Wednesday 16 May 2012

The Queen visits Bromley 15th may 2012

I was rather excited to take my little people to see the Queen yesterday on her visit to Bromley!

The first task was getting everyone up, dressed and out of the house in time to get to the town centre, then we faced the problem of getting there - all of the buses had been diverted and I was keen to avoid taking the pram so doing the 45min walk was also out of the question. We decided to walk to Grove Park station and take the shuttle train to Bromley North.

When we got to Bromley North, the main entrance was blocked off and it soon became clear why! - There were so many people it was crazy! - I was aiming to get to the high street so I could meet with friends but there was no way to get across the railings or the sea of people - we were stuck!

Someone had a fog horn type thing which scared the life out of my two year old - poor Blake just burst into tears! Blake was already soaked as he had managed to grab a spot of puddle jumping on the way to the station and Maegan was fast asleep in the sling all cuddled up close! You would never have guessed it was May - it was wet and freezing - both little people had winter coats and hats on! it felt more like december!

Whilst waiting, we saw two bits of entertainment - a unicycle juggler and a balloon modelling lady! (no sign of live music, carnival or birds of prey displays I had expected though!)

See our video of the crowds, look out for me, Maegan and great nanna Eira and Blake having a run about in the quietest spot we could find!

Grandma and Great Nanna Eira joined us in the cold and we luckily didn't have to wait long to the Queen!

I had been expecting to see the Queen on foot - I felt the whole affair was OTT given we got a split second glimps as she passed by in her car...

See our video of the actual Queen and Duke!

As soon as she passed by, about a gazillion people stampeded towards the high street - I contemplated doing the same, but with a tired, scared and grumpy two year old, I didn't think it was fair!

Bromley North station was full of school children trying to dive onto the trains so my Mother in Law kindly got us all in a taxi home.

Please read my friend, Louise's blog for her much better glimps of the Queen through a bush from the High Street where we were supposed to have been!

Emma in Bromley x

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  1. Hi,

    Good seeing you all on Sunday.

    I love it!

    I remember seeing the Queen in Aberdeen. Very exciting times.

    Speak soon.


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