Saturday 17 March 2012

National Science and Engineering Week part 2

It's national science and engineering week this week from 9th-18th March.

I do love the science museum in London, did you know the basement has a huge discovery area just for preschoolers?

There's a big construction area with sandbags, hard hats and wheel barrows! Lego and building brick stations, a huge water play area with aprons and a sensory area to name a few! - all free (just donate to the museum in one of the collection boxes as a thank you) and there's a buggy park to leave your pram while you play!

I'm going to use the week to help Blake make a solar rover and a living world - read more on that on my blog post from earlier this week!

Last year the national science and engineering week website had some great fifi and the flower tots printables for pre-schoolers which are still up on the website.

Did you know our local lovely furniture and gift shop, Inside Out Living did a blog tutorial showing you how to make a lava lamp?

Emma in Bromley xx

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