Thursday 5 March 2015

Make a Mothers Day Card

I always think it's lovely to have a go at making your own cards - I think Mother's Day is a wonderful occasion to have a go at making a card, my mum still has some I made in the past and I have some my children have made for me, hand made cards tend to linger about rather than landing in the recycling box :)

Just look at this beauty I cross stitched back in 1994!
Cross stitch Mothers day card by Emma Clement - Emma in Bromley

Hobbycraft is a great resource for card making supplies and these are some suggestions that the lovely (and they really are lovely, I met them!) people at hobbycraft have whipped up for your inspiration! I'd love to either make or recieve any of them - wouldn't you? 

Handmade Mothers day card ideas - Hobbycraft - Emma in Bromley

Happy Mother's Day 

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