Sunday 29 September 2013

Organic September Organic Cotton

It's Organic September! 
I'd like to share with you, this info graphic from the Soil Association and Cottoned On all about the benefits of choosing Organic Cotton

Look out for facts such as 

  • Up to 77 million cotton workers suffer poisoning from pesticides each year: hazardous synthetic pesticides are banned in organic cotton production making it safer for growers
  • GM company Monsanto now controls a staggering 95% of the cotton seed market in India: organic cotton production never uses GM seed.

    There's also a competition to support the Info Graphic:

    How many fewer greenhouse gas emissions does growing organic cotton produce (compared to non-organic cotton)?

    Think you can find the answer in our cotton infographic? Then enter our competition and you could win an organic outfit courtesy of Monkee Genes and People Tree. We have a men's outfit and a ladies outfit up for grabs and the winners can take their pick from the range of jeans and trousers from Monkee Genes and tops from People Tree.

    Emma in Bromley xx

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