Tuesday 30 September 2014

Haynes Women’s Car DIY Manual - Caroline Lake

“Women shouldn’t be scared to take their car for a service” – female mechanic speaks out against sexist treatment

Haynes Women’s Car DIY Manual - Caroline Lake
A female mechanic has spoken out against the “patronising and intimidating” treatment of women in garages and hopes that her new book, the Haynes Women’s Car DIY Manual will help more women to develop an understanding of car maintenance.
Caroline Lake who runs Caroline’s Cars in Norfolk and delivers regular workshops for men and women says:
“Women shouldn’t be scared to take their car for a service, but the patronising and intimidating environment of many garages makes them an uncomfortable place for women to be.
Caroline Lake“Men make up around 99% of staff and will often use jargon that can make women feel uncomfortable, so they are understandably keen to get out as quickly as possible and don’t feel in control of the decisions they make, which can prove costly.
“We’ve all heard stories of garages pouncing on this vulnerability and charging women more because they know they can get away with it and those sorts of practices have to stop.
“I want this book to not only give women the power to make educated and informed decisions about their cars, but to also get their hands dirty and get under the bonnet.
“Cars aren’t rocket science and it is about time that women realised that they have all the necessary skills to do it well, but they are discouraged from entering the profession.
“I had to work for four years as an unpaid tea girl before I was given the chance towork  under the bonnet, and I was only the sixth woman to qualify as an MoT tester in the UK back in 2003, so I’m hoping my book can start a revolution and change attitudes in the industry.”
Caroline LakeThe Haynes Women’s Car DIY Manual provides advice on all areas of owning, maintaining and caring for your car, with colour step-by-step photos showing how to carry out general procedures. It also explains what goes on with servicing andMoTs, showing you how to save money and learn more about your car by tackling some of the jobs yourself, and providing you with the knowledge and confidence to deal with your local garage.
This essential guide for girls provides you with all you need to know to look after your car and keep it in tip-top condition, including:
·         Know your car – a jargon-free overview of all the parts, and how it all works
·         Tools and equipment – what you really need
·         Routine checks and maintenance – fluid levels, tyres, wiper blades, bulbs
·         Servicing – service schedules, changing oil and filters (oil, air, pollen) and spark plugs, advice on cam belts and garage servicing
·         MoT test – what happens during the test and how to prepare for it
·         Problems – warning lights, noises, fluid leaks, starting problems, smoke, smells, changing wheels, accidents and breakdowns
·         Cleaning – interior, exterior, scratches and chips
·         Paperwork – insurance, MoT, car tax, log book, service record, buying and selling a car

Haynes Women’s Car DIY Manual
Published by Haynes Manuals
Published on 4th September 2014
ISBN: 9780857334077
RRP: £21.99

Emma in Bromley xx

Monday 29 September 2014

Whats Inside our Doctober Doc Mcstuffins Twitter Party Box?

Our very exciting Doctober Doc Mcstuffins party box arrived ready for the twitter party (I'm one of the hosts) on Thursday - please make sure you join us for the main event between 4 and 6pm #Doctober

Here's a look at what was inside the party box!

Doctober Doc Mcstuffins Twitter Party Box #doctober

• Invitations.

• Party table supplies - plastic cups, napkins, straws, paper plates and a table cloth.

Doctober Doc Mcstuffins Twitter Party Box #doctober party table supplies

• A CAKE!!!! - I've already hidden it - it's only chance of making it to the party!

Doctober Doc Mcstuffins Twitter Party Box #doctober cake

• Doc Mcstuffins magazines

Doctober Doc Mcstuffins Twitter Party Box #doctober magazine

• Activity packs full of mini pencils, activity booklets and stickers.

Doc Mcstuffins Mini Doodler #doctober

• Party bags

• Posters

• Stick the Plaster party game

Stick the Plaster Party Game #doctober

• colouring in sheets

• Party food ideas

• Mini fruit cutters

• Raisins 

Sticker Scratcherz #doctober

Doc Mcstuffins Carry along clinic #doctober

Doc Mcstuffins Doctor's bag set #doctober

Doc Mcstuffins Role Play Set #doctober

• Walk n Talk Doc Mobile - more about this wonderful toy will follow in a separate blog post! 
Doc Mcstuffins Walk n Talk Doc Mobile #doctober

I can't wait for the party!

Thursday (2nd october) between 4 and 6pm I am hosting a Doc McStuffins twitter party #Doctober 
Please follow me @beachpebble and @DisneyJuniorUK and @UKMumstv on Twitter - Make sure you use the hashtag #Doctober in your tweets and you could win prizes as well as having some fun :)

Emma in Bromley xx

Friday 26 September 2014

Mumkind Pregnancy Nutrition Brand

Mumkind pregnancy nutrition
Mumkind are a new pregnancy nutrition brand designed specifically for mums-to-be and busy new super mums. Products include flavoured water enhancers, nutrition bars, including gorgeous chocolate! and Ginger Me Baby lozenges, which are available in over 300 Sainsbury’s branches and Amazon online. 

