Wednesday 7 January 2015

Too Tired all the Time and Massively Forgetful!

Blake Clement Sleeping
I just feel exhausted all the time, I don't know if it's because being a mother to two small people is so demanding, coupled with trying to get on top of several projects but I just feel too tired all the time. I don't sleep well, but that's nothing new - I haven't slept well in years. 
I recently got over a bout of flu after helping both my children through it and I'm sure its left me a bit wiped out anyway!
Winter can be such a cold dark and miserable time that sometimes it takes a bit of effort to see the beauty in this time of year - especially after Christmas.
This morning I struggled out of bed where I just wanted to sleep - just a little bit of sleep. I battled through the shower before I was even awake properly with my 3 year old having a full on tantrum because I wouldn't let her drink tap water from an upturned plug. I muddled through getting dressed, getting two small people dressed, fed both little people breakfast while I finished off both lunch boxes and sipped the haze away with a coffee - completely forgetting my own breakfast (again) and then battle commences to get my 5 year old out of the door and off to school - he loves school and his friends and adores his teacher but 5 days in a row with earlier starts than he'd like is too much when you are only 5 - Blake would love to take his time over breakfast and attend school 3 or 4 days a week and I have to say, I'd prefer that too! ... And I forgot his reading book (again!)
Anyway after the massive rush to get everyone out of the door and where they need to be on time (somehow parents are supposed to be in 3 places at the very same time, preschool, school and jobs all starting at 9)
By the time I've got everyone back home after preschool and school - I just want to go to sleep - I'm exhausted.
But no time to stop, I've to cook dinner for two small people who do not eat the same foods, then get them ready for bed, if I'm lucky my husband will be back at bedtime - unfortunate side effect of the London commute and a demanding job means you are lucky to be home before 8pm. After the bedtime battle I need to cook more food - dinner for husband and I - again, we don't eat the same foods what with me being a veggie and my husband a meat no veg kinda guy. 
Then it's time for preparation for the following day and if I'm lucky I get to sit down for the first time all day long at about 10 or 11pm before panicking about something I've forgotton to do and finally crawling into bed for midnight ish to have a disturbed and patchy 7 hour "sleep" I look old and feel tired too!

I'm tired all the time, to the point where I often feel tearful or if I sit down at about 4.30pm I can feel myself trying to nod off in moments! - the kids would never let that happen though!
I struggle to fit everything into my days.
I end up being forgetful without meaning to be.
I can't get on top of the housework no matter how much I try.
I can't sleep a full night, not ever.
I have two, sometimes even three child free half days a week but I'm still yet to find any "me time" or relaxation time.
Did I mention that I'm exhausted all the time.

I don't really like the whole new year resolutions thing however my goals this year are to try and be more organised - therefore less forgetful and to find time to relax/sleep before I go crazy!

What about you? are you tired all the time, forgetful or have any goals for the year?

Emma in Bromley xx

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