Wednesday 10 July 2013

Crocodiles in Chislehurst

Press Release:

Voluntary group arranges sponsored ‘pop along n see’ event that will see fallen tree trunk transform into Crocodile art

The Friends of Chislehurst Recreation Ground (“FOCRG”), a completely voluntary group with over 300 supporters is based around and focuses on this historic, wellused park plus woodlands. FOCRG have arranged a free ‘pop along’ event that will see a longstanding felled tree trunk transformed into a Crocodile by Chainsaw Carver artist William Lee of Chainsaw Carvings. The artistic process will take place over two days: Friday 12th and Saturday 13th July from 9am5pm. Visitors that popalong to view the transformation can view the carving in process from a set vantage point on either side of the path.

The carving cum Crocodile will take place on a main path that travels from Chislehurst Rec to Walden Rec. With apologies for any inconvenience, in order to keep both the public and wildlife safe, the path will be closed whilst the tree carving takes place. The path will open intermittently during breaks. Alternative access is available via Red Hill and Chislehurst High Street.

FOCRG Chairwoman Barbara Arora states:

“We are absolutely thrilled to be able to provide such an interesting inclusion to the Rec’s already improved facilities and we are grateful to the sponsor for this attractive addition to the landscape. Please forward any feedback to us via the website.”

The Friends of Chislehurst Recreation Ground is a nonprofitmaking group. All of the Friends members give their time and expertise free of charge. FOCRG was formed in March 2010, to preserve and enhance the environment of Chislehurst & Walden Recreation Grounds for the benefit of the local community, in partnership with the London Borough of Bromley. The group grew out of a number of regular Rec users who felt that there were aspects of the park that could be improved. Instead of just moaning about it FOCRG thought they would actually try and do something! Visit for more information. 

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