Wednesday 10 September 2014

New DNA Breakthrough names Jack the Ripper as Aaron Kosminski

The true identity of Jack the Ripper has never been solved, however I came across this article today
The article discusses how new DNA testing has proved that a shawl bought at auction by  Russell Edwards believed to have been found alongside one of the Ripper victims, Catherine Eddowes has DNA evidence of the blood of the victim and semen and a cell from one of the key suspects. The one suspect the investigating officer at the time believed to have been the murderer - Aaron Kosminski.
The victim in question was in such financial hardship that she pawned her shoes the day before she was murdered and that the shawl found with her body was expensive, beautiful and of the same origin as the suspect so it is fair to assume that the shawl was left with her by the murderer - the man who's DNA was on it alongside her blood... and lets be honest here, if the semen had been left on the shawl at an earlier date, she would have most likely cleaned it off!
I find the whole story fascinating and can't believe that the DNA evidence had survived so long - it's amazing what forensic advances we can achieve. Has one of our greatest mysteries finally been solved? The identity of Jack the Ripper - I think so - do you?

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