Friday 9 January 2015

Peppa Pig Holiday Time Collection

Have you seen the new ad for the Peppa Pig Holiday Time Collection?
my youngest is Peppa Pig crazy and very excited by the ad for the latest collection, the Holiday Time Collection looks very exciting - Maegan loves the look of the Jet, Ice-cream van, boat and sunshine villa phew - did she miss anything ha ha! 

My degree and background is in marketing and advertising and I have to say I'm mightily impressed with the ad - at 100 seconds it's 5 times longer than a traditional ad and cleverly put together to include clips from the cartoon spliced with clips of the toys being played with in a reflecting setting. 

This has actually captured the attention of both my children - Meg age 3 is all about Peppa Pig, Blake age 5 secretly enjoys Peppa - he claims it's too young for him now but he watches it with his little sister and shares her Peppa fairground toys he he :-)

You can find the toys here

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  1. Please ignore my last post my phone decided to go funny. I was meant to put

    Wow how has my 3 year old not seen this ad yet


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