Wednesday 20 March 2013

Oriflame - brand new paraben free baby skincare collection

Oriflame's baby skin care collection UK 2013I put my hand up when I saw the call for bloggers to review the new Oriflame baby skin care collection because I was intrigued!

I was instantly interested because of the no paraben thing - I don't buy anything with Parabens and other nasties - especially when it comes to the children.

I like that Oriflame's new baby collection boasts no nasty chemicals and contains organic cotton extracts. It's also affordable in comparison to other "no nasties" brands.

We were sent 3 of the 5 items to review.

Firstly, the Oriflame baby moisturising cream.
It's a light lotion and smooths on easily, it seems to be very soothing - I even tried it on myself too and it is fragranced with a lovely "baby" scent, clean and fresh. The tube is a handy flip top so it sits nicely in your nappy bag. I found this cream to be light enough to use for baby massage and very gentle, it doesn't sting or irritate dry patches.

Secondly, the Oriflame baby talc, I have to confess, I was a little hesitant as the only talc I have used on my babies so far has been "talc free" baby powder for feet or helping get sand off! Given oriflame's no nasties ingredients and tendencies towards natural beauty, paraben free and organic ingredients, I'm rather surprised to see talc in the collection. I imagine this will either be removed from the collection or replaced with a talc free powder at some point - it doesn't sit well with the other products in the collection. I used it on my own feet for a gym session and it was silky smooth and everything expected from a traditional talc. As with any powder- if using on a baby, sprinkle it on your hands then put on baby - best not to apply powder directly on baby to reduce chance of inhalation.

And finally, Oriflame's Baby Hair and Body Wash - This comes in a very handy pump bottle and promises to be tear free! This has a delicate sent to it and produced lots of bubbles when we used it as a bubble bath. Its shampoo function held up to the challenge of my daughter's curly hair and was a gentle soap when used as a body wash. I put it to the test after both my little people had become extremely messy after a painting and sticking session! This cleaned everything off without having to scrub!

I'd recommend both the cream and the wash to friends and would buy again.

Safe and clean from delicate head to tiny toes - Oriflame re-launches
baby skin care line with Organic Cotton Extract

Oriflame Cosmetics has re-launched its baby range with five new products to offer better protection and care for babies’ skin at every phase of growth.
The new Oriflame Baby line is paediatrician approved and has been developed to cleanse, soothe and moisturise babies’ delicate skin with ingredients that are guaranteed mild and gentle.

The entire range has been infused with the caring and pampering Organic Cotton Extract; a naturally derived ingredient taken from cotton seeds.
Cotton Extract has been shown to help skin replenish its outer layer and to condition sensitive and delicate skin. It is rich in omega fatty acids, in particular palmitic, oleic and linoleic acids, which are crucial to healthy skin.

The Oriflame Baby skincare range has been developed by a team of Oriflame’s leading scientists to give gentle moisturising and conditioning benefits without causing irritation. The entire range has been clinically tested on sensitive adult skin and eyes, under the supervision of experienced dermatologists and ophthalmologists, in independent testing laboratories.

The result: Oriflame Baby formulations that contain very mild ingredients, are pH-balanced and free from parabens, respecting the natural skin physiology, safeguarding against irritation and helping to lock-in hydration. In addition the Hair and Body Wash has a tear-free formula guaranteed to be gentle on babies’ eyes and skin.

Finally, all aspects of the products have been carefully assessed and approved by a team of paediatricians to guarantee that they are safe for use on babies.

The range includes a Baby Talc RRP £2.95 (75g), a Baby Hair & Body Wash RRP £4.95 (300ml) and a Baby Moisturising Cream RRP £4.95 (150ml) which are launched in February.

A further two products will be added to the range in March; a Baby Soap Bar RRP £1.85 and a Baby Oil RRP £4.95.

Oriflame Baby can be purchased in the UK from via or through Oriflame’s nationwide network of Consultants. To find your nearest consultant visit

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