Tuesday 30 September 2014

Haynes Women’s Car DIY Manual - Caroline Lake

“Women shouldn’t be scared to take their car for a service” – female mechanic speaks out against sexist treatment

Haynes Women’s Car DIY Manual - Caroline Lake
A female mechanic has spoken out against the “patronising and intimidating” treatment of women in garages and hopes that her new book, the Haynes Women’s Car DIY Manual will help more women to develop an understanding of car maintenance.
Caroline Lake who runs Caroline’s Cars in Norfolk and delivers regular workshops for men and women says:
“Women shouldn’t be scared to take their car for a service, but the patronising and intimidating environment of many garages makes them an uncomfortable place for women to be.
Caroline Lake“Men make up around 99% of staff and will often use jargon that can make women feel uncomfortable, so they are understandably keen to get out as quickly as possible and don’t feel in control of the decisions they make, which can prove costly.
“We’ve all heard stories of garages pouncing on this vulnerability and charging women more because they know they can get away with it and those sorts of practices have to stop.
“I want this book to not only give women the power to make educated and informed decisions about their cars, but to also get their hands dirty and get under the bonnet.
“Cars aren’t rocket science and it is about time that women realised that they have all the necessary skills to do it well, but they are discouraged from entering the profession.
“I had to work for four years as an unpaid tea girl before I was given the chance towork  under the bonnet, and I was only the sixth woman to qualify as an MoT tester in the UK back in 2003, so I’m hoping my book can start a revolution and change attitudes in the industry.”
Caroline LakeThe Haynes Women’s Car DIY Manual provides advice on all areas of owning, maintaining and caring for your car, with colour step-by-step photos showing how to carry out general procedures. It also explains what goes on with servicing andMoTs, showing you how to save money and learn more about your car by tackling some of the jobs yourself, and providing you with the knowledge and confidence to deal with your local garage.
This essential guide for girls provides you with all you need to know to look after your car and keep it in tip-top condition, including:
·         Know your car – a jargon-free overview of all the parts, and how it all works
·         Tools and equipment – what you really need
·         Routine checks and maintenance – fluid levels, tyres, wiper blades, bulbs
·         Servicing – service schedules, changing oil and filters (oil, air, pollen) and spark plugs, advice on cam belts and garage servicing
·         MoT test – what happens during the test and how to prepare for it
·         Problems – warning lights, noises, fluid leaks, starting problems, smoke, smells, changing wheels, accidents and breakdowns
·         Cleaning – interior, exterior, scratches and chips
·         Paperwork – insurance, MoT, car tax, log book, service record, buying and selling a car

Haynes Women’s Car DIY Manual
Published by Haynes Manuals
Published on 4th September 2014
ISBN: 9780857334077
RRP: £21.99

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