Saturday 19 May 2012

Numberjacks shape japer irresponsible tv!

There are a few cbeebies cartoons which I feel offer a bit of educational entertainment for my almost 3 year old - Lingo Show, numtums and alphablocks are big hits - however, there's often a cartoon on at about the same time called numberjacks - the first few times my son watched it, everything was fine and I approved but then on one episode there was a character called the shape japer - since seeing it he was instantly terrified, my son now regularly has nightmares about it and instead of pretend monsters, his imagination is terrified of the shape japer.

The menacing shape changing character is accompanied by disturbing music!

whilst I accept it's totally my responsibility to monitor the cartoons my son watches - I'd just like to state that including such a scary character in a toddler/ preschooler aimed cartoon is in my opinion absolutely irresponsible tv!

As the shape japer is a regular, we no longer watch numberjacks in our house - I can't risk exposing my two year old to the trauma the shape japer causes!

Cbeebies, I'm surprised you allow a terrifying character on your channel and to the fcukwit who created the shape japer - your mum would be ashamed of you for terrifying so many tots! - seriously! Who the heck approved the shape japer for toddler viewing?

I'm struggling to wipe shape japer from Blake's mind! We've been through that shape japer was pretend and not real and isn't going to "make Blake big" or bite him with its pointy teeth! Shape japer is a daily battle at the mo!

It's left me feeling a bit disappointed with numberjacks - a cartoon I'd previously felt was trustworthy and educational. Anyone else feel characters such as the shape japer should not be in cartoons aimed at our toddlers?

More importantly - how can I stop the nightmares and terrifying effect this has had on my little boy?!

Emma in Bromley xx

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