Saturday 21 July 2012

Olympic torch relay time schedule for Bromley

I'm aiming to take Blake and Maegan to see the Olympic torch as it passes through Bromley on Monday 23rd July - although we will probably fail our mission as its an early start to be up, dressed and ready to go before hubby gets ready for work!

Here is the planned schedule - hope you get to see it too!

Full details of the route are available on the official Bromley website

9.04am – Bromley London Road junction with Tweedie Road

9.10am – Bromley market square /pedestrian high street

9.16am – Bromley South station

9.17am – Westmoreland Road

9.30am – junction Westmoreland Road and Hayes Lane Beckenham

9.44am – Chinese Round-about Beckenham

9.46am – Wickham Road Beckenham

9.54am – Manor Road Beckenham

9.58am – high street Beckenham

10.04am Rectory Road (cinema round-about) Beckenham

10.10am – Clock House station

10.15am – Kent House Road junction with Beckenham Road

10.16am – Green Lane / Croydon Road junctions Penge

10.20am – Mapl Road Penge

10.24am – Oakfield Road junction with high street Penge

10.33am – Crystal Palace Road entrance to Crystal Palace park

11.24am – leaves CPP via Anerley Hill

11.27am – Church Road junction with Crystal Palace Parade

Torch then continues to Croydon.

Emma in Bromley x

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