Tuesday 24 March 2015

Happy Feaster Peter Rabbit Cupcakes

Happy Feaster Blog Tour, rabbit cupcakes #tastytales

I've been invited to take part in the Happy Feaster Blog Tour by Ladybird Books and The Happy Foodie.  We have been asked to take storytelling from the page to the kitchen by creating a Spring recipe inspired by the Tales of Peter Rabbit!  I've decided to create Rabbit Cupcakes with my little bunnies Blake (age 5) and Maegan (age 3) 

Happy Feaster Peter Rabbit Cupcakes #tastytales

This one is about the decorating because thats the part my children enjoy the most! .... well, besides the eating!

Firstly make up a batch of plain fairy/cupcakes, or buy a pack of ready made fairy cakes in the bakery section at most supermarkets but this time round I found that we've had a week of colds and a lack of ingredients so my mother-in-law made a batch for me!

Happy Feaster Peter Rabbit Cupcakes #tastytales

While the cakes were cooling, we made a start on the bunny rabbits to sit on the top of the cakes - we used Dr Oetker Ready to Roll Icing in white - its like edible play dough so you have to keep a close eye on the little people because you'll find they sneak a lot of nibbles when your not looking!

I did two basic style of rabbit - both are easy and based on a small ball for the head, a larger ball for the body and two ears.
on the rabbit with paws, I snipped the balls to form two paws and two ears.
I use a dab of water to stick the balls together.
Use a tooth pick/ cocktail stick to add details such as the paw markings, dots for eyes and nose.
I had some chocolate silver pearls I had in the cupboard from christmas to use as tails and everyone thought they worked well as a tail.

Happy Feaster Blog Tour, rabbit cupcakes #tastytales fondant rabbits and Fondant Bunnies
I found the fondant bunnies really easy to make and Blake (age 5) enjoyed making bunnies too - can you spot the ones he made? 

I had some edible ink pens that I bought from a local Bromley cake shop. that I used to finish off the eyes and nose details.
Happy Feaster Blog Tour, rabbit cupcakes #tastytales fondant rabbits and Fondant Bunnies
We topped the cakes with Blue designer icing from Dr Oetker that comes in a handy pouch with piping nozzles - Maegan (age 3) did all the blue icing herself! (Please note that the designer icing pouches actually create a much better finish when used by an adult!)  I'm pleased to say that the blue is a perfect match for Peter Rabbit blue :-)

We also experimented with green icing but struggled to get a grass green finish.
Happy Feaster Blog Tour, rabbit cupcakes #tastytales fondant rabbits and Fondant Bunnies

we used wafer daisies to top each cake and then sat one of the bunnies we made on the top - the cakes have a lovely spring, easter, peter rabbit feel so we were very happy with them!

For more Spring recipes, inspired by Peter Rabbit and friends, why not head over to The Happy Foodie and discover how celebrity chefs and their children are joining in!

Beatrix Potter Stories - especially Peter Rabbit are a large part of my own childhood having grown up in the North West about half an hour away from Lake Windermere so I visited Hilltop Farm and the places that inspired the stories! Peter Rabbit was one of three stories I started reading to my Bump when I was pregnant with my first baby!

As part of this campaign I received three new Peter Rabbit books to help inspire our cupcakes.
Happy Feaster Blog Tour, rabbit cupcakes #tastytales fondant rabbits and Fondant Bunnies

Peter Rabbit: A Big Box of Little Books which is a sweet collection of mini board books.

The World of Peter Rabbit: A Pull Out Pop Up Book We love this pull out scene with pop up details.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit: Penguin Edition I adore having these classic bound edition books on our bookshelf and Peter Rabbit is amongst both my, and my children's top favourites!

I received a gorgeous surprise "thank you" Peter Rabbit biscuit!

If you've enjoyed this then why not stop by http://www.culture-baby.net tomorrow to check out what delicious Easter ideas she has for enjoying with your families.


Happy Feaster Blog Tour, rabbit cupcakes #tastytales fondant rabbits and Fondant Bunnies

Happy Feaster #tastytales Blog Tour Schedule:

Emma in Bromley xx

Disclaimer, I was invited to take part in this blog tour and received 3 new Peter Rabbit books.

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