During pregnancy the focus is usually on the baby, and not the mother and her needs. This is where Mumkind aim to make a difference their focus is to make sure that pregnant women get their nutrition from food rather than tablets.

Having several pregnant friends and a pregnant sister, I shared out some of the water drops and ginger lozenges. 

Mumkind Water our Way

The "Water Our Way" flavoured water enhancer tastes lovely, it's a fruity "mixed berry" flavour and you'd never guess it was hiding a blend of B vitamins - to combat fatigue, it's a small bottle (with 10 servings) so it's really handy -  handbag size! but for me, the only drawback is that it contains artificial sweeteners, something I try to avoid. 

Mumkind Ginger Me Baby

The "Ginger Me Baby" soothing Ginger and Chamomile lozenges -in plain wrappers - helped ease a friend's morning sickness everytime she felt a bout coming on - infact she kept some by the bed so she could have one before the sickness had a chance to sneak up on her! - also worth noting is that the clever tub the lozenges come in is reusable, food grade microwave and freezer proof - we used one to make frozen yoghurt!

The range also includes products such as Mumkind "Night Night Baby" a luxurious hot drink and Mumkind "bump to baby enhancement bars" delicious pregnancy nutrition bars.

I'd like to point out that I'm not pregnant, I just wanted to share these lovely new products with you, anything helping to promote healthy pregnancy is welcome here, and anything that may help morning sickness is worth a try - getting through that stage is tough! - I wrote about morning sickness here :-)

Emma in Bromley xx

Thursday 25 September 2014

Vita Coco Kids Coconut Water

I was sent a crate of new Vita Coco kids coconut water drinks to try and to share out and I'm pleased to say both flavours are a hit and so delicious, it wasn't just kids drinking them! 

Vita Coco Kids Coconut Water

"Vita Coco Kids" from Vita Coco, its a naturally fruit-flavoured coconut water, to help kids stay happy healthy and hydrated throughout the day. 

It has around 20% less sugar and less calories than other leading UK chilled kids' drinks, these cartons are also bursting with goodness from naturally occurring potassium which helps to keep the little ones energised, focused and hydrated from the classroom to the playground.

Available in two delicious flavours; apple and blackcurrant, and tropical mango and pineapple. Vita Coco Kids is made from coconut water blended with natural fruit flavourings and water, with no added colourings or preservatives, making it a natural source of hydration for children.

Twitter @vitacocokidsuk
Instagram @vitacocokidsuk

Emma in Bromley xx

Wednesday 24 September 2014

Doctober! Doc Mcstuffins Twitter Party

I'm pleased to announce that I'm a host for the Doc Mcstuffins #Doctober twitter party happening on Thursday 2nd October from 4pm until 6pm on behalf of Flair Plc and UKMums.tv 

Emma in BromleyDoc Mcstuffins Twitter Party Host for Doctober

During the party there will be online spot competitions and more fun and games to take part in, so make sure your laptop, PC or smart device is ready to go as the party starts. Remember, anything you tweet between now and then should have the #Doctober hashtag please tag @DisneyJuniorUK and/or myself @beachpebble 

Please visit DisneyJunior.co.uk for more fun Doc Mcstuffins activities and games.

Emma in Bromley xx

Tuesday 23 September 2014

Father Christmas World - Royal Tunbridge Wells

I recently spotted a poster in the local shopping centre (intu Bromley - formerly known as the Glades) and it piqued my interest, it looks magical and mysterious - and it is! 

Father Christmas World Poster

The Poster is for Father Christmas World which is located at Salomons Estate, Broomhill Road, Southborough, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent and tickets are already on sale.

Let me share some more information with you about Father Christmas World because I'm really excited about it and I'm really pleased to have been selected as a Father Christmas World Official Blogger!

