Wednesday 18 February 2015

Being Featured in Kent Life Magazine

I'm in the current (February 2015) issue of Kent Life magazine - page 48.

I was interviewed a little while ago by email and over the festive period a photographer snapped my pic.

I was really very excited about the whole thing, a very long time ago I used to work in the magazine industry for emap and I felt privileged to be asked to be featured under a spotlight on Bromley.

I didn't get sent a copy, apparently that's not something they do - I was quite surprised by that and so I popped into M&S to grab a copy as they have an independent stand for Kent Life.

But I didn't buy one, I was just so disappointed.

Firstly the Photo was unflattering and I just look so old and tired in it - perhaps I am just old and tired!

Secondly the "interview" wasn't quite right, there were bits missing - including a whole question, things had been rephrased or missed out - it just didn't feel like me.

And thirdly, they spelt my name wrong!

... But at least my mum was proud that I was in a magazine! 

It circulated twitter too!

Emma in Bromley x

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  1. That's a shame it wasn't all perfect for you! It is so nice to be featured in a mag. I got a snippet in Pure Beauty once x


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