Saturday 21 December 2013

The accident

It's the Saturday before Christmas and my lovely hubby is out and about. There's roadworks on a busy junction, Plaistow lane, Orchard road, Upper Park and Homefield are all at a gridlock causing ridiculous traffic jams and impatient drivers, it's cold and raining heavily.

We're part of the telephone preference service so we don't get telesales calls and with the use of mobile phones our house phone doesn't ring that often.

So when the house phone rang and I expected it to be hubby. It wasn't, it was a lady who said words I never want to hear "I'm calling from accident helpline, someone in your household has been in a car accident" I ran cold.

I tried to remain calm when I asked "is my husband ok?" 

It soon transpired that this was some sort of awful telesales call fishing for info.
I'm pleased to say there was no accident and everyone is ok but I'm deeply disgusted by accident helpline, not only for ignoring the TPS but for the horrible panic they caused, especially this close to Christmas.

Merry Christmas to you too, Accident Helpline.

Emma in Bromley xx

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