Take the most magical journey of them all: visit Father Christmas World
Father Christmas World - Polar Bear 
Imagine a wonderful, magical, icy world where Father Christmas and his elves live and work. With snow covering the ground and giant polar bears to snuggle up to, this is the stuff children’s dreams are made of. Except it isn’t a dream.
Set in the grounds of a beautiful country estate just outside Royal Tunbridge Wells, Father Christmas World is a brand new experience for children and adults alike. Opening its doors from mid-November until the end of December, families will have the chance to experience this very special and unique adventure.
Starting with a ride on the Tinsel Train, the journey through Father Christmas World begins at the Welcome Show, a chance to meet Grumpy the Elf and Charlie the Dog, who might teach you a word or two of Elvish if you’re lucky. Then it’s on to the Giant Igloo, with 60 snowmen to decorate using our special dressing up boxes.  Your next stop is the Adelfie Theatre where you’ll help Adelf find her lost presents.  Now it’s into the Ice Cave to meet the lifelike polar bear and cubs. Then there’s a chance to head into the giant Snow Globe for festive family pictures and a Snow Dome with real snow. The journey ends meeting Father Christmas himself!
Father Christmas World - Polar Bear

Set to become the UK’s number one Christmas attraction, Father Christmas World promises amazing theatrical features and life-size animatronics, which will enthral children during the most magical time of the year. Elves and Elf helpers will help make dreams come true. Let the magic begin.
To book tickets visit www.fatherchristmasworld.co.uk or call 0800 0850020.
Father Christmas World Map

I'm a Father Christmas World Official Blogger - looking forward to sharing more with you shortly! 

Emma in Bromley xx

Father Christmas World Official Mummy Blogger

A recent decision by the local planning committee has meant that Father Christmas World will no longer be opening in 2014.

Monday 22 September 2014

Waste Less Live More Week 2014

September 22nd to 28th is Waste Less Live More week #wllm14 and with a little encouragement from the lovely people at Sugru - to celebrate they launched this brilliant video and inspired me to do a little repair job i'd been putting off! 

My daughter has the most beautiful little wooden dolls pram which she's had for almost two years - we bought it for her first Christmas, however it was climbed in a few too many times by both Meg and her big brother and the obvious happened - it broke but I was surprised at how much and how dangerously it broke for a kids toy and I'm pleased to say nobody (child or dolly) was hurt! It's been hiding in the garage for months waiting for a little TLC!
Moover broken wooden toy pram repair - Sugru #wllm14

The Moover (comes in red or natural) at £70 it's not really one you can pop out and replace, I didn't really want to see it in a landfill and so I decided to have a go at fixing it - it's got to be worth trying hasn't it!
Moover broken wooden toy pram repair - Sugru #wllm14

I used lots of wood glue and gently eased as much of the wood back into the grooves as possible and left it to set. I used a good old wet wipe to clean up the excess glue.
Moover broken wooden toy pram repair - Sugru #wllm14

Then I used wood glue to try and stick the cracks back together - this was tricky so I used a bit of duct tape to help hold it.
Moover broken wooden toy pram repair - Sugru #wllm14

I used decoupage glue and wrapping paper to cover the whole of the pram base to try and disguise and strengthen the cracks, I broke the rules and did not cut my paper into small pieces - instead I used large pieces of the wrapping paper because Meg wanted to use the woodland animals paper she'd found in the shop. 

Moover broken wooden toy pram repair - Sugru #wllm14

Needless to say, the paper area is massively creased and messy - it bugs me, but Maegan loves it! For a neater finish I'd suggest either plain, polka dot or gingham paper and decopatch it properly. I turned the direction of the print so that it was the correct way up when looking from the front or back. 

Moover broken wooden toy pram repair - Sugru #wllm14

I also stuck a layer of the same wrapping paper inside the pram with decopauge glue.
Moover broken wooden toy pram repair - Sugru #wllm14

I coated both sides in a layer of decopauge glue as well as a final "varnish" layer in wood glue for strength,
Moover broken wooden toy pram repair - Sugru #wllm14

Leave the whole lot to set for at least 24hours then enjoy!
Moover broken wooden toy pram repair - Sugru #wllm14

What did I buy? Wood glue from Wilko's for £2.50. Woodland animal wrapping paper £1 from Wilko's and decoupage glue £3 from Tiger Stores. 
Moover broken wooden toy pram repair - Sugru #wllm14
Moover broken wooden toy pram repair - Sugru #wllm14

One of my favourite "fix it" items has to be Sugru - it's like playdoh for parents ha ha - it's helped me to fix quite a few toys and is now one of my tool kit items.

Sugru have a lovely video for #wllm14 celebrating everyday stuff!  - 60% of household appliances thrown away could have been saved - so how about a little bit of TLC, reimagining or fixing! Check out the Sugru - Love your stuff page for some brilliant ideas - don't throw it away, throw a party instead! http://loveyourstuff.sugru.com

Waste less, Live more Week (22-28 Sept) is Keep Britain Tidy’s annual awareness week which this year will bring together people and organisations who plan to host a week of events around the 2014 theme - Be Resourceful.

