Wednesday 12 June 2013

We Love our Swing Set

I have an exciting review to share - a swing set from Argos by Chad Valley toys and games 

It's obviously a flat pack and I built this, well actually I assisted while my lovely Father in Law built it! I'd say his flat pack build level is expert while mine is very much beginner ... epic failure!

The first thing tht surprised me was how quickly it arrived and how small the box was! I'd have thought a swing set would have been in a big tall long heavy box but this easily fits into a car so you could collect this from a store if you wanted! The one we reviewed is currently on offer for a great affordable price of £49.99  and Argos do an extensive and great range of double and single swing sets at reasonable prices.

This is where I'd have ripped everything open and got stuck in if it wasn't for my Father in Law!

Firstly, when it comes to something like this - check you have all the parts and put them in order before you do anything else - all the swing bits were in handy individual numbered bags so do not just open them all (like I started to do!) 

The instructions had a build time of 30 mins for two people - it took two of us (with a bit of help from a third adult and a child helper) 2hours and 5mins from start to scratch - with my Father in Law being a bit of a flat pack expert, I'd say the instruction build time could do with a spot of revision.

It was all fairly simple and straight forward to put together, as far as build went the only quibbles we had besides the build time expectation were: 
• the closed spanner tool would have been more useful if it was open as it doesn't allow for adjustments once the swing hooks are in place.
• the seesaw footrest spring washer is very tight to fit.
• the base legs of the swing are open and hollow tubes which you need to cement into place - as they are open ended if you don't cement it - it will just gradually dig a hole in your ground - would have preferred to be able to move the swing about especially when we move house and to avoid a worn patch in the lawn!

The swing set has adjustable ropes for the length of the swings  which is great as you can adjust it to suit your children and the fun glider is great! 

Both my children absolutely love this swing set - it's great value for money!

It adds a touch of nostalgia for both me and my husband because as kids we both had a similar swing set to this! 

I like to encourage outdoor play and imagination as much as I can and this is ideal - so far my four year old has used the swing to fly like a superhero and the glider makes a great rocket ship! My two year old (this swing set is recommended for 3 plus) needs a bit of help and support as expected to use the set and is loving having a swing in the garden! She wants to go on it all the time :)
Would I recommend this to a friend? Absolutely! 

Emma in Bromley xx

* I have not received any payment for my review, all thoughts and opinions are my own, Swing Set provided for the sole purpose of being able to review it.

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