Sunday 25 March 2012

Here comes the Easter bunny!

We're a church of England family so we take part in Easter celebrations, much like Christmas, I try and teach my children why we are celebrating and what it really means as well as all the chocolate and presents! We try to strike an even balance, sometimes it's hard - such as trying to explain what the Easter bunny has to do with Easter!

Which brings me on to this years' theme ... The Easter bunny (last year was fluffy yellow chicks).

It turns out that the bunny has a lot to do with the beginning of spring and fertility - for me, I see both as an act of God which is how I get my religious angle in!

We've been choosing gifts and doing crafts with our children based on the Easter bunny theme and have been sent a sylvanian families celebration sea breeze rabbit family by Flair to review. I spotted them in The Entertainer toyshop in the Glades, Bromley for £20.

It's a special 25year edition and comes with a mum (Doris Columbus) dad (Lawrence Columbus) and 3 children (Tristan, Morgan and Nessie) family of bunnies all in cute nautical outfits and a set of miniature postcards. The box has a lovely little story for each family member on the back - I love the stories that with each character.

For me, I'm rather fond of it! I was about 7 when I started collecting sylvanian families in the 80's and I'm pleased to see, they're just like I remember!

I have to say my little boy loved playing with them! He's very much into learning about animals and family so these are perfect! My little girl is still a bit to young to play with them properly but she certainly expressed a lot of interest!

Covered in soft fur, pose-able limbs and removable clothes with absolutely amazing detail - these are hours of fun, and let's face it, we all love a special edition! And so it begins, for the second time in my life I'm collecting sylvanian families!

Also by Flair, you can get Milky the bunny who looks simply adorable and is very soft, he's interactive! Although I found him in the girls section of our local toy shop, I'd say a rabbit is as much fun for a girl or a boy - same with Sylvanian families!

Sticking with our Easter bunny theme, we used air drying clay and a bunny cookie cutter to make some Easter bunnies to decorate with paint pens for family and friends.

I hope you like them!

Happy Easter,

Emma in Bromley xx


  1. My parents still have my old sylvanians, Kit loves playing with them when we go to visit them. Have a great Easter. :)

  2. Thank you x Which ones do you still have? I think they're awesome!


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