Friday 19 April 2013

Everythings Rosie Bubble Trouble Review

We were sent a copy of "Everything's Rosie: bubble trouble and other stories" to review which luckily arrived during Blake's preschool easter half term.

There are only a few cartoons which will keep both my 1 year old girl and 3 year old boy entertained at the same time and an episode of Everything's Rosie is one of them, it's colours, soundtrack and characters appeal to them both - actually they both like Raggles the Rabbit best!

Full of music, nature and stories - there is as much education as entertainment in these episodes.

Both my little ones were engrossed in the episode about "Pirate Treasure" and another one all about sharing toys - I thought it was quite apt as they often share toys! I'm sure I have a couple of pirates on my hands with their love of anything treasure related at the moment!

As each episode is its own little story, it really doesn't matter if you are new to Everything's Rosie or which episode you watch in what order.

The press release:
Rosie and Raggles set for Bubble Trouble

Brand new Everything’s Rosie DVD launched in March
Rosie, Raggles and friends are back for more fun-filled adventures, excitement and laughter in the latest DVD compilation featuring episodes from Series 2 of Everything’s Rosie – ‘Bubble Trouble and other stories’!

Hitting shelves this March, what better way for pre-schoolers to spend the Easter holiday break than to join Rosie, everyone’s favourite loveable rabbit Raggles and all their friends on a journey of discovery. Sparking the imagination of pre-schoolers worldwide, episodes including ‘Never Play Tennis with an Egg’ and ‘The Time Travelling Tree’ are a must have treat for Rosie fans.

‘Bubble Trouble and other stories’ brings together thirteen tales from Rosie’s garden – the perfect opportunity for pre-schoolers to experience a world of bubble-popping and much more this Easter holiday.

With timeless storylines and vibrant animation; combined with an educational ethos, these classic episodes of Everything’s Rosie will keep little ones engaged time and time again.

The Everything’s Rosie ‘Bubble Trouble’ DVD is now available from Sainsbury’s, The Hut and Amazon priced from RRP £6.99. Other Everything’s Rosie DVD titles by Universal include: ‘The Greatest Show in the Garden’ and ‘The Last Snowball’, both released in 2012 and available from Amazon, Asda, HMV, Morrisons,, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, The Hut at RRP £9.99 each.

Emma in Bromley xx

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  1. Ooh my kids love everything's Rosie so may have to get this to kept them entertained :)


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