Friday 3 July 2015

Clangers - the New 2015 Toy Collection

When I was small I watched the Clangers - that whistle sound they make sticks in your mind.

For my 18th I had a Small Clanger toy that makes the whistle sound when you squeeze it - this little Clanger toy spent many, many years in a bag in various lofts but when we moved house last year - my little Clanger amused my children (I was surprised it still worked!) 

Here is my 1999 Clanger (front) with a new 2015 Clanger!
2015 Clangers Toys

Then recently, the Clangers returned to CBeebies and now my little people enjoy watching the show (and so do I!) 

I was very pleased to be sent some of the new toys to share with you - they are starting to arrive in the shops now!

We have a lovely soft plush Major Clanger (rrp £5.99) who is part bean filled and made from super soft plush - he's brilliant for cuddles! 

2015 Clangers Toys - Major Clanger

2015 Clangers Toys

And we also received an Iron Chicken (who's really not iron) with wings, head and tail which can all move for optimum game play along with metalic gold and silver finish. The small collectable figure packs (rrp £4.99) go perfectly with the Clangers Home Planet Playset.
2015 Clangers Toys - Iron Chicken
2015 Clangers Toys - Iron Chicken
2015 Clangers Toys - Iron Chicken
2015 Clangers Toys

The new toy collection boasts some wonderful items to look out for, such as Whistle and Dance Mother Clanger who is activated by squeezing her hand and will play music and make danceing movements. Also much anticipated is Musical Starlight Tiny who plays comforting music and has a starlight projection show from her tummy.

2015 Clangers Toys

Clangers collection from Character Online, starting to arrive in toy shops from the 1st July 2015. 

Emma in Bromley xx

disclaimer - I received a Soft Plush and an Iron Chicken toy for the sole purpose of this review - all words and thoughts are my own. 

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