Monday 28 May 2012

Why I wont use Rafflecopter

I've been asked why I don't use rafflecopter a few times as I openly state that I do not and will not run rafflecopter comps on my blog.

These are my own personal reasons.

For me, it stems from my previous career (online marketing manager) and its one of those "cloak and dagger" tools - it stores and collects people's data without any independent RC login requirements or options for people to opt out besides just not using the tool at all. You can see this in the way it interacts with your cookies and remembers your email address or facebook data when you visit a new site with a rafflecopter.

It also doesn't recognise if someone has different email addresses for different things - for example I have 10 different email addresses, I use different ones for my blog, facebook and twitter etc so when I take part in a rafflecopter that has these different steps - it either wont let me over ride with a different email or it doesn't recognise my 3 steps as the same person and therefore forfeits me from the prize draw. The majority of parent bloggers use different email addresses for their blogs and social tools -  this is just good standard from a professional point of view.

There seems to be confusion over rafflecopters use-ability for iPhone/ iPad, safari and mac users - personally, I don't see it's compatible as I have been unable to complete all steps for some rafflecopter competitions via iPhone, safari or mac entry - it allows some steps but not all and again forfeits that person from the prize draw. I'm really not sure why it does this, perhaps it interferes with the page scripts but I've heard many different reasons - even down to rafflecopter blaming the blogger!

I also find that Rafflecopter is unreliable, the system is often down or gets stuck on constant refresh.

It's also very confusing for first timers or people who aren't computer savvy and it doesn't have a way of showing people if their entry is definitely in there if they revisit, or just want to check details at a later date such as entry date etc...

Currently it's a free app, but they may plan to charge in the future. I'm not currently making money from my blog and would not be in a position to foot the bill of something I had become "attached" to!

Perhaps my biggest reason - it's not a UK product, or even a European one, therefore it's exempt from UK and EU data protection - which I deem serious, particularly when it comes to other peoples data - and particularly with regard to those parents who log on via Facebook or other social media.

Emma in Bromley x


  1. I'm with you. I won't ever use it. I don't see the point. I know that it encourages people to 'like' your facebook page or follow you on twitter. I'm only really interested in the people that actually like my blog liking and following me though! :) I actually avoid entering competitions that use it, unless I'm really really desperate to win the prize!

  2. Thank you x Glad I'm not the only one avoiding rafflecopter comps! xx

  3. I was looking at the pros and cons of using rafflecopter and landed on this page, thank you :).
    We are working on a similar product but following EU data protection guidelines.


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