Monday 29 August 2016

Back To School - Last Min Dash

Oh My Gosh! I can't believe the summer holidays! The first part seemed to consist of lots and lots (and lots) of tantrums and made me feel like a complete and utter failure, no matter what I tried, this time round, I am just not enough to entertain both my children - my usual fail safes didn't work and I felt daunted by the prospect of the whole summer - where before schools out, I couldn't wait for it all to begin! But then as we picked up the pace and conquered the battles we started to really enjoy the holidays and I didn't end the day sat on the bathroom floor in tears feeling like a failure anymore - we were on fire! ... but with all the fun came the denial of the inevitable school supplies shopping trips and the weeks went from dragging to flying - so here is my last min dash list!

Wilko gold note book, glitter pencil case, star wars note book, r2d2 sounds pencil case
The best stationery - Wilko's - (totally saved me!) Metallic gold note book with gold glitter pencil case, Storm Trooper note book with an R2D2 pencil case that makes sounds - oh yes! - hero product! 

CamelBak water bottle in Unicorn and Iguana and Aladdin insulated food container
New water bottles by CamelBak - these are of super quality and really last well - and the rubber spouts are replaceable! Meg went for their new Unicorn print whilst Blake picked out the Iguana!
We've also opted for Heat retaining Insulated Aladdin Easy-Keep lid food container - Meg made me test these out with porridge! - No leakage and was still hot hours later!

School Days Lottie Doll  and Mr Men Multi Vitamin
Everyone who knows me knows how much I rave about Lottie dolls - I love the pro girl messages - right down to the Suffrage ribbon on the boxes to the modelled on a real life 9 year old body image to the diverse choice of skin and hair tones. Gotta love the School Days Lottie - perfect for all the new starters or for those nervous about going back - I'm secretly hiding her until parents evening before the october break and hoping that Maegan gets a glowing report! I know she's going to love this one!

And of course my list had to include a good multi vitamin - these Mr Men and Little Miss ones from Superdrug will hopefully help ward off all the inevitable cold and flu bugs that come with the start of the autumn term. They're like squishy strawberry gummy sweets so there is no fuss at all getting the kids to take one!

What are your last min dashes or must haves? 

Disclaimer: This article contains some items provided for the sole purpose of the article, some are my own purchases, they are all items I would recommend whole heartedly  - all thoughts, opinions, photos and link choices are my very own. 

Monday 15 August 2016

Olympic Nails - What do Olympic Athletes Have to Say About Jamberry Wraps?

Jamberry on Olympians!

Have you seen these beautiful nail wraps from Jamberry -easy peasy to apply yourself at home with a hairdryer (or better yet, a Jamberry mini heater!) they last for 2 weeks on fingers (a month on toes!) have a free from nasties formular, gluten free and vegan friendly!

As worn by actual real Olympic athletes competing right now in Rio!

Courtney Hurley - Fencing

Courtney Hurley wearing Jamberry - Jamberry Olympic Athletes
Courtney Hurley wearing Jamberry - Jamberry Olympic Athletes

And her Sister Kelley Hurley too - Fencing

Kelley Hurley wearing Jamberry - Jamberry Olympic Athletes
Kelley Hurley wearing Jamberry - Jamberry Olympic Athletes
Kelley and Courtney Hurley wearing Jamberry - Jamberry Olympic Athletes

Anna Meares - Sprint (cyclist) 

Jamberry wraps and her medal! 
Anna Meares wearing Jamberry - Jamberry Olympic Athletes

The Australian Swim Team!
Australian Swim Team wearing Jamberry - Jamberry Olympic Athletes
Australian Swim Team wearing Jamberry - Jamberry Olympic Athletes

Hope to spot some more nail wraps on olympic athletes to share with you!

In the meantime, I'd love for you to have a browse and let me know which wraps you love - over 300 designs to select from, and each pack comes with enough nail wraps to do 2 full manicures, 2 full pedicures with plenty of left overs for accent nails!

Available now in the UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Coming soon to Mexico. 

Emma xx