Saturday 13 June 2020

Father's Day 2020

We're in a limbo state at the moment where we might be slowly coming out of lockdown and some shops are starting to open, most of us are still keeping distance and some are even still shielding so what exactly does that mean for Fathers Day?

This year more than ever we are going to be relying on ordering gifts online or thinking outside the box for ways to make the day special.

Father's Day gift guide for 2020.

Neve's Bees Hand Salve with a masculine Cedarwood and Vetiver scent, this is a hard working natural hand balm (to combat all the extra hand washing!) Neve's Bees are including wild flower seeds with purchases over £10 and can include a handwritten note on their Happy Vibes postcard on request. A lovely small business with a great ethos. 

Neves Bees Hand Salve - Fathers Day 2020 gift guide

Small Beer Gift Set  A collection of 4 beers to create the ultimate Small Beer journey through the malt spectrum. Deserving of its award winning status and another wonderfully run small company.

Box Wild Dad's Bird Feeder Hamper
Whilst our Dad's are all enjoying the garden during lockdown, this special Dad's blend bird feeder hamper is the perfect gift. You can see the care that has been put into each gift from Box Wild - a small company who's goal is to give our wildlife a boost. 

Star Wars Droids Egg Cup Set - about as much fun as you can have with a boiled dippy egg.
Star Wars Droid Egg Cup - BB8 Egg Cup R2D2 Egg Cup - Fathers Day 2020
Flash Gordon Illustrated Guide Full of facts and photos, this guide reflects on the original Flash Gordon (Pre 1980's movie)

Flash Gordon Illustrated Guide - Fathers Day 2020

Tiger Gin with earthy notes, the perfect way to unwind on Father's Day. 

Back to the Future Delorean Art Set A nod to the classic Back to the Future movies, this set of 3 prints showcases the Delorean in each era. 

London Lego Architect Set Looking for a challenge 

Create an online Video VidHug montage 
Get all your siblings, grandkids and next door's dog to contribute a video to your video montage on vidhug - a great surprise to create. 

Emma in Bromley 

Please note, this article contains some affiliate links, however all items in this gift guide have been carefully curated.

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