Thursday 25 April 2013

Saving Downham Fire Station

Downham Fire Station is one of 12 London fire stations under threat of closure, given that they deal with over 800 calls a year - wouldn't closing Downham be a safety risk?

Firefighters are modern day superheroes who save lives and any brave person who choses this career deserves the support of everyone and not the threat of job cuts. (There's over 500 London firefighters facing the threat of unemployment)

Given the tough and necessary jobs they do, closing down any Fire Station would be a huge loss and put people's lives in danger - in an emergency, every second counts.

This applies to anyone saving lives so maybe we can stop closing down all our A and E units while we are at it.

If you think life is worth saving, perhaps you'd like to offer your support.

Downham Fire Station (E32)
260 Reigate Road

Emma in Bromley x

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