Monday 7 December 2020

Outdoor Sparkles

 This winter season more than ever, we need extra sparkles and I know every single time we see a house with festive lights, it puts a miles on our faces. 

Koopower Solar Fairy Lights

I really wanted to add a little sparkle to our garden, I'm a keen advocate of solar energy and used it as an opportunity to wrap one of our trees in a set of fairy lights - 100 led solar fairy lights set on a copper wire gifted to me from Koopower to be exact. The ones I used have different settings for various flashing and twinkling or a solid light. 

Some solar lights come with a back up battery source so they can run off a standard AA battery if its been a dull day and the solar panel hasn't charged enough. 

Koopower Solar Fairy Lights
The first evening I had these set up, they were lit from dusk at about 4.30pm until 10pm and they were amazing but since then, we are lucky if the lights stay lit for 90 minutes - the solar panel is in the brightest part of my garden but I think this must be the realistic expectation for December in the UK.

They're very pretty and I'm keen to see them perform on sunnier days in warmer seasons - I might just add a reserve AA battery for December as festive lights really do make everyone feel happy!

Have you tried any solar garden lights this festive season?

Emma x

Disclaimer: This article contains gifted solar lights for the sole purpose of this piece.

Wednesday 2 December 2020

Stocking Fillers 2020 - The Perfect Stocking Recipe

Coming up with unique stocking fillers can be challenging at the best of times, but lockdown, different tiers and isolation is making it just a little harder.

Under usual circumstances you would probably be picking up a little item here or there with other shopping and with most stocking fillers tending to be a lower value item, it can sometimes be hard to justify the postage for just stocking filler gifts so this year I think we are all going to need to be a little savvy in our approach. 

Remembering that stocking fillers are just a little added fun and not the main gift so there's no need to go crazy but at the same time I think Christmas 2020 is going to be all about the little things - so no pressure!

I find the best method is to pick an item from a few of the categories I think mean the most to the recipient - flowing and combining feelings like a little recipe of Christmas love!

The Perfect Stocking Recipe

A Moment of "Me Time' - it's all about a great big dollop of self care. 

Smile Factor - a spoonful of something to induce the giggles.

Spark Joy - add a dash of glitter, sparkle and joy. (not to be confused with thanking your items before donation)

Just for Them - blend it into something personal.

Foodie - there just has to be an edible element.

Keep it Handy - a pinch of something useful.

For the Planet - remembering our home, something eco friendly or a gift that gives back. 

Inspiration Section:

Neom travel size candle in Real Luxury - Scent to De-Stress is just a magical scent. like a big deep breath and a hug all in one. (plus, there's no artificial head ache inducing scent - just pure essential oil goodness)

Candle - Stocking Fillers 2020 - Emma in Bromley

L'Occitane Hand Cream suitable for everyone, this is a decent, repairing cream to combat the drying side effect of hand gels, cold weather and heating!

Hand Cream - Stocking Fillers 2020 - Emma in Bromley

Worry Eater - an absolute game changer for little ones, even more so with the curve balls the world is throwing right now. 

Worry Eater - Stocking Fillers 2020 - Emma in Bromley

PLAYin CHOC - Think eco-friendly, sustainable, vegan alternative to a kinder egg - Cardboard themed play cube filled with two really tasty cruelty free chocolates, a fact card and a thick card toy to build. Themes range from Christmas to Animals and Dinosaurs - enjoyed by everyone. 

PLAYin CHOC vegan alternative to a kinder egg

Guy Martin Proper belt made from rescued RAF firehose - Handmade in the UK using retired RAF Fire hose, rescued from going to landfill.

Belt made from reclaimed Firehose for Guy Martin Proper

Hey Pots, the sweetest little personalised handmade plant pot - you can choose from so many designs to be laser etched on alongside your personalised message with a choice of plants or vegan candles from such a lovely sustainable gifting company. 
Hey Pots Personalised plant gift - sustainable gift

Carfume - premium fragrance designed for your car, presented in a luxury painted and wooden bottle. Lots of fragrances to choose from, including leading perfumes and scents such as Sauvage. 

Carfume  - premium car fragrance

Lego NutCracker Brickheadz 112 something fun to create for the festive season. 
Lego Nutcracker
Merry Christmas Everyone! 

Emma x

Disclaimer: There are affiliate links within this article and some items in this piece are gifted.