Friday 7 February 2014

Perfect Partner Pillow for Valentines day from The Fine Bedding Company

The Fine Bedding Company are launching these rather gorgeous "Partner Pillows" - perfect for couples who are spending Valentines apart or singles who've yet to find "the one". Hubby is often away for work (Or motorbike shows!) so I've got my eye on something a little  "Firm and Fit"

The Fine Bedding Compay Partner Pillow

Brits Prefer Their Men Soft and Squidgy
Versus Firm and Fit This Valentine’s Day

ALMOST two thirds of British women would choose soft and squidgy men as bed-partners over firm and fit blokes, new national research has revealed.

Some 64% of adult women admit they'd rather cuddle up and fall asleep next to someone like 'soft and cuddly' comedian James Corden, Daybreak presenter Aled Jones or Chris Moyles when they curl up in bed.

The Fine Bedding Compay Partner Pillow

They'd even choose the soft and cuddly blokes over the firm and fit features of chiseled celebrity men like David Beckham or Bradley Cooper, according to the nationwide study by The Fine Bedding Company.
Bradley Cooper

Just one in five UK (20%) ladies said Becks and Bradley posses the ‘cuddle factor’ they love in bed while the rounder features of James Corden and Aled Jones are far more appealing.

The ladies would even prefer a cuddle with Corden more than a bedtime snuggle-up with the ‘comfy and classic’ shape of Hollywood heartthrob George Clooney and long-time sex bomb Tom Jones, the survey of 1,500 women aged 20 - 55 revealed.

Almost nine out of 10 of those women (89%) said, romance aside, they wanted someone who felt good to cuddle up to when they finally hit the sack at the end of a busy working day, and a further 10% admitted that the firm features of Becks, and even the natural charm of George Clooney just wouldn't cut it.

The Fine Bedding Company spokesperson Sara Wadsworth said: "While any fit Bradley, Becks or George might cut it as a dream date on a Valentine's Day, it seems that blokes with the real cuddle factor are more likely to get through to the second date.
James Cordon

"British women know exactly what they want as a bed partner - and that, despite the general consensus, isn't firm and fit - it is all about soft and cuddly, at least when it’s in pyjamas, this Valentine's Day. If we were looking hunks in trunks I think it might be a different story."

The Fine Bedding Company carried out the national research before the launch of its new limited edition 'Partner Pillow' range - a replacement for when British ladies’ loved ones are away from home.

The Partner pillows are available in three designs - soft and squidgy, firm and fit or comfy and classic.

The Fine Bedding Company also has a 'Are You With The One?' quiz on its Facebook page, which matches both men and women to their ideal pillow and duvet depending on their individual needs and requirements.

The Partner Pillows are available online only at for more information call 0800 980 3499.

I've also got my eye on The Fine Bedding Company's Boutique Silk Pillows - they are just what I'm after! 

Snuggle up on Valentine's day! 

Emma in Bromley xx

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