Sunday 8 February 2015

Maegans Mini Snowman

Last winter season we didn't have any snow at all and with the children being so young (3 and 5), it means that last time they played in snow, they were 1 and 3.

Blake Clement 3 and Maegan 1 Clement playing in the snow - Jan 2013

We had the teensiest spattering of snow which stuck earlier this week - it was hardly anything and had gone completely just after lunch.

Meg was ever so excited and I have to say - it was tough to send Blake into school because all I could think of was that this tiny bit of snow is the first they've had in 2 years and that there may not be any more - and as important as education is, when you are little - playing
in the snow is also very important when you are only five! - in my opinion, sometimes primary school particularly key stage 1 should be a little more flexible to allow a little "life" 

Daddy's train to work was delayed anyway so he walked a Welly clad Blake to school - on the way they played with the snow and threw a snowball at grandma - whose house they pass on the way.

Maegan just couldn't wait and had a spontaneous play in the snow on our front doorstep before we'd even had a chance to wrap up first!

Maegan Clement (3) playing in the snow January 2015

Maegan built her own little snowman, she was delighted with him and I have to say she included some lovely details!
Maegan Clement (3) playing in the snow January 2015

She sat him down on the doorstep and chatted away to him, taking care to add some hair!
Maegan Clement (3) playing in the snow January 2015

She scooped him up and cuddled him - such a sweet moment, I had to capture it.
Maegan Clement (3) playing in the snow January 2015

However, I wasn't quite ready for what she did next with her snowman!

Unfortunately the snow didn't last till school home time but Blake chatted about all the fun he had on the way to school with Daddy and we are all hoping for a small snowfall again so we can play some more!

After all that cold outdoor play and school snow/rainy/freezing walks we enjoyed some yummy hot chocolate :)

Belle and Boo cup of Hot Chocolate


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Emma x