Sunday 12 July 2015

The Irish Fairy Door Company

The Irish Fairy Door CompanyFor our playroom, I was sent a wonderful Irish Fairy Door Company set - I'm loving the idea of these little fairy doors and it intrigues my two small people (Blake, boy age 6 and Maegan, girl age 4) very much! Our fairy is there to help keep watch over the toys at night and to make sure the playroom rules are being followed in the daytime (basically no eating food and no fighting allowed in the playroom!)

The Irish Fairy Door Company send your door in a sweet little box, inside the box you will find a special poem all about your door, a code and details of additional online content, a tiny pot containing a special key, some stepping stones and of course the door itself.
The Irish Fairy Door Company

Our front door is red so we were happy to receive a red door to match, however the online range has a fantastic selection of colours and shapes for your door. We were tempted for a moment to keep it outside! Actually, in our back garden we intend to create a fairy garden area so I'm tempted to buy one to put against the base of a tree!

The Irish Fairy Door Company

The Irish Fairy Door Company have wonderful details on the doors - mine has a pretty flower, pearl door handle and great hinges. It's really beautifully made! 
I've mounted mine with a blob of blutac to the skirting board in the playroom.
The Irish Fairy Door Company

How amazingly magical does the door look with all the additional details? These are all things that came in the box however online there are more additional things you can order such as a little welcome doormat and a washing line complete with laundry! 
The Irish Fairy Door Company

Now let's just take a moment to thank our fairy, she has done an amazing job of looking after the toys at bedtime and the children seem to (mostly) respect the playroom rules for the fairy! 

I love a bit of magic and it's great to see children believing in fairies!

Disclaimer: We received a fairy door for the purpose of this review - all photos, words, thoughts and links are my own.

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