major movie in 2014 and the books are absolutely gripping - I've read them all! Futuristic "end of the world" aftermath fight for survival and the truth! all based around a super 16 year old female hero, Tris. Suitable for Girls and Boys £21.65
custom phone/tablet case.
Either chose a voucher so they can design and create their own case or make one for them. I've ordered a iPhone case from them.  Suitable for Girls and Boys About £20

3. Will Hill Department 19 books
Teenage boy Jamie Carpenter is vampire hunter for a top secret government department - the book makes many references and inspiration to the original Dracula classic. Suitable for Girls and Boys Currently £6.65

4. USB hubpoodle
Finally, a faithful companion for your computer! Simply plug this Hubpoodle into your computer for four more handy USB points.Suitable for Girls £14.50

Christmas Gift Guides - Teenagers, anna lou of london, hashtag necklace, the people shop, pick punch

5. Personalised Hashtag or Twitter name necklace by Anna Lou of London. Chose from Gold, rose gold or silver, a choice of chain lengths and either a # or @ before your personalisation. Suitable for Girls £48

6. Holly Smale - Geek Girl
Great for any teenage girl -this is a great comedy story with the lesson of being true to yourself :) book 2 Model Misfit is also available. Suitable for Girls Currently £3.85 each on Amazon (A Bargain!)

7. Countryside Hand Cut Acrylic necklace, lovely bright colours with sweet little details. Suitable for Girls £22

8. Pick Punch
The original plectrum maker £19.99
The Pick Punch is a device that enables you to create a perfectly shaped guitar pick out of any old plastic material!
 From old credit cards and gift vouchers to milk cartons and butter tubs! Suitable for Girls and Boys who play guitar.

Merry Christmas

Emma in Bromley xx