Thursday 18 April 2013

Home love contest at fashion for home

“I submitted this picture to participate in the Home Love contest at Fashion For Home.”

I really wanted to enter this contest, after all £500 to spend on my home is a prize I've got to have a go at winning!

It was really tricky to decide which part of my home to enter because there are many things I love about it, but what made it super tricky is that we are trying to move so my home is.... Well it's just not as simple as being my home right now! Its all higgledy piggledy and full of boxes!

So, in the end, it came down to a choice of what home really is and we all know, home is all about your family!

I've taken a photo of Blake aged 3 and Maegan aged 1 (actually, this is the best of 11 as neither would play nice ha ha!)

Blake is crazy about superheroes especialy spider-man and batman so its normal for him to be in a cape or costume of some sort! Meg is a little madam and has pinched my red heels! She loves dolly, horses and Thomas the Tank Engine!

My fireplace is one if the things I love most about our home and I'll miss it when we move! When we bought our house there was just an awful 70's bar gas fire and the chimney all boarded up! It was love at first sight with this fire place!

Just seen are Roger and Eileen - our hearth elephants!

So, there we have it, home is where your kids are... end yes! they really are as mischievous as they look!

I hope you have enjoyed a brief glimpse at the chaos of my home!

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