Sunday 7 July 2013

A Special Little Evening In

Having two small children means we have a lot of evenings in - actually having an evening out, just the two of us is a very rare thing indeed! 
It's not a bad thing as luckily I enjoy my children and their company :) but what does bug me is that quite often our evenings go a little like this...

5.30 dinner time for the little people.
6.30 bathtime.
7.00 hubby gets home from work (London commute!) - often this is much later... depending on the day and trains!
7.30pm story time (we read two books)
8pm bedtime.
8.30pm once both little people are sleeping I cook all over again for hubby (and sometimes me)
9pm grown up evening meal.
By this point we are both so extremely tired and just flop in front of the TV and completely "mong out" honestly I bet half the time I couldn't even tell you what we were watching/not talking about.

Then I have a mad panic at 10pm when I remember there's wet washing still in the machine, pots that I haven't cleared up, a poo nappy in the bathroom from bath time etc... 

By about 11pm we get ready go to bed and finally hit the pillows at about midnight for about an hour until the first little person stirs. For the next 5 hours we  (usually just me) will be up about 4 times until about 6ish when it's time for hubby to get up for work or Play Time according to Meg.

This is pretty much 90% of our evenings.

So when I accepted Money Supermarket's big night in challenge I thought very hard about how I could spend £50 to change our usual night in to something a little more special!

Firstly, the little people requested a games night so we grabbed some new games to play: They chose a game each from the ELC, one was a threading game and one was a fishing word game. We also grabbed a pack of kids card games and played snap, and some colouring in supplies!

We made some decorated biscuits and  marshmallow pops (which we'd had a few weeks ago at our super hero party) and bought some party food from waitrose and had an indoor picnic - we spread out the picnic blanket in the living room! 

We skipped bathtime just for tonight and let the kids stay up a little longer before me and hubby rented a movie via blink box and snuggled down on the sofa and enjoyed a movie all in one sitting for once! - yep we watch the whole film! ... With popcorn!

A great night was had by everyone! It's nice to break the routine every once in a while and just play games, eat good food and enjoy each others company!

New games and crayons £22.40
Film rental £3.49
Food £27.82

(Slightly over spent by £1.93)

Thank you money supermarket, we loved our games night big night in! X

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