Monday 23 July 2012

Samsung amazing memory cards review

I was sent a memory card to review, it's a Samsung premium plus 8GB - had I been buying this, I'd have bought a higher capacity as, for me, I easily fill 8GB's. I buy and use lots of memory cards as once they are full, I like to keep them - I know it's silly but it's one of the ways I like to keep a "back up" if you will, of photos and videos, particularly of my lovely children.

I have - and I don't mean to boast, I'm just a bit geeky and gadget greedy! - 3 digital cameras (including a Nikon SLR) a hd flip video camera, a digital photo frame and an ereader book which all need memory cards! - see why I need lots of them now hey!

I'm impressed with the speed of the Samsung plus memory card - I could notice this in my digital SLR and its most definitely child proof! I tested mine with help from 3 year old Blake and it stood up to its durability boasts!

If you are looking for the ideal pocket companion on your holiday this year and don’t want your memories to fade then look no further than a Samsung memory card for your camera phone, camera or camcorder.

Samsung memory cards are designed to make sure your photos and video survive to tell the test of time and can handle accidents like being dropped in sand, sea and your coffee – no problem. You just need to make sure your card is dry or sand blown away to keep your picture taking device in good working order.

Extremely durable and reliable, Samsung’s memory cards are ‘3 Proof’: Shockproof, waterproof and magnet proof - ensuring that valuable data won’t be lost, and have been designed to handle your every day needs and give you peace of mind from life’s unexpected accidents. The Shock-proof technology protects the data from forceful impact and high pressure, including being driven over by a 1.6 ton vehicle, while an innovative covering provides a shield against such items as dust, water, sand and means the memory cards can withstand over 24 hours in sea water. The cards are also able to resist x-ray scanners and any type of widespread magnetic exposure.

The world’s most trusted and leading technology has made Samsung the No1 name in memory since 1992* and Samsung’s latest range is available to the consumer in two categories: ‘Essential’ and ‘Plus’, providing a choice of card to suit every application.

The freedom to store and play

The premium ‘Plus’ range of SDHC/SD and micro SDHC/SD memory cards have the highest available class 10 speed rating - for advanced data transfer speed and flawless transmission of full HD video – and also boast a class-leading write speed of up to 21MB/s. With a data storage capacity of 8GB or 16GB, the cards are perfect for today’s memory-devouring devices and come with a 10 year limited warranty.
Samsung’s ‘Essential’ category of SDHC/SD and micro SDHC/SD memory cards have either a Class 4, Class 6 or Class 10 performance rating and offer a write speed of up to 13MB/s. Available in capacities from 2GB to 32GB, the ‘Essential’ memory cards come with a 5 year limited warranty.

*In the Memory semiconductor market since 1992. Source: ISupply(Q2’11)

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