Tuesday 12 March 2013

More tales of the naff health visitors

So, I've blogged and tweeted before about my disappointment with our local health visitor team.

I've been given some really shocking advice, such as giving my children my adult toothpaste - I questioned this as my particular toothpaste clearly states not suitable for children under 12 years (my kids are 1 and 3) I was told to give it to them anyway.

I've been told to give second MMR at 15months - when the red book, NHS website and as far as I can tell, no other district give 2nd MMR this young!

I've taken my 3 year old for his preschool boosters at the drop in service and been told there wasn't room, or that vaccination nurse is off or to make sure I get there before 11am (it was 10am at the time)

And the latest? Well, just listen to my voice mail and see if you think that's an OK message ... And No, she didn't call back or leave another one!

Emma in Bromley x


  1. The MMR thing is ridiculous. When I moved to West Sussex, I took Colin for his preschool boosters and was told that he would need a 3rd MMR. I was shown current research that advises that 2nd MMRs should not be given before a certain age as it is ineffective. I cannot remember the specific age, but it is certainly older than 15 months old. So I then had to decide whether to immunise Colin a 3rd time after he had suffered allergic reactions to the previous 2 MMRs he had had. In the end I figured measles were worse then an allergic reaction. Turns out he didn't react, but now I will have to give Rohan a 3rd MMR too in a years time. I am not at all happy with Bromley NHS.

  2. Hahaha, but oh dear.
    I spoke to my lovely community nurse (a mother of 2, and specialising in pediatrition) about the MMR issue. She said the only think she could think of, was that MMRs can be given a second time within 3 months of the first dose if 1) there might be a reason the first dose had not taken, 2) you were living in an area where there were a lot of people that had come from other countries that may not, therefore, have had their children vaccinated (and therefore may put yours at risk if the MMR had not taken the first time around), 3) they were just trying to keep up with the number of MMRs needed in the area! ;) Otherwise, the 2nd MMR should be given before they start school (between 3 and 5). In our area, children start nursery within the main school at 3, so I guess that's why ours happen then.
    HTH x
    With regards to your health visitor, she said she was shocked at her attitude, and that you are within your rights to contact your area coordinator and request to see someone else. Although I wasn't sure if you were getting this from just one HV in particular, or more than one?


Thank you for your comments

Emma x