Wednesday 17 April 2013

9 years since our first official date!

Today marks 9 years since my first official date with Rich, my husband.

We met in Selfridges where we were both working - he thought I was new! I'd been there for years but as a graduate my hours were different and role meant I was on the information desk a lot!

I actually liked that job mostly - the pay sucked and the hours were long but my colleague - Glenn Bayes was one of the funniest people I've met - he just kept me entertained all day long with his jokes and sketches! I loooooved the staff discount card and literally drooling over handbags and fawning over shoes (maybe a little too much) and I liked all the little projects I was allowed to do such as creating all the store directories! And most of all I made some great friends there and I met my wonderful husband there!

One of Rich's colleagues had told me that he liked me and we had about a month of tea breaks together, talked about a lot - we'd actually both recently given up looking for love (I think I could right a book on dating weirdos - from the bulimic man, the policeman who turned out to be married, the one that wanted to enslave me that I escaped from or even the one who turned out to have lied about being engaged and his age). Rich was Absolutely gorgeous, simply amazing and had the most loveliest eyes and seemed to be kind and genuine and full of funny stories to tell! I finally caved in and asked "so, are you going to ask me out on a proper date then?" I don't really believe in playing hard to get or any of the other "games" - I'm not very good at any game at all - not even pac man! And I believe if you want something, you go out and get it or ask for it - so I asked for it!

We went to the cinema, we met for a drink or two first (always a tricky one for me - I don't really drink so I have to be careful otherwise I can find myself rather giddy after half a babysham).

We watched Shaun of the Dead - couldn't ask for a more perfect first date film!

Emma in Bromley xx

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