Wednesday 21 October 2015

Xeno Koopies Review

My little people were very excited when I was asked to review Xeno Koopies from Flair - new from the Xeno range, this interactive toy is like a little brother (or sister!) to Xeno and will interact with each other.
Xeno Koopies Review - Emma in Bromley
Koopies is secured to the box with screws on a stand so you will need a screwdriver to get him out of the box and also to put in 3 AAA batteries (Not included)

Xeno Koopies Review - Emma in Bromley
Koopies have very wobbly eyes that wiggle and jiggle about as he moves around. He vibrates and bounces about and makes a lot of noise!

Xeno Koopies Review - Emma in Bromley
Koopies has very stretchy skin/fur that is great fun to play with, his ears and tail are stretchy too.

Xeno Koopies Review - Emma in Bromley
Pop something in Koopies mouth and he will make munching sounds - he finds fingers particularly tasty! But be warned - eating can make him windy - watch out for burp noises and also windy pop noises too! oops pardon you, Koopies!
Xeno Koopies Review - Emma in Bromley
Look at that tail! He doesn't like it when you pull it and will express that with a great big grumble!
Koopies have many sensors on their bodies - there are two buttons on the side that will give you different reactions and sound effects. 

Xeno Koopies come in 3 colours - Green, Purple and Orange. 

Emma in Bromley xx

Disclaimer - I received Xeno Koopies for the purpose of this article. 

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