Moover broken wooden toy pram repair - Sugru #wllm14
Emma in Bromley x

Wednesday 10 September 2014

New DNA Breakthrough names Jack the Ripper as Aaron Kosminski

The true identity of Jack the Ripper has never been solved, however I came across this article today 
The article discusses how new DNA testing has proved that a shawl bought at auction by  Russell Edwards believed to have been found alongside one of the Ripper victims, Catherine Eddowes has DNA evidence of the blood of the victim and semen and a cell from one of the key suspects. The one suspect the investigating officer at the time believed to have been the murderer - Aaron Kosminski.
The victim in question was in such financial hardship that she pawned her shoes the day before she was murdered and that the shawl found with her body was expensive, beautiful and of the same origin as the suspect so it is fair to assume that the shawl was left with her by the murderer - the man who's DNA was on it alongside her blood... and lets be honest here, if the semen had been left on the shawl at an earlier date, she would have most likely cleaned it off!
I find the whole story fascinating and can't believe that the DNA evidence had survived so long - it's amazing what forensic advances we can achieve. Has one of our greatest mysteries finally been solved? The identity of Jack the Ripper - I think so - do you?

Emma in Bromley xx
(Twitter @beachpebble) 

Tuesday 9 September 2014

The One Where Pinterest Noticed Me as a Pinning Super Star!

Its no secret that I love Pinterest, I really do, I'd go as far as to say addicted ... really! 
I find myself pinning loads of wonderful ideas all the time and we moved into our "forever home" in July so I'm really keen to find some time to explore some of the ideas I've pinned - as with most mums, I'd say the boards for my kids are the ones I use most. My pin boards are pretty much all about family and home - whether it be about cake, home decorating, photography, creating a fairy garden or handy tips with a teeny bit of fashion, online marketing and blog hints thrown in - not to forget the secret boards for all my birthday and Christmas shopping!

I was absolutely over the moon to get an email from Pinterest identifying me as a "Pinning super star" there was just something lovely about being noticed for all my hard pinning!

Emma Clement, Emma in Bromley, Beachpebble Pinterest Pinning Super star

Are you on Pinterest too? 


Emma in Bromley xx
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*PS. apologies for the boasting xx

Saturday 6 September 2014

Bravery Boxes Childhood Cancer Charity launches Dial a Smile Campaign

September marks national childhood cancer month, and Bravery Boxes are launching a new appeal called #DialaSmile, asking people to share a selfie of themselves smiling - the cheesier the better- and  donate just £2 to Bravery Boxes by texting GRIN02 £2 to 70070 Such a small amount really goes a long way and could buy enough small pocket money toys to reward 4 children for their bravery in hospital.  So your smile can turn into 4 more...

Bravery Boxes

Bravery Boxes aim is to have a reward box in every children's oncology ward in the country.
I really hope you can help spread the word and encourage your friends, family and readers to share a smile on social media and donate £2.  
Please follow them on Twitter https://twitter.com/braveryboxes
Below taken from the press release for the campaign -

Dial a Smile #dialasmile Bravery Boxes

'Dial a Smile' for Bravery Boxes - #dialasmile
Childhood Cancer Awareness Month - September 2014

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Bravery Boxes is a small charity that helps children with cancer get through some of the toughest and most painful times. By giving a child with cancer a treat from the 'Bravery Box' when they have to have an unpleasant procedure such as having a cannula or feeding tube put in, we hope to turn their tears in to smiles.  

For Childhood Cancer Awareness Month we want to get everyone smiling.  During the month of September we would like people to 'Dial a Smile' (#dialasmile) and to share their pictures on Facebook and Twitter of them smiling - the cheesier the better - and donate just £2 to Bravery Boxes by texting GRIN02 £2 to 70070 to make a difference today - and then nominate others to do the same.  £2 will buy three or four treats to go in the box - that will be three or four children you can make smile through their tears.

Bravery Boxes was started by a mum whose son was diagnosed with a rare life-threatening brain tumour.  She could see how distressed he became when he had to have injections, blood tests and a myriad of other scary things, so she started to come prepared for these ordeals.  After any kind of unhappy experience she would give her son a little gift or prize for being brave.  The idea spread and she started raising money to fill a box so all the children on the ward could benefit.  We now provide boxes for the paediatric oncology units at Addenbrooke's in Cambridge, and Alder Hey inLiverpool.  It really does work!! Staff and parents tell us all the time what a superb idea it is and how much difference it makes to the children.

Although childhood cancer is rare it is indiscriminate and approximately 1600 new cases are diagnosed every year.  When it does happen it turns the world upside down of all those in that family.  Bravery Boxes endeavours to not just help the sick child, but also any brothers and sisters who have to see their siblings going through this difficult time - so they can dip in to the box too when they need a bit of cheering up. It costs approximately £2000 to support a hospital for a year with Bravery Boxes in their inpatient and outpatients wards.  

To find out more go to our website at www.braveryboxes.comhttps://twitter.com/braveryboxes or on Facebook awww.facebook.com/braveryboxes 

Emma in Bromley xx