Friday 27 September 2013

Prizes for Parents Competition Round up 27.09.13

Originally started by the lovely Emma at Mellow Mummy, I'd like to bring to you Prizes for Parents.
This is a weekly roundup of some of the best competitions available on the web, I'll keep my eyes peeled for the best prizes or freebies on offer for UK families, mums, parents and health and beauty fans.
I'll post a selection here of the ones I spot or if you have a competition you'd like me to include, just tweet me the link @beachpebble, email me or leave a comment below with the details and closing date.
Prize must be open to UK winners.
Published every Friday.

• Win a Tesco loves baby bundle
Entry by rafflecopter, closes 31.10.13

• Win Abney and Teal faraway island DVD 
Entry by rafflecopter, closes 01.11.13

• Win an Owl and the Pussycat Parcel
Entry by online form, closes 11.10.13

• Win a trunki, £100 zulily voucher and a Juicy couture wallet
Entry by Instagram, closes 30.09.13

• Win 10 x anti colic bottles and a soother from MAM
Entry by rafflecopter, closes 01.11.13 

• Win a set of Poppy Sparkles friendship bracelets
Entry by rafflecopter, closes 31.10.13

• Win a case of pearl cakes muffins
Entry by rafflecopter, closes 26.10.13

• Win 1 of 2 copies of the Bookman's tale
Entry by blog comment, closes 02.10.13

• Win 1 of 3 copies of Gordon Ramsay "ultimate home cooking"
Entry by blog comment, closes 25.10.13

• Win a copy of the Higgidy Cookbook
Entry by rafflecopter, closes 08.10.13

• Win toys from the Toadstool
Entry by rafflecopter, closes 30.10.13

•Win 1 of 3 Woolly and Tig DVDs 
Entry by blog comment, closes 10.10.13

• Win Fisher Price Cheerin Minnie Mouse 
Entry by rafflecopter closes 27.10.13

• Win a Stellar Glass Kettle
Entry by rafflecopter, closes 27.11.13

• Win a taster jewellery course for two
Entry by rafflecopter, closes 18.10.13

• Win a huge prize bundle
Entry by rafflecopter, closes 10.10.13

• Win a tree tots customisable children's chair.
Entry by rafflecopter closes 06.10.13

• Win a rocket muffin dress
Entry by rafflecopter, closes 25.10.13

• Win 15 Roald Dahl Books and a Tidy books forget me not
Entry by finding a hidden image, closes 29.10.13

• Win a pinkabella book bundle
Entry by rafflecopter closes 22.10.13

• Win a signed copy of Jo Pratt's Cookbook
Entry by blog comment, closes 30.09.13

• Win a Tommee Tippee bundle
Entry by rafflecopter closes 22.10.13

• Win £100 voucher for designer pens
Entry on the blog, closes 03.10.13

• Win a 6 month supply of Heinz Soup
Entry by online form, closes 14.10.13

• Win Sally Morgan DVDs and signed book!
Entry by rafflecopter, closes 30.09.13

• Win 1 of 2 Rayman the legend games
Entry by rafflecopter, closes 04.10.13

• Win a pair of sheepskin slippers
Entry by rafflecopter closes 30.09.13

• Win 1 of 3 Deep Heat Muscle Rescue Spa set 
Entry by rafflecopter closes 12.10.13

• Win 1 of 4 copies of Woolly and Tig DVD
Entry by rafflecopter, closes 28.09.13

• Win a Moshi Monsters 3DS game
Entry by rafflecopter, closes 29.09.13

• Win 3 month supply of Special K porridge
Entry by rafflecopter, closes 02.10.13

• Win a Pair of Running Shoes
Entry by rafflecopter, closes 30.09.13

• Win a kenwood kmix food processor
Online entry form, closes 14.10.13

• Win £200 of Pyrex
Entry by rafflecopter closes 20.11.13

• Win a patchwork blanket
Entry by rafflecopter, closes 30.09.13

• Win alphablocks volume 3 letter teams DVD
Entry by rafflecopter, closes 08.10.13

• Lansinoh breastfeeding bundle 
Entry by rafflecopter closes 15.10.13

• Win a $50 amazon gift card
Entry by rafflecopter, closes 09.10.13

• Win a good hemp hamper
Entry by rafflecopter, closes 01.10.13

• Win britains farm toys and a family ticket to green meadow farm 
Entry by blog comment, closes 18.10.13

• Win a copy of Mummy Fever Mission Accomplished book
Entry by Online form closes 27.10.13

• Win a Nip and Fab bundle
Entry by online form, closes 01.10.13

• Win a choice of Wow toys
Entry by rafflecopter, closes 17.10.13

• Win an iPhone olloclip 
Entry by rafflecopter closes 06.10.13

• Win an ilumi food hamper
Entry by rafflecopter, closes 06.10.13

• Win a Tilda Rice kids bundle
Entry by rafflecopter, closes 17.10.13

• Win 1 of 3 Skylanders amazing prize bundles
Entry by rafflecopter, closes 30.09.13

Emma in Bromley xx

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