Sunday 1 July 2012

Fly tipping disgrace of downham

I'm always grumbling about living on the Bromley / Downham border.

Downham is dirty, scruffy, dog poo infested and there's an abundance of wildlife - and by wildlife, I mean rats and nasty looking evil dogs (Staffy's, rotweilers, things that look suspiciously like pit bulls and those horrible ones creepy looking ones from Oliver Twist) usually off their leads and partly accompanied by 14 year old kids (Partly - as in the kids walk off when their dogs get aggressive or poo everywhere)

No, Downham isn't  all bad, there are some lovely neighbours, excellent recycling system (you can put everything in one recycle wheelie bin instead of having half a dozen separate bins) there's a flock of beautiful green parakeets (parrots) that live in hither green cemetary and fly over our house every dusk! and I wrote about it's history recently.

But one of the things that drives me crazy is the flippin' fly tipping! - as if the area isn't scruffy enough!

It's a regular problem on corners throughout Downham, including the nearest corner to my house - although we did laugh at the sight of someone claiming a dumped computer desk recently - was funny seeing a broken, dog wee ridden desk being wheeled off down the road at 11pm.

On our weekly walk to the library at Downham health centre we pass by the corner of Geraint and Launcelot road, it's probably the most popular dumping corner in the area.

Three weeks ago, I noticed a soiled old mattress - its still there 3 weeks later only it's now been joined by a whole host of junk including mouldy fabric and bits of broken furniture and randomly, a sack of  potatoes! (que the rats!)

This fly tipped zone is soo massive you can't actually pass it by on the pavement with the pram!

There are two schools just on this very same road only a few metres away - one being a primary school.

So, for at least 3 weeks, these kids have been walking past a germ infested soiled mattress, mould spores, rat chewed food and bits of broken furniture - including glass, rusty nails and sharp splintered wood.

It's disgusting and disappointing.

Thought I'd share a pic.

Emma in Bromley x

Fly Tipped Dangerous junk on the corner of Geraint and Launcelot in Downham, Lewisham / Bromley.


  1. I have the same were we live,We moved here 10 years ago when it was very quiet area and everyone knew everyone.Well 10 years on we are stuck here tried selling the house and its turned into an area for those that do the same as the picture above but its outside their houses play music to all hours and fight in middle of street.What ever happened to showing respect to others??

  2. I hate fly tipping, and there is far too much in Downham. You can report it to Lewisham and get it cleared up pretty quickly. I know it doesn't solve the problem, but it does make the area look nicer.

  3. If you hate fly-tipping you should read 'The Flytipper' which is available on Amazon Kindle.


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