Sunday 8 December 2013

Christmas Gift Guides 2013 - Teenagers

Gift Guide for Teenagers
Christmas Gift Guides - Teenagers, veronica roth, will hill,  wrappz, poodle USB

1. Veronica Roth Divergent trilogy of books  
The story will be a major movie in 2014 and the books are absolutely gripping - I've read them all! Futuristic "end of the world" aftermath fight for survival and the truth! all based around a super 16 year old female hero, Tris. Suitable for Girls and Boys £21.65
custom phone/tablet case.
Either chose a voucher so they can design and create their own case or make one for them. I've ordered a iPhone case from them.  Suitable for Girls and Boys About £20

3. Will Hill Department 19 books
Teenage boy Jamie Carpenter is vampire hunter for a top secret government department - the book makes many references and inspiration to the original Dracula classic. Suitable for Girls and Boys Currently £6.65

4. USB hubpoodle
Finally, a faithful companion for your computer! Simply plug this Hubpoodle into your computer for four more handy USB points.Suitable for Girls £14.50

Christmas Gift Guides - Teenagers, anna lou of london, hashtag necklace, the people shop, pick punch

5. Personalised Hashtag or Twitter name necklace by Anna Lou of London. Chose from Gold, rose gold or silver, a choice of chain lengths and either a # or @ before your personalisation. Suitable for Girls £48

6. Holly Smale - Geek Girl
Great for any teenage girl -this is a great comedy story with the lesson of being true to yourself :) book 2 Model Misfit is also available. Suitable for Girls Currently £3.85 each on Amazon (A Bargain!)

7. Countryside Hand Cut Acrylic necklace, lovely bright colours with sweet little details. Suitable for Girls £22

8. Pick Punch
The original plectrum maker £19.99
The Pick Punch is a device that enables you to create a perfectly shaped guitar pick out of any old plastic material!
 From old credit cards and gift vouchers to milk cartons and butter tubs! Suitable for Girls and Boys who play guitar.

Merry Christmas

Emma in Bromley xx

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