Monday 3 June 2013

Boden Autumn Winter 2013

Emma in Bromley - Boden A/W 2013 preview Press Day with Blake and Maegan Clement.I took the kids with me to the Boden A/W press day recently! 
I have to admit that I do buy the kids a lot from Boden, it is one of my favourites for children's clothing. The designs are always lovely and the quality is great!

I do a lot of online shopping, even more so now I'm a mum so Boden is on my computer a lot!

I do also love Boden for myself but if I'm honest, I don't often buy for myself anymore! Although I'm sure that will change in the autumn - not just because of this super preview but because that's when I'm replenishing my wardrobe! (Hubby, I hope your credit card is paying attention!)

The press event was held at the beautiful Somerset House in London - my children loved the water fountains in the courtyard! If I'm honest, I wasn't sure how widely received my little cherubs would be! We've been to press events before but normally specifically for children - this one was womenswear and menswear too and for some serious fashion press, not just humble mummy bloggers! The name above mine in the register was someone from the Wall Street Journal! I used to work in the fashion industry and felt a bit odd being at an event like this in my colourful dress and flat cowboy boots, slightly chubby with a shiny forehead and two little people, one on each arm (the old me would have been in all black, skinny, high heels, make up to hide the shine and networking with those who I'd like to work with) 

My kids were made very welcome and mine was certainly not the only bugaboo blocking up the hallway! I was given a lovely cup of tea from a man who made a lot of effort with my children. I felt free to browse the collection which was great - my children loved it too! The room set up to showcase Mini Boden was a-ma-zing! Lots of attention to detail, we loved the props, the vintage school desks, the ball of toys, the sock monkeys and animal heads knitted by Sincerely Louise the photo where my kids look a bit sulky was taken when I'd said no to pulling the sock monkeys off the wall (again)! 

Mini Boden itself had lots of lovely bright colours for autumn, with animal prints for girls and star prints for boys. 
Maegan is lucky to fall into both Baby Boden and Mini Boden as she is just coming up for two and there's a slight overlap. She picked out this amazing bright yellow skirt with bird appliqué along the hemline - it was her favourite piece and she was a bit haughty with me when she realised I wasn't going to buy it there and then! I absolutely loved the pyjama collections, Boden pj's are fantastic for children soo soft and playful designs, some come in twin packs making them great value.

In the baby collection, the bodysuits came in lovely designs and I took a shine to one of the baby dresses - that one I'll be buying! It details a blue background with a playful farmyard print. There's a Christmas dress to keep an eye out for too - navy spotty with a robin appliqué!

In the mini Boden boys collection there's some amazing big star prints which Blake really loved - I liked the attention to detail on the boys shirts too and there was a fab little navy jacket I think would suit Blake (he's nearly 4 and developing his own tastes).

When I wondered through to browse the ladies collection, I found that Meg also got excited by the shiny shoes! (They match my forehead) I loved them and want some for Christmas Day! I really like the Boden women's collection, lots of super soft knitwear and bold colourful prints (which I wear a lot of)
There were amazing accessories and colourful bags - also on my shopping list!

The menswear I felt, if I'm honest, could have been showcased a little better as it was only a small selection in the media room, I totally missed it and had to pop back for a look because when I was in the media room I was busy having my photo snapped and circulated on twitter and secretly wishing I still worked in online marketing (not that I'd swap the kids for my career back)!!!

The Johnnie B teen collection was pretty awesome and if I was still skinny, I'd probably try to squeeze into the age 16 size as I loved some of the dresses and the faux fur coat was really soft !!! This room oozed cool - there were cassette mixed tapes stuck to the wall! 

Overall, I think the Boden collections were amazing, not disappointed with any of it and cannot wait for my birthday in September as I think most of my hints will be for Boden! As usual, the kids will get plenty of Boden!

We had a lovely day out and I'm not afraid to take the kids again! They loved it and got a lot of attention from the wonderful Boden staff!

Thank you for inviting us!

Emma In Bromley xx

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