Friday 9 October 2015

Wind-up Walking Zombies - Halloween Craft

Wind-up Walking Zombies from University Games: The Wind-up Walking Zombies are 3D air-dry clay models with wind up walking feet….they walk just like a real zombie! Four to collect. Ages 8+. RRP £7.99. Available at Amazon and Hamleys.
Wow, this clay is brilliant! It's as soft and pliable as other modelling clays so its really simple to sculpt your design. 

Wind-up Walking Zombies - Halloween Craft

There are instructions on the box as well as further guidelines on an enclosed leaflet. 

Whilst the age guide is 8 and above on this kit, I did let my craft crazy kids have a go - Blake age 6 was really into this because he loves making things from clay and he's also very much into halloween things! Maegan age 4 really wanted to help out and had a lot of fun making the eyes and the arms. 

Wind-up Walking Zombies - Halloween Craft

The only part I got to play was to make sure the winder wasn't blocked!

The air drying clay takes 24 hours to dry to a squishy foam finish. 

Wind-up Walking Zombies - Halloween Craft

overall this kit gets a big thumbs up and I'd love to see more air drying wind up model kits!

Emma in Bromley xx

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Disclaimer: I received a zombie for the sole purpose of the review, all words, thoughts, photos and link choices are my own. 

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