Thursday 1 October 2015

Teksta Scorpion Review

My little boy, Blake is 6 and loves anything robotic and he's also a walking animal fact book! He is really into Teksta Scorpion and I have to agree, this is a brilliant toy!

Teksta Scorpion Review

Firstly Teksta Scorpion doesn't come with batteries but once you put these in, Teksta Scorpio is pretty simple to start using - there is an instruction manual but honestly it's quite intuitive to use. 

Teksta Scorpion Review
There is a wireless controller that you can either hold in your palm or strap to your hand. 
You move your hand to move the scorpion, for example, when you tip your hand upwards, Teksta Scorpion will move backwards. I have to say it takes a few goes to get used to but is actually simple and natural. 
Teksta Scorpion Review
Teksta Scorpion comes with a little pod for him/her to capture but actually we found that the pincers could capture many objects.

Teksta Scorpion Review\
Remember I mentioned that Blake is a bit of a walking animal fact book? well he was very quick to point out that a scorpion is an arachnid and that teksta scorpion should have 8 legs and not 6! 

Teksta Scorpion Review
If your friends also have testa scorpions you can battle each other (up to 6 scorpions at a time) 

Overall, this is clever robotic technology and great fun!

From Character other colours available. 

Emma in Bromley xx

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Disclaimer: I received a Teksta Scorpion for the purpose of this blog post. All thought, images and link choices are my own. 

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