Monday 21 June 2010

New baby clothes shop in The Glades - Little legs

I don't wonder down that little extra bit in the Glades very often - you know, that little extra arcade of shops underneath waterstones - especially now The Pier has gone - there's rarely a need to wonder down - but yesterday I did and I spotted a new baby clothes shop called Little Legs. 

Little Legs has been there for 6 weeks already so I'm surprised nobody has mentioned it - considering how many local mums I know! It's got a lovely mixture of trendy brands such as No Added Sugar and Mexx and has a mix of newborn clothes up to about 3 years old. 

Monday 14 June 2010

The campaign for a birth centre at PRUH Princess Royal University Hospital Farnborough Bromley

The Bromley and Chislehurst NCT branch brought the current campaign to my attention and it's something I feel the PRUH needs - a birthing centre located inside the PRUH would be perfect for so many Bromley mums to be. A birthing centre allows a more relaxed home from home environment, more choices and lower medical intervention whilst still benefiting from the excellent medical expertise available at the PRUH.
I gave birth to my gorgeous Son almost a year ago at the PRUH - I had wanted a home birth but because I have a long term medical history ( I have just the one kidney!) I had been advised to have a hospital birth ( and ended up really needing one too!) for me it was catch 22 - because of my history, I'm actually terrified of hospitals! A birthing centre would have been most welcomed by me!

Here is the NCT Campaign - please show your support - it's only a quick email :-)

Wednesday 9 June 2010

Gymboree in Bromley free open play session

I first reviewed Gymboree in Bromley last August but since then there have been a few changes so I thought it was time to review again!

As part of the Glades Mummy Monday club, you can claim a free play session at Gymboree - so that's what we went along too!

It's important to know that the enterance to Gymboree is actually outside the Glades - Between Boots and the Church hall.

Theres a really nice looking cafe area and the toilets have got plenty of room for buggies/ baby changing etc... and there is a secure buggy park.

Tuesday 8 June 2010

Fox attacks on babies, children and everyone!

Yesterday's news reported about nine-month-old twins, Isabella and Lola Koupparis, who were attacked by a fox as they were asleep in their cots. It seems that everyone has now gone crazy responding to this story - so yes! I am also going to put my opinion out there too as its something that feels close to home for me.

I grew up in the north west of England - just half an hour away from Lake Windermere so I'm more than aware of the countryside, the first time I saw a fox was in the woods. It was beautiful - absolutely glossy reddy brown with pure white patches, exactly as a fox should be, it was very shy and timmid and ran away!

When I moved to London, and saw my first urban fox - I had to do a double take! I didn't recognise it as a fox at first - it was dirty, manky, scrawny and smelly and had no fear of being near me! I will never forget the first time I heard a fox in the night - it was the most horrific and terrifying thing I think I've ever heard - It sounded like someone was being murdered, if I someone else in my student flat hadn't told me what the hell it was, I would have called the police!